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   Chapter 40 39. Look out

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Thirteen's POV

He eyes me cautiously, like a lion stalking prey, and in the next instant his gun is out and he's firing off shots.

I jump out of the way and duck behind one of the many desks in the room The wood splinters as he continues to fire. The gunshots cease as he runs out of bullets and I leap over the desk and crash right into him, taking him to the ground.

We roll around, each of us getting hits on the other, and I'm able to slash him a couple times with the dagger before he's knocking it away and pulling my dagger from the holster on my side.

Before I can get the dagger back from him, he's driving it into my leg. I bite my tongue to keep from crying out and swing my fist into his face. He digs the dagger in deeper.

"Tell me Thirteen, " He says. "Do you have any of your antidote with you?"

Maybe I should be worried about the poison of the dagger, but I'm not. It's slow acting unless the wound is deep and somewhere in the torso, closer to the heart. I'll live from this if I can survive this nightmare first.

"Do you?" I retort and his face darkens, his hand twisting the dagger deeper into my leg.

I pull a knife from my belt and swipe at him. He dodges but barely, I'm able to cut a thin line into his chest. He rolls to his feet and I get to mine, avoiding putting too much pressure on my leg.

"Give it up Everly, " He says. "You can't beat me."

I pick up the gold dagger from the floor and he twirls mine around in his hand. "I wouldn't be too sure, " I tell him. "You've pissed me off one too many times."

I swipe out with the dagger and he dodges. He brings his leg around to try and knock me to the ground and I jump over it. He swings my dagger around and I block it, bringing my leg up and kicking him in the side. His fist connects with my jaw.

I can't tell how long we're fighting. Constantly dodging, blocking, and landing hits of our own.

I manage to get a good slash across his arm and his fist rams into my stomach and I double over. He brings his knee up into my face and I fall to the floor, the gold dagger falling from my grasp.

He picks it up and twirls it around a couple times before pressing the button on the top. The faint familiar whirring sound starts as the blade begins to spin, like a drill. He slides the silver dagger into his belt.

His smile is deadly. "I think I like this one, " He says before swinging his arm down to stab the dagger into my neck.

I catch his wrists in my hands and push back, keeping the blade from piercing my skin.

He pushes down harder and I push back, but he's stronger than me and the dagger is slowly getting closer to my neck.

I continue to hold on to his wrists, pushing back to keep the dagger away from me. I stop pushing back and instead push to the left, the dagger shooting off sparks as it bounces off the concrete floor next to my head.

I swing my leg around and kick him his side and then bring my knee up into his stomach causing him to roll off me. I jump to my feet and he gets to his, gold dagger still in his hand.

"Lift the lockdown, " I growl out as he starts to circle me. I match each of his steps with one of my own.

"Sorry, " He says mockingly. "No can do. Those doors are staying locked. You can't get them open."

"Watch me, " I tell him as I pull a knife from my boot and throw it in one swift motion.

He dodges, but not quick enough and the knife sticks into his arm upper arm instead of his chest. He rips it out and throws it back at me. I manage to duck and it flies over my head, hitting the wall with a clang.

He's charging me and I'm able to dodge the swipes of the dagger and his first two kicks, the third kick slams into my chest and throws me back. I watch as he pulls another gun from a drawer on one of the desks and I just barely manage to jump behind an

it into Devin's side hard.

Devin throws a punch and Garrett dodges, pulling a knife from his belt and slashing into Devin's chest. His arm is caught before he can drive the knife into Devin's side.

Jason shoves him back, but he's hurt and can't keep Garrett back. Garrett knocks him into the wall before throwing him into the floor. Devin rushes Garrett but he's soon joining Jason on the floor.

Zack moves between them and Garrett, his expression unreadable, and then he's suddenly charging Garrett.

He slams Garrett back into the wall and Garrett's hands wrap around Zack's throat. Zack's knee connects with Garrett's stomach several times. Garrett kicks Zack's legs out from under him and Zack pulls Garrett down to the ground with him, bearing the brunt of the fall on his shoulder.

They're rolling around on the floor and it's impossible to tell who's winning.

I hear a sickening crack and growl of pain from Zack and second before he's slamming Garrett's head into the floor.

He rolls away from Garrett, holding onto his arm just above the elbow, pain spreads across his face, and there's a gash above his eyebrow.

Garrett pulls a knife and moves toward Zack. Zack jumps to his feet, his muscles tense in anticipation and I intervene, bringing the gold dagger down into Garrett's shoulder blade as he tries to dodge at the last minute.

He hisses in pain and swings out at me. I catch his wrist and twist the knife out of his grasp. He brings his leg up and kicks me back, I hit the wall. His attention turns to Sam and the deadly smile is once again in place.

Zack throws a knife into Garrett's shoulder. Garrett swears.

"Don't even think about it, " Zack growls as he moves between Garrett and Sam, still holding his arm.

I twirl the gold dagger around in my hands. "If you're planning on killing anyone today, it's going to be me, not them, " I tell him before swiping at him the dagger.

He dodges and grabs hold of my wrist before I can get him with the dagger. He swipes at me with my dagger and I catch his wrist, both of us trying to keep the other from stabbing each other.

He backs me roughly into the wall and I kick him in the shins before turning us and slamming him into the wall. I twist my wrist around in his grasp and am finally able to free myself.

He blocks the first swing I make toward his chest and the second one to his side. I bring my knee up into his stomach and he doesn't recover quick enough before I've got the dagger pressed firmly to his throat.

"You're done, " I growl out.

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