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   Chapter 4 NO.4

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5246

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"What if the only person who can make you stop crying, is the one who made you cry ?..." ~ Unknown


There i was smiling walking down the hall way but something was different Everyone kept staring at me. Oh! Well maybe it was just my imagination.

Before i even got to my locker, Nozuko came right in my direction. She was one of my friends, except we only talked in Biology class although she was really nice.

"Libra I'm so sorry about what happened, Alex could be such a jerk." she mumbled as if she didn't know what to say ...

"What are you talking about ?" i said clearly confused.

Before i knew it my phone was ringing Hmm a text who could it be? i was obviously hoping it was Alex but to my surprise it was actually Cathy.

"Hey Zooko talk later okay." I waved off my earlier question... as i walked

Away feeling like the luckiest girl in the world as i ignored my friend's text argh it wasn't important anyways will check it out later besides knowing Cathy she would probably lecture me about giving in to Alex seduction, it was amazing and it seems I fell in love with him even more after our love making, I just hope he will ask me out soon then I remembered Cindy feeling the urge to roll my eyes.

The siren rang and i had to go to my first lesson which was Geography. Some people who never use to greet me where all of a sudden patting my back. I'm guessing maybe they knew i was the new Mrs. Alex Mc'fadden hahah i giggled to myself...

Okay so when i see Alex what will i do blink at him, no he will probably think I'm a bitch maybe i should wave or just go & give him a hug.


Before i knew it the day had travelled fast and i still had not seen my Alex or any of his friends but I saw Louis and Liam unfortunately anyone who knows Alex well would know Zayn and Harry are more closer to Alex than anyone so where ever he is they have to be there too. As i was day dreaming smiling on my own in the hall way next to my locker the witch just had to turn up and ruin my day. Cindy Hallward. I don't hate her but she always gives me a reason to with her Blonde hair and Blue eyes no guy seems to be able to resist her.

Shocking if only her personality were as pretty as her look.

"Hey did you have fun ?" She faked a smile cornering me to the lockers. Everyone was just hastily walking to their classes not really paying attention to the fact that Cindy and her sidekick Naomi are about to torture me.

"Erm...what do you me-an Cindy ?" I stuttered holding my books close to my chest.

"You slept with him didn't you ?" She sneered and i felt my heart shudder in

pieces. I know she isn't the best of people but it doesn't justify me sleeping with her boyfriend.

Before i knew it the whole school was already around us. Then i thought to myself how did Cindy know ... Maybe Alex told her well at least his loyal and if he is then I can't do anything about him breaking up with Cindy.

"Uhm..." Was all I managed to say, I'm not a good liar.

"Cindy come on, you know she just was part of my bet. Why are bitching at the poor girl." Alex raised his voice over the accumulating crowd. My heart stopped and I wished if only I could drop dead.

Come on Libra, we both knew it was too good to be true. Alex actually wanting you besides at least you wont die a virgin right!

My conscience mocked me, I felt my eyes get blurry.

For fucks sake the guy calls you Linda.

Now I could feel the tears roll down my cheeks but I quickly wiped them off.

"Hey hey you didn't have to say it to her face." Harry hissed at Alex but Alex shrugged and said "She was going to find out anyways."


"How do I know you didn't enjoy it." Cindy replied Alex.

"Cindy for fucks sake she was a virgin what was there to enjoy. Don't ask me such shitty questions again." He snarled pulling Cindy away from the crowd.

That hurt.

The whole crowd started cheering for the sake of seeing me embarrassed and all i could do was run as fast as i can, to anywhere my legs could take me.

"God just let me dieeeeee !!!" i screamed with anger. I ran home out of anger i could hardly see the distance because something in me had just died.

As soon as i arrived home.

"Hey Lee" my mom smiled from the the kitchen.

"Hi mom I'm just tired & sick everything I'm going to sleep don't disturb me." i replied rushing to my room because i couldn't hold my tears.

Banged !!!!!!!!

The door cried my lungs out

Then i decide to check the time on my phone only to find.


Libra I'm so sorry heard what happened. Forget that jerk Alex he doesn't deserve you he posted the video of you & him...

I couldn't even finish reading the text without crying my heart out. The last time I cried like this was at my fathers funeral but right now I think I'm crying for both, the walls were caving in on me. How stupid was i to think Alex really liked me...I'm an idiot a fool I've never felt such shame in my entire life how will i face my teachers, people at school especially my dear mother.

Quickly locked the door because all I wanted right now was to be dead 6ft under no one would miss me anyways. I'm such a lame excuse for a human being.

Where are those Pills !!!

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