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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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It's almost sunset but i know mymom won't mind me hanging with Betty, since they want us to have a 'Sisterly Bond'. Which I'm quite greatful for but it just causes things to be more complicated between me and Ale-... Argh why is it even in my head i frown.

"Libra, your eyes are blood shot, you have been crying haven't you ?? " Betty examines me as we are sitted across each other. She picked me up as soon as i called she is so realiable it's a great feeling to have someone i can count on, basically someone who won't disappoint me. She's so kind i wouldn't even doubt it if someone told me Alex and Betty one of the two was exchanged at the hospital.

"No, really I'm fine. " i shrug

"Libra come on, you dont have to lie to me. I have been there before trust me " she assures me with a smile reaching for my hand across the table.

"Betty, i hate myself" i sigh, she widens her eyes in shock. "I don't blame Alex for choosing Lexy over me, i mean look at me. "i lift my shoulders ellaborating what i just said.

"Oh Libra, if you only knew. " she says calling the waiter with a wink, he quickly shows up we take our orders i just take a cup of green tea and Betty orders Cappechino.

"Don't tell me you are on a diet ?!? " she frowns.

"No, i just love green tea. " i try smiling but the bags under my eyes just say the opposite of what is coming out of my mouth.

"Libra can i tell you a secret? " she smiles taking a sip from her mug.

"Yes, only if it doe-"

"Doesn't involve Alex yes yes yes, it's not about Alex sweets. " she chuckles. I love the nickname sweets makes me feel special and apreaciated.

"Okay. " i giggle along.

"Do you know that my name is not Betty ??" She raises an eye brow with a smirk

What's going on? I look at her with my mouth wide open with a confused look. Don't tell me that she is a liar like Ale- i cringe to the thought of this beautiful kind person being like that.

"What ?!? " i question for her to explain further.

"Yeah, i know my real name is Britney. Betty is just a name everyone calls me. " she smiles taking a sip from her mug. A expression of relief floods through my body.

"Well it isn't a bi

ilia voice.

"Hey Ladies" he smiles his caramel eyes growing wide when he notices me.

"Hi Zayn" i stand up to hug him he hugs Brits as well am assuming they know each other.

"Are you okay? " he asks spefically at me.

"I am breathing. " i giggle he smiles back.

There is awkward silence.

"So you are having a party? " i try to to vanish this awkward silence.

"Yeah we should be invited. " Brits laughs.

"No" he laughs out loud.

"The cupcakes and the party is for my sister Waliyha she's turning 11. You guys wouldn't want to be invited to that it would be boring. " he gives a apologetic smile.

"I love kids, i don't mind coming. " i reply.

"I'm buzy tomorrow so yah" Brits excuses herself, i know she isnt she is just not into the theme 'kids party'

"I'd love that, i mean Waliyha would love that. " he assures. "Well i have to get going bye ladies. " he says walking away. I just smile as he walks away.

"Hmm i see you have a fan. " she smirks as we stand up walking to the parking where her cute mini cooper is parked. It's full black with leather interior.

"No. " i laugh hard.

"Alex was right. " she smiles

"What?!? " i stop laughing

"Zayn likes you. "

Not again with Zayn and him liking me. He is my friends ex it could never work. She didn't hesitate to sleep with Alex. My subconscience speaks again.

My life has been complicated ever since the day Alex talked to me, i wish he never did.

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