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   Chapter 42 41. I'd watch my back if I were you

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Thirteen's POV

I've never liked hospitals, but I've never disliked them either. Mostly I don't care to be in one and really, who does?

There aren't many good reasons to be in a hospital.

Yet here I was, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, next to the hospital bed, surrounded by white walls, tiled floors, and nurses running in and out of the room and continuously trying to have my wounds professionally looked over.

Apparently, Lily stitching me up and administering an antidote isn't something recommended by doctors.

But she needed to be kept awake, so she needed something to do. Though I'm pretty sure I'll have to have some of the wounds re-stitched in the near future since her head was pounding and she wasn't entirely able to focus. I don't really care though, for now, it's fine and I'll take care of everything else permanently later.

"Do think I'll get in trouble if I start using the diagrams on the walls as targets?"

I turn my head to look at Lily who's got her legs thrown over one arm of her chair, and her back pressed against the other. She's staring at the ceiling.

"Do you really need an answer to that?" I ask her.

She shakes her head. "I'm so damn bored though, " She mutters. "How long am I supposed to be staying awake again?"

"Technically you can go to sleep. I just have to wake you up periodically to make sure you're alright."

She frowns, her gaze still fixated on the ceiling. "I don't like that option either." She swings her feet to the floor and sits upright in the chair. "I need my beauty sleep and you waking me up every so often doesn't equal beauty sleep for me."

I just nod. I can feel her watching me.

"You still haven't told me what happened, " She says as she watches me.

I lean back in my chair. My gaze on his pale face. My jaw clenched. "Nothing to tell, " I state firmly.

She continues watching me. "I'm calling bullshit on that one since, before I lost conciousness everyone one was bullet hole-less." She waves her hand at me. "But I'll drop it for now."

She changes the subject. "You look like you need caffeine, " She says simply. "More importantly you should probably eat something."

"I'm not hungry."

"I'll never forgive you if you starve to death and leave me all alone."

I give her a flat look.

She looks over her shoulder at the door and then to Sam lying in the hospital bed. "Go get some food. I'll call you if there's any change."

I shake my head. She narrows her eyes at me.

"Go, or I call Henri, " She threatens.

I let out a sigh. "Fine, " I mutter as I get to my feet. "I'll be back in a little bit."

"I know." She waves me off.

I walk out of the room and down the hall, dodging nurses and doctors who still insist on checking me over. I wave them off and glare at a couple of the more persistent ones.

"Clearly you haven't been given any drugs. You'd be much more mellow if that were the case."

I turn to face Zack. I look at his arm that's been put in a sling. "How's your arm?" I ask him.

He shrugs. "Could be worse. Broken and I'll be in a cast for a while, but I won't be needing surgery." He grimaces. "Unlike Sam's. How is he?"

I shake my head. "No change. He's been stitched up, his arm put in a cast, and given antibiotics as well as blood transfusions." I shrug. "Doctors say he could go either way at this point."

Zack nods. "I was actually coming by to see you, " He says. "I wanted to. . . I wanted to thank you."

I frown in confusion. "What? Why?"

He looks down at the floor, avoiding eye contact with me. "Garrett, " He says softly. "I know. . . well, he's put you through hell. You had every right to. . . but you didn't and I just-I guess I-"

I put my hand on his shoulder. "You wanted Garrett dead, " I state. "But you didn't want your brother to die."

He blows out a long shaky breath. "Yeah." He runs his hand through his hair. "Stupid I know."

I shake my head. "No, it's not. I almost forgot that even though he has put me-put all of us-through hell, you still think of him as your brother." I remove my hand from his shoulder. "And even though you'll claim otherwise, if I had killed him there would still be a part of you that would resent me for the rest of your life."

He nods and then changes the subject. "Jason's finally finished getting all stitched up, but the doctors are trying to confine him to the hospital bed."

I smile slightly. "And how are Chase and Devin?"

