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   Chapter 38 37. You won't be able to protect them forever

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Thirteen's POV

Garrett's expression hardens and he stares at me, daring me to make a move. I don't. I stand still and tense, waiting patiently for what I know is going to come.

His eyes narrow as he reads my expression. He was expecting me to be cooperative. He was expecting me to be submissive. He wasn't expecting me to fight against him. He pulls his gun from its holster and aims it at Sam.

"Make a move, " He says lowly, daring me to do it. I don't have to.

I hear a loud pounding on the door behind me. Followed closely by yelling.


The door is thrown open with a loud crash. And I hear the clicking of heels as she walks in at a leisurely pace. Her crossbow in her hands and aimed at Garrett. There's a deadly smile on her face.

"Don't worry, " Lily says. "I've come to take out the trash."

I see the anger in his face, the frustration as he tries to figure out how she managed to get out. I notice Devin put his hand on his gun, unclipping it from the holster.

"Excuse you, " She says sharply, eyes on Garrett. "But he still owes me a cake." She gestures to Sam before once again leveling her crossbow at Garrett, her expression deadly. "And you still owe me for the bullets you put in my chest."

"I'll be glad to repeat the past, " Garrett says.

"Well then I guess I should start with knocking you on your ass." Lily shrugs. "And then I can start with new memories, like how I'm going to paint the walls in your blood."

"Devin, " Garrett calls out and Devin straightens away from the wall, looking completely bored. "I think it's time Lily left the party. After all, she wasn't invited. Escort her out."

"To dinner or?. . ."

Garrett looks beyond annoyed as he shoots a look Devin's way. Lily smiles and I keep from giving anything away. Besides that little remark, Devin stays in character.

"Right, right, " He says. "Shall I toss her down the incinerator when I'm done with her?"

"If you do, I'd prefer to be there. And I'd prefer to toss her in alive."

Devin nods seriously as if totally in agreement. "So, I guess I'll be needing a pair of cuffs then." He makes a show of patting all his pockets, coming up empty. He looks to me, a spark of mischief in his eyes. "Well I can just use hers. Thirteen would you hand me your cuffs please?"

"Of course, " I reply as I hold out my hand and hand him the unlocked handcuffs.

Garrett fires his gun. He swears loudly as he pieces together what's going on. Lily fires her crossbow. She swears loudly when she misses Garrett because he jumps out of the way.

Devin charges Garrett with Lily close behind him. I don't stick around to watch and run over to Sam, pulling a knife from my boot. I begin cutting at the ropes holding him down.

"Sam, " I say as I look over him, my voice barely a whisper. He doesn't move and makes no motion that he even heard me. I suddenly notice his lack of hearing aids.

"Shit, " I mutter as I cut away the last of the ropes. I put my hand on his neck to check his pulse and my wrist is grabbed roughly, his fingers tightening around my wrist to the point of breaking it.

His eyes are closed and they stay that way, I can't tell if it's his subconscious that's lashing out, or if it's actually him, but either way a broken wrist is the last thing I need to deal with right now. I put my other hand on his shoulder and shake him, his eyes fly open and for a second I think he's going to attack me. His eyes finally focus and his grips loosens when his eyes land on me.

He starts to shake his head, his breathing coming out in ragged gasps. "Shouldn't be. . . here. Trap. . ."

"Shh. Stop talking, " I tell him, before realizing he can't even hear me. "Damn you. You told me you'd teach me sign language."

o Chase and Lily. "We need to get him out of here."

"I've been on the phone with Zero, " Lily says. "He's going to try and get a team over here to help escort him out of here. Until they get here there's nothing we can do. We can't protect ourselves and him if we go out there. It's like a minefield."

"If we can't get him to a hospital soon he's not going to make it, " I mutter, staring down at him.

"Thanks. . . for that. . . vote. . . of confidence, " Sam says, eyes still closed. I stare down at him in confusion. Lily notices.

"Zack was able to find Sam's hearing aids, " She tells me and I nod.

Her phone's ring tone suddenly shatters the silence. She pulls it out of her pocket and answers it.

"Yeah?" She says, her expression serious as she listens to whoever's on the other end. "We'll be ready." She hangs up and turns to us. "Zero's got Gamma team 12 on their way to us right now."

I nod. "Ok, " I say. "Chase, Lily, wait outside for them so they know where to go. Jason and I will stay in here with Sam."

Lily nods and readies her crossbow before leaving out the door with Chase close behind her, both of them on the alert.

I turn to look at Jason. "You ok to walk, or are you going to need help?"

Jason waves me off as he loads his gun and slides into the holster on his side, having it ready. "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I can keep up."

I nod, thinking I'll still probably put Chase on watch and standby in case Jason does end up needing help.

I look out the open door and out at the forest surrounding the base, I can see Lily and Chase standing nearby to the door, shooting occasionally and otherwise just waiting for the other team to arrive.

I turn my attention back to Sam and suddenly I hear Lily cry out.

"No!" I hear her shout and I tense, my gaze flying back to the open door way just as it's slammed shut and locked.

I jump to my feet, a dagger in each hand as I face the person standing in front of the closed door. I can hear someone on the other side trying to get it open, but they're not having any luck. Jason's alert and at the ready same as me, gun in his hand.

I get a sense of déjà vu as I stare at the figure standing between us and the door.

All black, bullet proof vest, and the same strange black helmet with the blacked out visor as the last guys. No face visible, no skin visible, and he's totally loaded down with weapons.

And he's standing between us and the way out.

"Shit, " I mutter. This is a problem.

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