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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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"A friend is someone, who seeing another in immense pain, would rather be the one experiencing the pain than to have to watch their friend." ~ Amanda Grier Libra.

Woke up feeling like i could rule the world... Took a long shower Thank goodness, it's Saturday otherwise i would have been late for school. I don't know if I'm just lazy or a heavy sleeper.

Slipped into my faded skinny jeans with a white T-shirt and worn out converse before i could even open the door my phone rang, must be a text message but who would text me at this time of the day. I hardly had many friends so obviously its Cathy with her silly texts about twitter and all the stuff I'm not really interested in. Cathy is a social media freak, she cares a lot about followers, Instagram and all that type of stuff. She convinced me to open a twitter account so we could 'fangirl' together... I will never understand her. I don't really open it and when I do I'm just completely, utterly confused but the only thing I know is I have five followers that counts right.

As soon as i opened the text message to my suprise it was a unknown number.

Maybe Cathy changed her number. i thought to myself As soon as i clicked the message i was caught up in a bundle of joy. It was Alex ..

Unknown : hey hope you are stil coming for the tutoring don't disappoint me baby girl, come as soon as possible ayt


I was happy but i kept wondering where did he get my number, ofcause he had connections but not many people knew me but anyway who cares...

The point is am going to spend time with Alex Mcfadden even if it mean we will spend time talking about basically school work but it wouldn't hurt to go over there and be his tutor...

So i quickly went downstairs grabbed my bag went out full of excitement. On my way there i talked to Cathy over the phone.

"Libra are you seriously going to go after the way he treated you ?" Cathy said in a worried voice.

"Yeah, i wanna do this! You know i love giving a helping hand." i shrugged forgetting that she cant see me.

"Hahaha Libra we both know this isn't about that.." I knew that Cathy knew that I had liked Alex for a long time just like how she obsesses over that Francisco Lacho-something, I should really listen when she tells me about these twitter stuff.

"Okay let's say Francisco asked you to help him with his twitter if someone hacked into it." I think I heard her squeal... I'm now speaking her language.

"Would you say no ?" I grinned knowing the answer.

"Well if you put it that way then no, not at all."

"That's how I feel about Alex too." I blushed.

"But Francisco is hotter."

"Whatever you say Cathy." I didn't want to argue with her because this was quite a sensitive issue for her, I swear she would take a bullet for him.

"Anyways I have to go, Tschüss."

"Since when do you speak German ?" She scoffed.

"I said Tschüss dummy." I laughed a bit.

"In English we say Good by or good day." I laughed at her attempt to sound British.

"Good day then." I replied with a sheepish smile.

"Ciao." She responded.

"Are you Italian now ?"

"Just hang up already dummy." I laughed at her annoyance but quickly hung up.

As soon as i had arrived, i saw a huge house like a mansion i guess i was no match for Alex not only Socially but Financially. The security had let me in as he had been informed of a visitor but called in just to make sure. I stood there knocking on the front door and i could literally feel the butterflies in my stomach grow bigger and it felt like i was about to burst. Okay Libra you can do this...i told myself calmly.

The door was opened by Alex's older sister Betty...

"Hi- uhmm"

Before i could even finish my sentence she cut me off.


you must be Alex Tutor that dick head is upstairs, Good luck trying to make him understand anything." She giggled.

I guess she was a nice person unlike what i had heard from other people, Cathy who said she was very mean...meaner than Alex. Hold that thought Alex is coming i swear i want to faint right now okay Libra keep it together.

I didn't know if I should smile or what...he's five o'clock shadow was intimidating as he towered over me but I'm only 5'3.

"Linda glad you could make it." he said with a somewhat forced smile.

"Uhmm ah eh i..." i replied couldn't i have said anything more stupid i hate myself right now he probably thinks a total weirdo... If there was Olympics for socially awkward people I would definitely win gold!

"Yeah how about we go upstairs to my room." Alex said with that seductive smile. I couldn't say a word so I just followed him, he will probably think am a mute if I don't start talking.

As soon as he opened the door his room, i couldn't believe it, it was just simply. I thought it would be fancy like the whole house but this was an ordinary room like any other teenager...maybe I expect too much of him, he still is just a teenage guy but In my head his like a king.

"So i think we should start with mathematics? Um if that's okay with you" i said chocking on my words. At least less stuttering.

"Yeah whatever Linda." he said with his hunky perfect voice.

Then there i was sounding all nerdy.

"X+2×-3a... "

Alex wasn't even listening i felt like i was boring him that's when it hit me.

"It's really hot in here the air conditioner must have been turned off but don't mind me continue I'm listening Linda..." Alex said smugly while removing his shirt i swear i couldn't focus anymore but i had to pretend like it didn't hit me.

"It's Erm Libra actually." I thought I should correct him.

"Okay Linda." He smiled still.

As i was sitting on the bed explaining algebra he was sitting right beside me. It was the closest I've been next to a guy and i couldn't function anymore.

"Libra has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are" i swear i couldn't stop blushing at that moment i felt like i could literally pee my pants.

Time went by and I suddenly dropped the book I had in hand, panicking I picked it up fast but little did I know he was going to pick it up at the same time. Our eyes met in the process, my breath hitched...he slowly came closer and at that moment I knew I wanted to kiss him too. Kiss those plump lips. I don't know how many times I day dreamed about this but my dream finally came true when he smashed his lips onto mine. He's lips moved in synch with mine as he deepened the kiss, he's hands traveled to my butt and my breast. I couldn't help but release a moan in between the kiss. Within moments I could already feel something Pocking my abdomen, I blushed knowing exactly what it was. I might be a virgin but I knew.

Everything went so fast as we removed all the clothing that was in the way throwing without care, he's eyes were full of lust and I on the other hand didn't know if I was ready or if I felt comfortable with my body.

I was down to my undergarments a black bra and underwear not your definition of sexy.

But hey I didn't know It was going to happen today.

He pampered sloppy kisses on my neck, leaving hickeys, making sure not to break contact. I had never felt this way before but there was no denying it felt tremendously good but I couldn't...

"Alex stop i cant i have never done this before" i squirmed as he was on top of me. I was sure this wasn't his first time. My head was spinning....

I just didn't know if i should just do it You only live once Or No remember am saving it for my future husband...

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