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   Chapter 41 40. Whatever happens next is on you

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Thirteen's POV

His back's against the wall, his hand holding my dagger is pinned in place my by my free hand, and the gold dagger is pressed into his neck, drawing a thin line of blood.

"Go ahead, " He taunts, his eyes blazing into mine. "Do it."

I press the dagger harder into his neck and he lets out a hiss of pain, but the determination in his eyes never fades. The determination that I won't kill him.

My hand is holding the dagger steady, my stance and grip preventing him from moving without slitting his own throat, so I chance a look around.

Jason's still on the ground, but he's moved so that he's sitting up with his back against the wall. Devin's holding his side and a line of blood soaking through the front of his shirt from the gash across his chest. Sam's still in the same place I left him, eyes closed, and Zack stands in front of him.

It's Zack who catches my attention, and not because of his wounds or the way he's holding onto his arm, but because he's the only one looking away.

His jaw is clenched, his breathing is shaky, his entire body tense, and he's avoiding looking over at me and Garrett.

I turn my attention back to Garrett and my mind's made up. I remove the knife from his throat and take a step back.

He smiles smugly and opens his mouth to say something but I don't give him the chance before I'm swinging the handle of the dagger into the side of his head. Not hard enough to kill him, but hard enough to knock him out.

He falls to the floor and doesn't move. I stand over him, breathing heavily and covered in blood. I grimace at the wound in my leg and wipe my bloody hands on my pants.

"Toss me a pair of cuffs, " I say and Zack tosses me a pair he had in his pockets. I grab Garrett's wrists and twist them behind his back, cuffing them tightly. I search him and remove the rest of his weapons, tossing them away.

"How bad are you hurt Devin?" I ask.

"Not bad enough that I can't function, " He replies. "What do you need me to do?"

"You and Chase are going to take Garrett as soon as I get that door open, " I tell him. "Zack, you're helping Jason out of here. The other team and I will be taking Sam just as soon as I get that door open."

"How are you going to get the door open?" Devin asks.

"I don't have time to try and override the computers to lift the lockdown. So you're all moving into the hallway and I'm blowing the damn door down, " I reply. I motion for Zack to give me the black duffle bag he's still carrying around.

"That's not the smartest idea, " Jason says.

I shake my head. "I know. But we're out of time."

I barely get the words out before there's a deafening sound of something large and metal being thrown into concrete. A series of clangs and loud bangs sound off as the huge metal door crashes to the floor.

Lily walks across the door and into the room. The worry in her face turns to surprise when she takes us all in. "Well, you all have clearly been having more fun than I have, " She says.

I give her a flat look. "I seriously doubt that, " I tell her. "I can still hear the battle going on outside."

"It's slowing down." An explosion sounds in the distance. "For the most part, " She adds.

"How'd you get the door down?" Devin asks her.

"I didn't, " She replies. "Didn't want to chance explosives and end up killing one of you. This was Gamma team 12." She suddenly smiles widely. "They brought all kinds of fun toys. Blowtorch included."

She looks between everyone and then to Sam. She shakes her head. "They'll have to bring a stretcher in so he's moved as little as possible. I'll let them know, in the meantime the rest of you should get going. Zero's got some helicopters waiting in a clearing a short distance away. Chase is there now, he and another team are guarding the helicopters so they don't get blown up. And Zero's made it clear the helicopters are leaving in fifteen minutes. Without or without us."

"You call Zero, " I tell Lily. "and tell him that those helicopters aren't leaving until Sam's on board. I don't give a damn how long it takes."

Lily nods. "I already told him that,

don't usually miss what you aim at."

"I'm seeing double, " Is all she says. "I couldn't tell if I actually got him." She groans again and closes her eyes. "I think I'm just going to take a nap if that's ok with you."

"It's not, " I tell her. "You probably have a concussion. Do not go to sleep."

"Bossy, " She mutters. Her eyes still closed. "I just saved your life, the least you could do is let me have my nap."

"You can have your nap later, " I tell her. "Stay awake."

"No promises, " She says I can already hear her slipping off.

I get to my feet and pick up the gold dagger, sliding it into my boot.

I hear the sound of a gun loading and I freeze, turning to look over at Sam, who's been pulled to his feet and being held at gunpoint by yet another soldier in black. Only this one's a girl and she's already removed her helmet, revealing a face I don't recognize.

Her gun is pressed into the side of Sam's head, and she's got her arm wrapped around his throat.

"Get on your knees, " She says, her voice cold and deadly.

I slowly lower to my knees, keeping an eye on the door, hoping the other agents arrive right now.

"Daggers, get. . ." Her grip on Sam's neck tightens and he flinches. "Leave, " He tells me.

I look back at Lily and her eyes are closed, her breathing even. Unconscious.

"I kill her next, " The girl says I turn back to look at her, my glare murderous. "The daggers. Both of them, slide them over. Now. And I'll be kind enough to postpone his death."

"Don't, " Sam says. "Not for. . . me."

"Whatever happens next is on you, " She tells me as she aims the gun my way, keeping her hold on Sam. "Your choice."

I don't have any more knives other than the daggers, and there's no way I can throw them faster than she can pull the trigger and end Sam's life, or mine.

I reach my hand to my side and pull the silver dagger out of its sheath and slide it across the floor toward her. I then reach back to my boot, and my hand touches something on the floor next to my foot.

A gun. The gun the first guy dropped after I drove the gold dagger through his eye. My fingers firmly close around the handle, and I close my eyes as a hundred different images fill my vision and the memory of voices cloud my mind.

"The dagger, " I hear her say. "Now." She repeats.

"J.D. stop!"


"J.D. please!"

Pain. Blood.

"You're taking too long, " I hear her say and her arm around Sam's neck tightens, the gun going firmly into the side of his head, her finger twitching on the trigger.

I feel my arm raising. Not enough time. I feel myself freezing up. I see her face blurring into someone else's. Someone familiar. Sam's eyes closing. Can't move.

Sam. Gunshot. Blood. Falling. No!

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