"Chase missed a lot of the action in the base but got pretty beat up in the battle outside, nothing serious though. His wounds have been treated and bandaged. Devin's got a couple cracked ribs, but otherwise, all his other wounds have been treated."

"That's good, " I reply. "I would have come to check on them but-"

Zack waves me off. "No one's mad at you for not rushing to check on us. You were otherwise occupied. And everyone's been worried about Sam anyway."

Zack suddenly smiles. "And I overheard a couple of the doctors talking about how they were questioning Lily's mental state, said they thought she needed more tests. Chase tried to explain to them that this was her normal personality, I think that just made them more concerned."

I laugh.

"And I hear Zero's having a hell of a time running around the hospital making sure the doctors don't call into the police station to report the gunshot wounds in several agents."

I shake my head. "Seems as if everything's under control."

"Debatable, " Zack says. "But things are heading that way. Zero's still got teams of agents going over the base and surrounding areas. He wants to make sure nothing was left behind."

I nod. "If you see him, let him know I want to speak with him. I want to be kept in the loop about everything found at that base."

Zack nods. "I will." He jerks his thumb over his shoulder. "I've got to go. I need to go check in on something with Chase."

"I'll be down to see you guys in a bit, " I tell him. I turn and walk off down the hall to the elevators. I don't make it that far before I'm stopped again.

"I'd watch my back if I were you."

I turn to face Hayden who's standing in the shadows of an empty room. I raise my eyebrows at him. "Is that supposed to be a threat?"

He shakes his head and steps out of the room and into the hallway. "No, it's fair warning. Lydia's beyond pissed you sold her out to Zero."

"Zero didn't get her. Or any Vendetta members for that matter. She'll get over it eventually."

Hayden looks doubtfully at me. "Not likely, she'll be gunning for you first chance she gets."

I shrug, really not all that fazed. "She's tried to kill me before. I've never actually thought of her as someone to tru

st. She does whatever benefits her. And she doesn't like people getting her way."

"And you've gotten in her way, " Hayden tells me. He shakes his head. "I can only put her off so long."

I shrug again. "I don't care if you do or don't. I'll deal with Lydia when the time comes." I pull the gold dagger from my boot. "In the meantime though, give her this." I hold it out to him and he takes it cautiously. "A deal's a deal. Plus I figure it'll keep her from coming after me right away."

It's Hayden's turn to shrug. "Maybe, maybe not. I'd still watch my back."

"I'm used to looking over my shoulder. Nothing's changed." I nod toward the elevators and he starts walking with me. "You should get out of here before Zero spots you. He won't be happy to see me with a Vendetta member."

Hayden lets out a snort. "You are a Vendetta member, " He tells me.

I shake my head. "Not anymore I'm not. I'm out. Lydia can threaten me with whatever she wants but I'm done. It's over for me. I've got too much to deal with now."

Hayden doesn't say anything for a while. "Alright, " He says finally. "I guess I'll see you when I see you then." He looks at me thoughtfully for a moment. "Whatever happened to the black dagger?"

I shake my head. "Garrett must have hidden it somewhere where it wouldn't be found. I didn't find it and I stayed behind for a while looking throughout the base. As far as I'm concerned, it can stay lost."

Hayden nods as the elevator comes to a stop and we step out. He turns to me. "Thanks, " He says.

I frown at him in confusion. "Thanks? For what?"

"For keeping your promise, " He replies. "For keeping Cody out of this mess."

I nod. "I never had any reason to tell him about the daggers. I never intended to."

"Would you have though? If he stuck around a while longer?"

I pause as I think over the answer. "I wouldn't have wanted to, but since it would have become a problem, yes. I would have told him eventually."

He nods. "What's happening with Garrett?" He asks me.

"Going to be locked up never to see the light of day again. He's no longer a problem."

"One thing to look forward to, " He says. "I'll see you later." He waves over his shoulder, walking away.

