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   Chapter 34 NO.34

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6616

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Alex's Pov.

"Fuck she is too damn fine. Look at that ass !! " Harry shouts at a chick who just passed by 'Bitches'. "Hand me that joint Alex. " Harry says but i pull away and face the other side, inhaling the and exhaling the bullshit.

"Alex why are you so serious about life and everything ??" Harry pauses. "It's high school we have to party and bullshit all the way but you are here sulking about Libra. Give me a break !! " Harry laughs sacarstically.

He doesn't understand that's what's fucked up about him. "Shut up. " i snap at him leaning against my car stepping on the cigger. "Your old man, gave me a call about your party. When were you going to invite me ?? " he questions giving me a playful push making me stumble on my feet but luckily i catch my balance. I just gave my dad a go ahead on everything i really seriously dont want to talk about parties.

"I don't know, maybe i wasn't going to invite your ass. " i lie just to piss him off since its all he has been doing ever since he showed up. "Well a party without Harry Styles sucks to the limit. " he says proudly. I laugh so hard it's hard to catch my breath. "Yeah yeah. " i reply after my downfall of laughter.

"Don't sulk, I'm gonna make that party the party of the fucken century. I will invite the hottest chicks including Faye; i know how you get when she's around. " he smirks.

"Yeah, do whatever that is neccessary as for Faye we were just fuck buddies nothing more or less. " i say without any emotion or any interest.

"Fine, i will invite Lexy ?? " he shrugs.

"That hoe is the last thing i wanna see. "

"Why she is hot though, is it because you already fucked her over ?? "

"No, it was just a one time thing. Now i have Emily and Lexy on my back, they think i like them. Worst part infront of Libra she is a saint and am the devil. "

"Zayn and you already got her to open her legs. Im sure if i try too she will willingly say yes Harry please. " harry imitates lexy's voice

the time. " he replies.

"Okay I'm in a hurry. This conversation is still pending. " i say rushing through the crowd of other students trying to get to their next classes.

To Douchébag


From Douchébag

Can hardly wait.

I find a smile peaking on my lips why does he have such a huge effect on my feelings like this.

When i reach the parking lot, i notice Alex leaning on his car staring at his phone for some minutes until our eyes meet, they immediately lock. He just looks flawless without even trying, his like a vogue model indisguise. I feel my stomach tighten into knots the closer i get, i feel his eyes sweep over me from head to toe.

"Babe... " he whispers pulling me against his chest, i feel weak.

"Don't call me that... " i blush but try as much as possible to hide it. I hug him and i feel like his my safe heaven.

He opens the door for me, 'why is he being a gentleman? ' then he quickly runs to the driver seat.

"So where are we going ?? " i question when i see him pulling out of the parking lot.

"My house! " he replies.

I widen my eyes but try to seem calm.

"Is your dad there? " i ask....

"Nope, just you and i. "

"So what will we be doing ?? " i mumble

"Relax Libra. " he gives me a wink then i smile back then comes silence awkward silence.

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