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   Chapter 37 36. Inspired by what Your future in hell

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Thirteen's POV

Devin looks down at his watch again before motioning for the guard to unlock my cell. The door to the room opens before the guard's across the room, and Devin lets out a gasp of shock.

"Zombie!" He screams. "Zombie! He's risen from the dead!" He's screaming and pointing at a blood and soot-covered Zack standing in the doorway with a large black bag slung over his shoulder.

The guard turns to look, pulling his gun and Devin shoots him in the back when he turns away.

Zack looks over at me. "He was supposed to shoot me once. Once. Does this look like once?" He gestures to the bullet holes in his shirt. "And another thing, the incinerator? What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Devin smiles widely. "I was inspired."

"Inspired by what? Your future in hell?" Zack growls.

"What?" Jason manages to choke out as he looks between them in utter surprise. Chase is staring wide-eyed, and Lily appears to be getting madder by the second.

"Can one of you unlock the cells now?" I question, a smile on my face.

"I'm on it, " Devin says as he rifles through the guard's pockets and removes a set of keys.

"Zack, you take care of the cameras?" I ask.

Zack nods. "Garrett won't be able to tell you're all on the loose until too late. And I located Sam. He's on the other end of the base."

"I could have told her that. I found him first, " Devin says.

"It's not a competition, " Zack says dully.

"You only say that cause you lost." Zack sticks his foot out and trips Devin when he walks past.

"You were in on all of this and left us out, " Chase states angrily as he looks at me.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I took a page out of Ryder's book. And if I had told any of you about this, your reactions wouldn't be as real. I couldn't have any slip-ups. Garrett had to believe everything."

Jason is suddenly able to find his words. "You shot me!" He shouts at Devin. "You actually shot me!"

"That was purely for survival. You were looking like you intended to kill me. And I intended to live, " Devin replies, not at all sorry.

"How long were you planning this?" Chase asks me, ignoring Jason who's spewing curse words at Devin.

"I'll leave you in your cell, " I hear Devin say. Jason shuts up.

"For a while now, " I reply to Chase as Devin unlocks my cell. "I had Zero doctor up some old files of Devin's. I had to make sure that when Garrett went digging into Devin, he'd only find what was needed to cause him to trust him. After that, it was all on Devin. And I needed someone out running around when we all got caught, so I had Devin 'kill' Zack. None of this was supposed to happen for another week or more. Garrett getting Sam and Lily escalated things."

"I only agreed to that because he was supposed to shoot me once. Three times. Three freaking times. Body armor or not, it's still damn painful!"

"You'll live, " I reply simply. Devin moves on to unlock Lily's cell after he gets Chase and Jason out.

I hear the sound of something hitting metal, followed by a cry from Devin and a thud as he falls to the floor, a red welt beginning to form in the shape of the metal bars of the cells on his forehead. Lily glares murderously down at him, still locked inside.

Jason smiles widely. "I'm glad someone did it."

I take the keys from the floor next to Devin and unlock Lily's cell. She scowls at me.

"I'm mad at you too, " She says. "What the hell were you thinking leaving me out of this plan?"

I shrugged. "I might have been inclined to tell you, but you went off with Sam and got yourselves caught. So I didn't have the chance."

"But you're not sure you would have anyway, " Lily states. I nod. She frowns as she gazes at the bruise on the side of my face and turns her cold glare to Devin who's just now getting to his feet. "He hit you."

I nod again. "I was expecting it. It was part of the plan, " I reply. I narrow my eyes at Devin. "The kick

o Lily. "Wait for a couple minutes, then come in. It's up to you whatever happens next."

Lily nods and pulls her crossbow off her shoulder and loads an arrow into it. "How big of an entrance would you like me to make?"

"That's entirely up to you, " I reply. Her eyes spark with mischief and her devilish intentions. She just nods.

I turn back toward the door and nod to Devin. He nods back. "Just so you know, " He says, his voice barely a whisper. "It's bad. It's really bad."

I keep my face blank and nod to the door. He wipes his usual mischievous look away and replaces it with the cocky dark smile as he opens the door and shoves me inside roughly.

No amount of warning could have prepared me for what I see.

Sam's strapped down to a long table, his eyes are closed and whether he's unconscious or not, I can't tell. I can't even tell the exact extent of his wounds, because everything is covered in blood. I can see various slashes and holes spread across his body, and I can't tell what wounds are the worst. His left arm is twisted at an awkward angle and there isn't much left of what used to be his shirt but is now nothing more than shreds and strips of blood-soaked fabric.

Garrett leans back against the wall, his hands cross over his chest, and a smug smile in place on his face. He waves his hands with a flourish over Sam.

"My finest work, " He says. "He deserved it, you know. I trusted him."

My hand tightens on the handcuff key as I begin to unlock the cuffs. Devin moves discreetly closer to Garrett, putting himself between him and me.

I clench my teeth and I can feel my hands shaking as I try to subtly unlock the cuffs on my wrists. I don't want to keep looking at Sam, but I can't seem to look away.

Garrett's taunting laugh echoes in the room. "He's still alive you know, " He says. "I wanted to make sure he was able to hear your screams and know what he caused before I finished him off."

I don't bother trying to hide the anger. I glare murderously at Garrett, bringing every bit of anger I hold against him to the surface.

This ends today. Once, and for all.

"You're going to wish, you'd never laid a hand on him, " I say, venom coating my words and my eyes flashing dangerously. I let a deadly smile spread across my lips. "And I promise you this, you deserve everything that's coming your way, because I will not stop, until you've been taken down. This is it, Garrett. You've struck back at me for too long. So, I've only got one question for you." I take a threatening step towards him and his eyes flicker warily.

"Do you have any last words?"

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