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   Chapter 16 NO.16

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5889

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Two [2] days later February __

Just another normal day at school, boy am i glad valentines is over because its really sickening. Looking at lovestruck teens and stuff.

Opening my locker then this cute, handsome guy tall with dark hair, sexy tatooes came my way.

I know him we take Geography together but i never really looked at him that way but dang he is good looking.

Looked back at my locker hoping he didn't notice that i was checking him out.

"Libra right ?" He said with an attractive voice. I'm sorry i couldn't but help but blush.

"Most Certainly" i smirked at him.

"Well I'm Zayn Malik and i find you very attractive" he smirked even more causing me to laugh.

Like i just met this guy and his already letting me know.

"Valentines was like two days ago but lets pretend its today" he said with confidence

Okay my full attention was on this guy now, closed my locker looking at him in the eye.

"Okay, Valentines is today Zayn" waiting for his response

He came close as if he was about to kiss me "Libra will you be my Valentine? " he whispered slightly kissing my neck.

"Yes Zayn i will be your valentine" i whispered back in his ear.

People were already staring and talking i have gotten used to the gossip so i could care less but what i didn't realise was Alex was walking by with Cindy which honestly just made me angry.

How does he do it, play with my feelings. Oh no I'm the stupid one allowing him to make me a side chick.

I never want anything to do with him ever again, that was certainly our good bye.

There eye contact between me and Alex but i just looked aside and faced Zayn...

"Give me your digits" he said handing me his phone.

I entered my numbers i couldn't handle it anymore

otta put my life together.

The crowd slowly started to go away when they said they were playing causing most of them to even Boo Alex and Zayn.

"Libra do you want a ride home ?" Alex yelled running after me.

"No thank you, Alex but i will just walk" i said slightly smiling and continuing to make my way home.

"Oh yeah, it's a routine exercise right? " he replied making me to laugh like oh he still remembers.

"Yeah sure" i chuckled "But seriously we should stop this whatever it is, remember we said our good byes the other day" i added facing the other side.

"But we were interrupted, i wanna say it properly"

"Well it was enough for me"

"Not for me" he said leaning in for a kiss, i quickly faced the other direction making him to kiss my cheek.

"Alex you have a girlfriend, so please behave we are in public"

"Do i look like i care ?, Zayn is about to take you away from me and i should care if we are in public"

"If I'm just a trophy Sorry to bust your bubble but no one is winning. Look for someone else to play with. " i yelled raising my voice a bit and walking away as fast as i could.

Having control of myself again! Felt good.

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