"Hopefully not anytime soon, " I tell him with a smile. "Take care of yourself, Soldier."

He smiles back at me. "You too, Daggers, " He replies, his face suddenly turns serious. "You let me know what happens with Moth."

I nod. "I will. If he comes around I'll have him call you himself."

Hayden shakes his head. "When. Not if. He's one tough son of a bitch. He's not going down this easy." He waves one last time before walking out the doors.

"You better be right, " I mutter. I stand staring out the doors, watching him leave and thinking about Sam.

I walk to the cafeteria and pick out a sandwich. I pay for it and then sit at one of the tables, thinking. I wasn't lying when I had told Lily I wasn't hungry.

I breathe out a long sigh as my thoughts wander over everything that's happened. Everything that's still happening. I'm just about to get up and leave when someone practically skids into the seat across from mine, the chair sliding over a bit. He adjusts his chair and looks across at the untouched sandwich in front of me.

"Are you going to eat that?" He asks me.

I shake my head. "No, I'm not." I push the sandwich toward him. "Go for it."

Devin takes the sandwich and begins unwrapping it. "Hospital food sucks, but at least this stuff is better than what they serve you in the rooms."

I shake my head. "Any reason you came running in here like you were being chased?" I ask him.

"Let's just say that my dad and I had a 'heart to heart'."

"And this means?. . ." I trail off, waiting for him to fill in the blanks.

"I'm in trouble."

I laugh and lean back in my chair, looking at him. "You said something you shouldn't have?"

"I said many things." He takes a bite of the sandwich. "And I'm not done. He and I need to sit down and have a long talk." He grimaces. "It's probably not going to go all that well for me, but I might be able to accomplish pulling his head out of his ass for him."

I smile, amused. "I have no doubt you could do it." My expression turns serious. "I ran into Zack in the hallway, " I tell him. "How does he seem to you?" I ask. I want to make sure he's alright.

Devin gives me a flat look. "He was flirting with the nurses last I checked." He waves off my concern. "He's fine."

A wheelchair is suddenly crashed into the end of the table. Devin and I both jump and Lily climbs out of the wheelchair and takes a seat next to Devin.

"I was trying to call you, " She says as she snatches the sandwich from Devin and takes a bite of it.

Devin looks from his hands to the sandwich and then scowls at Lily. She gives him a death glare back.

"Why do you have a wheelchair?" He asks her.

"Well, the patient down the hall wasn't using it."

"Sam?" I question her, ignoring her and Devin's conversation. Dread beginning to seep in.

She nods. "But not what you think. I got kicked out of the room while the doctors went in to change out bandages and clean the wounds again." She shakes her head. "Still no change though."

I nod, getting to my feet. "I'm going to head back up, " I tell her.

"I figured you'd want to, " Lily says. "Though you should really be resting yourself. You took an enormous beating and are riddled with cuts, not mention the bones you've likely fractured. I could frighten the nurses into bringing another hospital bed into Sam's room."

I smile. "Thanks for the offer Lily, but I'll be fine."

She mumbles something into her sandwich. Something along the lines of getting Henri to drug me into sleeping. I narrow my eyes at her and she widens hers in innocence.

I shake my head and walk down the hallway to the elevator, going back into Sam's room. I stand in the doorway and stare at his sleeping form, listening to the beeping of the heart monitor. I let out a sigh and take the seat next to his bed.

"You better wake up soon, " I mutter. I reach my hand out and take his, squeezing lightly. "I'll never forgive you if you don't, " I whisper. "And I'd miss you."

I keep my hand in his and stare at his face, watching for any indication that he's waking up, but I get none. His breathing remains constant, but a little ragged, and the heart monitor beeps steadily. Nothing changing.

"I can't lose you, " I whisper. "I won't."

I stare down at my lap, but my head snaps up and my gaze flies to his face when I hear the words barely spoken louder than a whisper.

"Care to repeat that? I didn't hear it. Must have had my hearing aids off. . ."

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