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   Chapter 20 NO.20

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 4390

Updated: 2018-05-02 18:15

The day goes by fast, a slight of hope that Alex would turn up and beg me then i would forgive him. Lets face it Alex moved on maybe i should say he doesn't even feel any guilty consciounce. Alex will be Alex... I have to tell Lexy What happened with Alex before she hears it elsewhere.

"Lib, should we like buy dresses or shorts ??" Lexy questions and I'm drowned in my thoughts.

"Yeah sure" i reply

"No silly" she giggles "Shorts or Dresses ??"

"Definitely Shorts" i reply

"Lib whats on your mind" she says

"I will tell you later, Lets just shop then go to the coffee shop around the corner"

"Awesome, we should wear matching shorts but different tops" she jumps out of excitement

"I love that idea" we both smile. We end up taking the same denim shorts then we take the same see through blouse's but different colours, mine is white hers is black.

This day couldn't just be more perfect.

"Zayn is gonna be out of words when he see's you honey" i say as we walk into the coffee shop. We sit at the empty table just after the second table to the till.

We sit on the opposite sides, before we are even settled the waiter comes to take our order.

"Hi ladies" a guy with the name tag Rob

"Hi Rob right ??" Lexy politely smile and i do the same.

"Can i take your order" he says

me couple" i smile then we hug.

"See you tomorrow" she smiles as i go out.

Zayn and Lexy such an awesome couple, maybe if Alex really liked me he wouldn't have hesitated to dump his girlfriend for me but then again I'm not Lexy and he isn't Zayn. Our situations are different.

Wherever he is he must be enjoying life here i am crying over him typical!

I get in expecting to see my mom but she isn't there probably having dinner with her new man. I'm okay with that but if they decide to get married it has to be after am far away from here.

I head upstairs with my shopping bag. I lean against the wall as soon as i get inside my bedroom. Nerves start to hit me okay I'm really going to this party only and only for Lexy to be with her Zayn nothing more. Okay i know that's a lie i really wanna see Alex.

I drown in my thoughts before i know it I'm asleep.

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