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   Chapter 7 NO.7

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6321

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" If someone breaks your heart, forgive them. For they have helped you learn an important lesson in who you open your heart to." ~Unknown.


Time went by fast, but I was glad I could get out if this place well hell hole called school before I used to love being at school now I just hate being at school, the people at school everything to do with school is just a huge turn off.

I met up with Cathy, she also helped out at the café or rather worked at the café with me and Kayla. They made working sound so fun.

"So you have to tell Kayla everything !!" Cathy grinned.

"No - well yeah." I frowned. "Its not anything to flaunt about though."

"Libra, you lost your virginity isn't that important enough ?"

"To a person who was using me to prove a point."

"That part excluded."

"Gosh Cathy you are one of a kind." I laughed.

"Is that sarcasm ?" She questioned.

"Uhm no." I stifled a smile.

"I hate when you mock me.."

"Cathy I mean it you really are one of a kind or you will only understand if Lawchoski said it himself."

"Actually yes."

"The answer is no."


We were put of school in no time and boy was I glad I didn't see him. When I saw him earlier everything was just so awkward well what was I expecting but I really think he deserves to go to hades for eternity.

Arriving at the café in the near by mall, I hugged Kayla when I saw her serving the customers.

"You finally remembered i exist ?" She giggled and Cathy and myself did the same thing

"No we just remembered how crazy you are"

"Anyways we came to help out..." I said following her to the counter where the till was located.

"Girls not in your school uniforms." Mr. Jacobs snapped at our conversation.

"Come on Jacobs." Cathy persuaded.

"Okay just take orders at the till but don't serve."


I told Kayla everything leaving her mo

ppens." I was totally surprised by his actions.

"Libra ?" I slightly jumped when I felt his hand lay towards mine.

"You are a really nice person, you didn't deserve that."

"Can we not talk about it, Harry." I moved my hand uncomfortably.

"Yeah anyways please do me a favour ?" He smiled.

"Depends ?" I deadpanned.

"Please tutor me ?"

"Ah no! I can't believe you right now I'm not stupid."

"No no...its just my soccer coach said I would be suspended from the team if I didn't raise my grades and I promise this isn't some stunt we could even study here in the café everyday."

I was shocked but I realized maybe he was right, if there's anything Harry, Zayn and .... Are focused about its soccer.

"Well not everyday." I mumbled playing with my fingers.

"Weekends ?" He smiled excited. "Does that mean it's a yes ?"

I nodded and smiled.

"Thank you Libra, I promise you won't regret it." He sheepishly smiled showing off his dimples.

"Yeah." I stifled a blush.

"Harry let's get going..." Gemma waved at me in the process and I did the same.

"Bye." I said solemnly surprised by his change of heart. I guess he wasn't Alex...and it hurt every time I hear or say his name, how long will this battle with my heart last.

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