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   Chapter 1 NO.1

Dared To Sleep With A Virgin. By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 4995

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"It is kindness in a person, not beauty that wins our love." ~Anonymous

Isn't it funny how life is, Actually How funny Love is... or does it even exist or rather its a perfect illusion we have created out of boredom. Why do we always fall for the people we cant have and constantly be reminded that we will never match up to their standards... Do two people have to be on the same level or clique to be in love. Some relationships are only one sided because I know him and everything about him but he doesn't even know my name.

You want to know whom i speak of? Alex Mcfadden. He is so perfect his smile, the way he talks, the way he laughs, his eyes everything about him screams perfection but anyways am so stupid if I think he will want a girl like me. Don't even ask who I am? I'm a nobody.

Back to reality thats me in history class day dreaming about a guy who i doubt even knows my name...

"Libra we are totally going to kill the debate next week." Cathy said while screaming in my ear.

"Yeah I guess." I said heading out of class as soon as Mr. Connors dismisses us.

"Libra, did you even hear what i just said ?!" Cathy rambled following me to my locker. No worries i do spend most of my precious time day dreaming about Alex.

Then there he was walking towards me, am i hallucinating? Why is Alex McFadden walking towards me? This must be me having my day dreams again.

"Hi Linda right ?" Oh goodness gracious he knows my name, i immediately froze. Well not technically but Linda is pretty close, he can call me whatever.

Holy cheese and macaroni he knows my name.

"Libra not Linda." Cathy replied on my behalf knowing very well that I'm still processing what just happened.

"I will call her whatever, I want shitface. Right Linda ?" He threatened but still looked gorgeous and I just stared at him my mouth was numb.

"Oh fuck, don't tell me your friend is a mute." He grumbled raking through his hair but still managing to look like a Greek god.

"Don't you dare insult my friend like that !" Cathy warned. I don't care if he thinks am mute but fact is Alex is talking to me.

"Do you know who you are speaking to ?" Alex said in a threatening voice and I knew Cathy wouldn't care.

"Ye-s i-m Li-br-a..." I stuttered, my heart hammering against my ribs.

"Yeah i figured, So i need a tutor & i hear you are pretty much the A+ student around." he said with a million dollar smile. I found myself getting lost in his dreamy eyes, my cheeks must be

beetroot red by now.

"Uhm ye-ah yo-u co-uld s-ay th-at" i replied. Libra pull yourself together dammit speak like a normal person.

"So do you mind being my tutor ?" He smirked.

He just smirked at me. At me.

"Why do i even ask who would say no to this face, Okay start tomorrow Linda." he said walking away with his groupies.

"Argh what an arrogant snob right.." Cathy rolled her eyes patting my back not knowing that this had just made my entire day no my entire school year no my entire life never mind the insulting me part but he actually talked to me.

"Libra don't give me that look, Dont tell me you are actually going to be his tutor after what he just said" Cathy growled with an annoyed look.

"Cathy come on, he isnt that bad besides am only his tutor." i said smiling as if he had just asked me out, Pshhh what am i thinking Alex Mcfadden would never want a girl like me.

As we walked down the hall way for the english lesson Cindy came right towards me.

"Oh hey Linda Bitch, I just came to remind you just because my boyfriend asked you Nerdy to be a tutor doesnt mean anything, don't get yourself the wrong idea." Cindy said along with an evil laugh.

"Libra dont mind that bitch" Cathy said trying to make me feel better. Cindy was right i was no match for Alex, let me drown in my sorrows... There i was smiling at my best friend Cathy like it didn't hurt me. When there was actually a big hole in my heart. I'm in love with my sadness.

So i went home feeling down & out like the earth could just open up & swallow me. As i walked opened the front door.

"hey mom" i said with a low voice.

"Are you alright Libra ?" she said looking worried like any mother would.

"Oh, nothing mom, I'm just tired thats all, you know senior year."

She nodded and I took that as a chance to go up to my room. I didn't bang the door besides i didn't want my mom thinking i wasn't okay she has many other probems to take care of...

I knew one thing that would brighten my mood, so i took my iPod listened to my favourite song by 5SOS, amnesia. There i was staring at the ceiling in the dark, Same old empty feeling in my heart. The same feeling that makes me wish if only my father was alive.

Atleast i didn't have the strength to cry...

"Libra !! Dinner is ready" my mom yelled. Well i didn't feel like eating so i just pretended as if i was already asleep then my mom came in and covered me with the covers then she gave me a perk on my forehead.

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