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   Chapter 39 38. Not again

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Thirteen's POV

"Not again, " I quickly move between him and Sam, my body tense and daggers gripped tightly in my hands.

Jason raises his gun and fires several shots and I watch in shock as they don't even seem to faze him. Several hit him in the vest, two become embedded in the helmet and the guy doesn't even flinch. Instead, he turns towards Jason and charges.

I want to jump in and help Jason, but I can't leave Sam unguarded. I don't know if there are more than just this one running around the base.

"Jason!" I shout in warning as the guy pulls a long knife from his belt and slashes out. Jason manages to dodge and brings his knee up into the guy's stomach, but it's as if it doesn't faze him at all.

I watch as he punches Jason in the arm, right where Garrett had shot him earlier. Jason lets out a hiss of pain and staggers back. The guy reaches out and grabs hold of Jason's shoulders before throwing his head forward into his, headbutting him. Jason crumples to the floor, blood coming from an open wound on his head. He groans and grasps at his head, and just barely manages to throw his hands up and grab the guy's wrists before he brings the knife down into his chest.

I react. I run forward and throw myself into him, knocking him away from Jason and to the floor.

I roll out of the way before he can bring the knife down into my side, but I can't quite get away from him fast enough.

He grabs hold of my arm and pulls me back toward him. I swing one of the daggers at him and he brings his arm up to block it. I hear the clang of metal striking metal as the dagger connects with the metal arm plate.

I pull my legs up and kick him in his chest, knocking him away from me and I'm finally able to roll away and get back on my feet. I look first to Jason who's trying to pull himself back to his feet, and then to Sam who's still in the same position I left him.

I turn my attention back to the guy as he gets on his feet, pulling two more knives from his belt. My grip on the daggers tightens.

He comes at me quickly and I barely manage to dodge the first few swings. I can't get in any hits of my own, I can only dodge his. He swings out at me and I block it, but the knife still slices into my arm. I swing my dagger around full force and I'm able to stab him in his side. Right above his hip and just below the end of the bulletproof vest. He lets out a growl of pain and throws his hands out and me, throwing me back into the wall.

I hit the wall and fall to the floor on my hands and knees, getting to my feet quickly and jumping out of the way before he can strike me with his knife.

I swing the gold dagger back at him and he catches my wrist in his hand. His grip tightens and he twists, the dagger falling from my hand and hitting the floor with a clang.

I notice movement behind him a moment before there's a cracking and shattering as Jason swings a baton full force into the guy's helmet, cracking it and shattering the visor.

The guy curse and stumbles back, Jason swings the baton again and the guy catches it, giving Jason a kick to the chest that sends him falling back. He then turns toward Sam.

I push off from the wall where I was leaning and slam into the guy, throwing him into another wall. He swings his arm back around and I feel the blade of his knife slice into the side of my face before I can completely dodge it.

I grab hold of his arm and twist it behind his back before slamming him back into the wall in front of me. His leg swings back and collides with my shins and knocks me to the ground. My body protesting and aching at the fall.

I feel hands grabbing at collar and I'm lifted to my feet forcefully, before being slammed into the wall myself. But before he can do anything more to me his grip is suddenly gone and we're both falling to the floor as he's pulled down, Sam holding on to his ankle.

The guy then moves over Sam, starting to swing a knife down t

the door open, and make sure to guard Sam and Jason, " I tell them.

"Where are you going?" Zack questions.

"To try and find the control room. There's no doubt a way to unlock those doors, and Garrett's probably sitting there waiting. If you manage to get the door open, call me. Otherwise, I'll be working to try and get the lockdown lifted."

"Are you sure you don't need help?" Devin asks, worry shining in his eyes.

I look back at Sam and Jason. "They need your help. I'll make do. Focus on trying to get them out of here."

Devin nods. "Good luck."

I start off down the hallway. "You too, " I call over my shoulder.

I rush through the hallways, checking rooms as I go, looking for the control room. For a way to open the doors and get everyone the hell out of here.

The hallways are long and dark. No windows, and barely any light coming from the ceiling lights spaced out. But the room up ahead is shining light.

I slow my steps and creep forward on silent feet, my hand on the handle of my dagger. I stop outside the open doorway, my back against the wall to the side. I reach down and pull the gold dagger from my boot, clutching it firmly in my hands.

I can hear someone in the room. Someone typing on a computer and shuffling around. I wait silently, trying to figure out exactly how many people are in the room.

One, I determine. Just one.

I suck in a deep breath before moving into the open doorway, gold dagger in my hand. I stand in the open doorway and take in the room before me that's filled with computer screens and all sorts of other electrical equipment.

Garrett stands, leaning back against a desk, arms crossed over his chest and a deadly smile splayed across his lips.

"Pretty smart, wouldn't you say?" He asks tauntingly. "Trigger a lockdown so you'd have to come to me."

I shrug. "Considering how often you run away, I often do have to come to you."

I see a muscle in his jaw tick as he struggles to contain his anger. "You pulled quite the stunt, making Devin and Zack your little chess pieces."

I shrug as I take cautious steps toward him. "They played their parts well, " I tell him

He smiles darkly. "Yes, that they did. But now yeah won't be making it out of here alive. Pity, " He says mockingly. "That lockdown can only be lifted by me. And there's nothing you could do to make me do it."

I shrug nonchalantly. "I don't intend to make you lift the lockdown. I'll lift it myself."

I take a threatening step towards him and twirl the gold dagger around for him to see clearly. "I just came to give you a personal demonstration into what this one does."

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