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   Chapter 3 NO.3

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 4541

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"Love is like a mountain, hard to climb but once you get to the top the view is beautiful." ~Daniel Monroe Tuttle


You know what am doing this after all You Only live once, And he is the perfect guy i want to give my virginity to...

Snap !!!

"Alex okay i want to do this" i said with a very low voice but still audible...

"I promise i wil be gently, Okay ?" Alex said laying soft kisses on my neck that just made me weak and eager for more.

What did he just say !!! I mean Alex the mean popular arrogant guy telling me he will be gently well, that's the first but i like this side of him.

I felt things i had never felt in my whole entire life. I felt pleasure... I always saw this in movies but i never in my life imagined i would break my virginity like this. . .

With a hot guy, that I happen to day dream about all the time.

With one last questioning look, I nodded assuring him that it's okay I was comfortable, he thrust into me and everything in me was held by a string on a thread not to scream, scream the pain away.

"Are you okay- I'm sorr--" he whispered looking rather concerned.

"It's okay just go on..." I encouraged him even though my abdomen was aching. He slowly thruster into me the pain easily being replaced with pleasure as we started to move in sync I couldn't help but hold tight onto the sheets as the speed was becoming faster, I moaned his name "Mhmm Ale-" as he groaned "Fuck Libra.." with satisfaction his lips not leaving my own. Finally we both reached our climax as soon as we did he rolled off me without any word or murmur I always thought you cuddle after sex.

He literally made me sweat, he made me desire him more. I swear the feelings i felt i wouldn't mind dying like this but the feeling and atmosphere changed when we reached our high, a hint of regret in his eyes when he rolled of me.

As soon as we were done... That was the most awkwad moment ever he was on the other side of the bed getting dressed and i was on the other side of the bed getting dressed. I felt horrible like why wasn't he saying anything was i that horrible, i thought to myself. The pain between my legs still aching from adjusting to his length, I only hope I will be able to walk after this.

I was done gett

ing dressed, he didn't even look at me or say a word so i just grabbed my books and left because I didn't want to be in this tense room and my ache between my thighs painfully staggering, I stood up and made my way out.


"Let me guess, she was tight AF right ?" Harry wiggled his eyebrows.

"Every virgin is always tight you idiot." Zayn laughed but my mind wasn't even there.

"Yeah." I simply muttered laying back on the couch, after I fucked Linda i immediately called them to show them that I was capable of fucking even our schools A+ student with a video to prove it on camera.

"But she has a banging body...I mean-" Harry was staring at the footage that I had recently took from the security cameras let's just say sex tape.

"Harry Shut the fuck up, this is Libra or Linda we are talking about! A geek nerd geek not hot. Idiot." Zayn sneered

It's true who knew under those baggy clothes was hidden a petite body which I had the pleasure of exploring.

"Look at the end of the footage, poor girl couldn't even walk. Were you that harsh Alex..." Harry continued getting on my nerve.

"Shut up already Harry." I huffed, I didn't know why I was so Moody even Betty said I wasn't being myself. I can't help it when the only thing on my mind is that Linda girl, my length inside her tight....

What am I thinking! Fuck.

"Yeah shut up Styles." Zayn said shaking his head, of cause this was Harry always being the sensitive guy but he is no different from us because last Summer the bet was on him and Zayn and now it was my turn to vandalize a virgin.

"Rate her out of 10 ?" Zayn chuckled and Harry immediately laughed along.

"Definitely a two."

"A two ?" Zayn and Harry looked at me suspiciously as if I had two heads, fine that was a lie. If I wasn't the fuckboy Douchebag that I am, I would say eight...she wasn't bad for a first timer.

"It sucked, I have had my better share." I laughed.

"Yeah right." Harry playfully hitting my arm.

"So the caption of the video should be, Virgin fucked senseless during tutor lessons.." Zayn said and I couldn't help but laugh hysterically with Harry.

"Upload that shit so we can go over to Liam's pool party." I stood up raking through my hair.

"Oh yeah it's tonight ?"

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