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   Chapter 5 NO.5

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 3473

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"Love is acceptance. When you love someone. . .you take them into your heart, and that is surely why it hurts so much when we lose someone we love, because we lose a part of ourselves." ~Andrew


I just sat there for hours thinking if this was what i really wanted. Yes this was absolutely embarrassing & heartbreaking but this is certainly not the way i imagined i'd die. Before my father died i promised him i'd go to college & be a lawyer.

I couldn't let my daddy down. There was one person that could make me smile even if i didn't want to... So i gave my best friend a call trying to sooth my broken heart in the middle of the night, Sleepless nights like these.

There i was calling my best friend.

"Oh Cathy please answer i need you right now..." i mumbled my voice breaking at the end.

"Oh Libra just the person i wanted to talk to." She replied through the receiver.

"Hey uhmm Cathy i just needed someone to talk to" i mumbled.

"Ofcause you can always count on me anytime talk to me bestie, pour your feelings out how do you feel, just talk im listening." she said in a comforting voice.

"Uhmm okay, where do i start... Cathy i've never in my life felt so ashamed. I don't think i can make it to school, i just want to give up on life. For a second i wanted to die but i realised its not worth it." i said letting tears escape from my eyes.

"I understand Libra, but im glad you realise that suicide is not worth it because honestly What would I do without you. You still have a alot to live for like the concert for 5SOS we were planing to go to." Cathy squealed.

"Oh yeah." i laughed because nothing made me feel any better than a talk about 5sos, E

"You cant die now, you know why ?" C

athy replied

"Why ?" i said anxiously

"Because then Luke hemmings wouldn't know his future Mrs Hemmings" she said laughing out loud.

For a second i was smiling, then my mood just changed. Reality had kicked in, If Alex Mcfadden didn't even want me then why tha f*** would i think Luke hemmings would want me.

" Y'know Cathy, Maybe its time i stopped dreaming about things that will never happen just to amuse myself" i said sobbing

"Oh, Libra are you crying im sorry i didn't mean to"

"Its fine Cathy, thanx for being the best friend anyone could ever ask for"

"Its fine bestie sleep tight, dont hesitate to hit me up if you need to talk or anything"

"Good night." I mumbled before hanging up, my eyes ached from crying but I don't care about the bags I will have in the morning... I'm already ugly anyways.

As i was putting my phone down checking the time it was already 00:11 am. Yes it was that late i just laid there staring at the ceiling in the dark until my eyes finally closed.


I woke up feeling like this was the most Mondayest Tuesday. I had informed my mom that I wasn't feeling well, I wasn't intending on lying but turns out, I'm really not feeling well.

I hated myself for being stupid, for stooping so low. I'm really an idiot, I hated it when slight pang hit between my thighs whenever I walked. The pain was gone, I guess these were just some after effects. Everything just reminded me of that bustard. I had to transfer or even get homeschooled because I don't think I can stand seeing him everyday. That will kill me, total torture I just can't. My day was already planned, ice cream, Netflix and myself locked in my room all day.

Why can't everything be like the movies?

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