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   Chapter 36 35. Zero's going to kill you

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Thirteen's POV

I take a step toward Zack.

"Next bullet goes in you, or better yet, Lily, " He says. "You don't seem to respond at all when pain is inflicted upon you, but you definitely react when it's someone else's pain. Plus, Garrett wants you alive. . . for now."

I glare at him.

He looks down at Zack. "I think you'll find that he's quite dead. Three shots right to the heart, " He smiles in a sickening way, so different from his usual manner. "There's nothing you can do for him, and I've been wanting to shoot the bastard for a long time now."

"I'm only sorry I missed it."

I tense at the voice and my eyes go to the doorway where Garrett stands. He walks further into the room and kicks at Zack as he makes his way over to me.

"I wanted to see the look on my dear brother's face when he realized it was the end."

"You're a monster, " I hiss as I glare at him.

He smiles darkly at me. "Am I? I think that depends on which side you're standing on." He looks back down at Zack. "I did warn him that he chose the wrong side. He knew the consequences. Pity."

Garrett turns his attention back to me. "The rest of your little team is being rounded up and brought here as we speak. Now you can make this easy or hard on them, depending on how cooperative you are."

I continue to glare, not sure I have the words to speak.

There's cursing coming from down the hall as Chase is shoved into the room at gunpoint. He looks down at Zack and his expression is unreadable. He looks back up to me.

"They took me by surprise and took out my earpiece before I could call out and warn you, " He says. He glances briefly back at Zack. "But not before I heard what was happening in here."

Garrett looks down at his watch. "Well, " He says to the guards. "Where's the other one?"

The guards shift nervously. "We're still looking for him. He set off a couple of explosions on the far side of the base before we could get him."

Garrett mutters curses. "How hard is it to round up one agent? The guy's a blundering fool. He shouldn't be that hard to catch. Never mind, I'll do it myself." He turns and strides quickly out of the room, pulling out his gun as he goes.

Chase's gaze is still on Zack.

"Oh, come now, " He says. "You didn't even like him. I did you all a service. You were all suspicious of him anyway."

Chase's jaw and fists clench. He turns his steely gaze on him. "But no one suspected you."

"How could they?" Devin says, a dark smile on his face. "You all thought of me as nothing more than a prankster. You barely even thought of me as an agent. Why would you ever suspect me?"

I glare at him and Chase looks about ready to risk a chance at killing him. But I know he won't.

"Angry with me?" Devin questions mockingly. "Hurt? You care too much to take a chance at killing me."

"And evidently you don't care at all, " Chase hisses.

Devin shrugs. "Caring about people is a weakness, and besides, you were all just a means to an end. You'll all be joining Zack shortly. Garrett only wants you around to keep Thirteen in check. After he gets what he wants, we won't be seeing each other ever again."

Devin waves his gun at Chase. "In the cell you go, " He says.

When Chase doesn't move Devin makes a motion to the guards and they roughly force Chase into one of the empty cells, locking him in.

There's a commotion in the hallway and Jason is practically thrown into the room by Garrett, blood seeping from a cut lip, and a bullet in his arm. He spots Devin and swears before charging at him. His expression murderous.

Devin shoots him in the leg and Jason stumbles bac

parts from the land of the living. See if that gets a rise out of you."

I take in a deep, shaky breath and glare at him.

Lily, to my surprise, is the one who speaks up. "You come anywhere near any of us, and I'll slam your head into the metal bars so hard you'll be seeing double for the rest of your life if it doesn't kill you." Her voice is cold and deadly and her expression even worse.

Devin loses his cocky composure for a second as he stares back at her in surprise. And fear.

He takes a second to recover, masking his expression of surprise and a little fear and putting his dark smile back in place. He doesn't say anything as he looks down at the watch on his wrist.

We can hear an explosion echo from outside the base.

Devin lets out a whistle. "Man, " He says. "Your sister's really putting up a fight, " He tells me.

Another explosion sounds off, only this one is ten times louder and shakes the earth. Devin looks worried.

I can't help but smile. "That's not my sister, " I tell him as I hear the roar of the engines as several planes pass over the base. Devin looks confused as he hears it too. "That would be Zero."

Devin's eyes widen and another explosion shakes the whole base, almost knocking Devin off his feet.

"You never said anything about bringing Zero into this, " He growls.

I shrug. My turn for the smug smile. "Don't worry, he won't blow the base. You still have time before he starts sending teams in. Maybe you'll live through all this, " I say with a careless shrug. Another explosion. "Then again, maybe you won't."

Devin looks back down at his watch again. Cursing under his breath.

Lily's suddenly laughing loudly. Devin looks over at her in disbelief and her eyes spark with fire as she looks back at him. "Zero's going to kill you, " She says, her whole face lit up in amusement, it suddenly hardens. "And I'll be glad to help him."

Devin's phone rings and he smiles smugly once again when he reads the names on the display. "Garrett's calling, " Devin looks at me, his expression cocky. "That means he's finished with poor Sam."

Dread begins to fill me.

Devin answers the phone, his gaze on me the entire time as he listens to Garrett on the other end. "On my way, " He tells Garrett before hanging up and sliding his phone back into his pocket.

"Good news, " He says as he looks at me. "You get to say your final goodbyes to Sam personally."

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