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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Alex's POV.

Friday 20 February

"Alex !!" My mom yells.

What is it now, I'm not in the mood. Let me guess it's about why i haven't been going to school well because i wasn't in the fucking mood.

I head downstairs before i can even take more steps, i can smell Cindy's strawberry and lavender perfume makes me sick to my stomach.

"What do you want Cindy ?" I say without pulling any smile on my face.

"Honey, don't be rude she just came to say hi ?! Go put on a shirt, you can't walk around the house half naked. " my mom politely says making her way to the garden outside near the pool.

I'm not walking around half naked, lets just say I'm sexy and i love showing it. "Oh Alex, i was so worried about you" Cindy says with her agitating voice.

"Well I'm fine you can go now"

"Ain't you coming to school... " she says trying to frown thinking she looks cute but hell no its not attractive.

"I will go when i feel like it, stop following me around. You are not my damn mother." I yell.

"Alex, you know ..." She says with her voice breaking at the end.

"You know what ?!? Get the fuck out of here !!! " i say pointing at the front door.

"Libra ... " she stutters

"What? Libra did what ?? Did something happen to her or what ?? "

"Alex you said i should leave, so.... I'm leaving. " She slowly replies making her way to the door.

I hate begging like fuck !!! I have to put my pride aside for Libra. "Cindy babe... Come on I'm sorry for yelling at you babe" i reply following her to the door...

"You know what Alex, it seems you care about Libra more than me. I'm tired of being your second option and ... " she yells I'm the windows didn't break, having a squeaky voice like that then you shout ; not a very good combination.

"I don't give a flying fuck about Libra.. " i say without thinking.

"Then prove it !"

"If i wanted Libra that bad, i would have dumped your ass and dated Libra instead but I'm here with you"

"I know, but you actions say a lot" she says with blurry eyes. Fuck !! Not this again. I hate seeing a girl cry brings me to my knees.

"Okay Cindy, How must i prove it ??" I add bringing her head close to my chest.

"Just stay away from Libra, i miss my Alex the old Alex, the Alex that would call me and tex

n the cheek.

"Ah come on mom, I'm going upstairs" i say rubbing my cheek.

I have a lot to worry about now, first of all is stay away from Libra can i really do that? I question myself. Well don't get me wrong i definitely don't have any interest in Libra, she is beautiful and the way her dimples just appear even when she isn't smiling. "Fuck !! " i yell whats wrong with me. I feel my phone vibrating on top of my bed while I'm here thinking about Libra I'm being an idiot. "Sup Harry" i answer my phone just after looking at the caller id if it was Cindy i would have never answered. "Where are you man, your ass better be here. " he says in a joking manor. His such an ass i laugh along to my thoughts remembering what happened at the last party. "Yeah sure Harry, Your parties are always lit and i need to get laid its been a while... " i blurt out "I know" he giggles "That's why i told Zayn to invite your Virgin Mary" he's drunk crazy. "She isn't my virgin Mary" i laugh " Don't you want to fuck her over again !" This never crossed my mind "She isn't stupid enough to fuck me for the second time after what i did" i sound thoughtful. "Just make sure you are here, now i have company." He hangs up. I guess chicks only kinda like Harry and Zayn because of the "British" ascent. I wonder why girls like that shidd. Cindy says i should stay away from Libra, Harry says i should fuck her over ; what do i say? I question myself. Well i say am go to this party, you only live once. Back to my crazy life style.

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