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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when have forgotten how it goes." ~Unknown.


I tried talking to my mother about homeschooling or even transferring to a public school.

"Mom the public school is cheaper and--" my rambling was cut off.

"No Libra, Roosevelt High School is a good school and your father would never forgive me if I pulled you out of that school." She sighed taking a sip from her rooibos tea.

"But mom we can't afford it." I added another excuse.

"I will manage, don't worry dear."

My life sucks, now I have to face the reality which I don't want to. I hate it, I can't ...

"Get dressed darling, we agreed you would return to school today."

I had been absent from school for about a week, I just wanted to be alone. Now it was Monday and I know I won't be getting out of this so easily so I stood up had a quick shower, I wouldn't want to draw too much attention by being late. I just want to be invisible like a ghost not to be popularly known as the girl who stoop so low to sleep with him. I don't even want to mention his name. After a quick shower I wore my uniform, white shirt, grey plaid skirt and my blue blazer. Of cause I hated wearing uniform but I'm not the best dresser either so wearing a uniform saves me from embarrassing myself and my nonexistent fashion sense.

"I'm done mom." I shrugged my back pack.


b besides the drama, how was it like painful or enjoyable... you know."

"It was painful at first but enjoyable in the end. Can we talk about something else now..." I pouted.

"Fine but I will need the details later, kisses." She said before running to her French Class as I went in for Spanish.

I waved at her, realising the corridors were now empty, I sighed turning around to see him watching me intensely leaned after the lockers on the left side in his dark blue blazer and grey pants with a tie that wasn't even put on but was rather hanging on the blazer pockets.

"Uh-m I will just go." I stuttered because am an idiot.

"Isn't it a coincident we are all alone." He smirked but instantly walked away ...when I noticed his friends Harry and Zayn make their way towards him. They had a curious look in their faces. As I walked away I heard muffled voices.

"Don't tell me she was begging for more ?"

Then laughter followed.

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