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   Chapter 44 Author's Note

Agent 1 (Book 3) By Quidam13 Characters: 6736

Updated: 2019-09-17 15:07

So yes, this is the end of Agent 13.

For Now.

I've left this set of three books off in a way that would allow anyone who wants to end the series here and not continue on reading, they can do so.

For anyone who wishes to continue on with the series, there will be another set of three books that take place over a year after the end of Agent 1. The next set of three books will still tie into this set of three, and more secrets will be revealed, but otherwise, there will be a new bad guy, new characters, a new plot, and of course, new twists and cliffhangers.

I can't say for sure when I will be posting the next book, it might be a couple months, it might be longer. I have already begun working on it, but I cannot say when it will be posted. I intend to take a break from writing the Agent series and put most if not all my focus on Password Incorrect, so I really do not have any set date for when the next book will be posted.

The title of the book is Agent 34. So be on a look out for it. I'll be posting an update when it's up on my Instagram, on my message board, and I'll add another chapter to this story when it's been posted.

And for those of you who are confused and trying to figure out if I've ever mentioned an Agent 34 in any of the books, I have not. Agent 34 is a brand new character coming into the series.

The series will continue to follow Everly. Delta 2 will still be in the series, and a new team will also be introduced. There will be new characters coming into the series but several of the old characters will be sticking around, even if they're not as prominent as they were before.

Also, the next set of three books can be read without having to have read the first three. Think of it as a separate trilogy, but with a lot of the same characters. Some characters won't be seen as much anymore, and some not at all. Cody will be back though, for those of you who missed him.

I'm also still working on the cover and description for the next book but as I said, if

Agent series to understand what's happening in that one. This book will completely be about Jackson and his misfortune in dealing with Crystal.

Again though, I do not have a set date as to when either this book, or Agent 34 will be posted. I will be updating my profile though, as I get closer to posting it.

Also, on another note, I have been getting a lot of questions about possibly doing a book about Agent 13 and her original team. A book that comes before the Agent series and explains everything that happened. And, it was always my intention to write that book.

Though, I have no intention of writing that book until after I have completed the Agent series. There are still things that haven't yet been revealed in the series, and if I were to write the book that comes before everything, it would spoil a lot in the series. So, yes there will be a book about Agent 13 and her original, but not until after the rest of the series is completed.

Thank you all so much for reading, voting, and commenting. And I'm so sorry this book took me longer to finish because of how busy I was. And again, I've hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you all again for reading and I hope you'll continue to read my works. Even though I'm horrible to you all with those cliffhangers, I know.

Thanks again :)

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