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   Chapter 35 34. Bet you didn't see this coming

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Thirteen's POV

I bring the motorcycle to a stop just before the trail stops, the boys pull to a stop next to me. I flip my visor up and they do the same.

"If I had to take a guess, I'd say Garrett isn't completely prepared for us yet, " I tell them. "He hasn't called to gloat, and he has no way of knowing that we know what's going on."

"He might suspect though, " Jason says. "He has to know we'd be suspicious when Lily and Sam didn't check in."

"Right, " I reply. "He's probably waiting for us, but can't have been expecting us to arrive this soon. Locating Lily and Sam and getting them out if they're injured is our top priority. Garrett is secondary, if he manages to get away, Ryder still managed to put that tracker on him, so we'll be able to find."

"I'd rather we just blow the bastard into a million pieces, " Jason mutters. He holds up his hand when he notices I'm about to common. "I'm not going try to do that until after we've located Sam and Lily and made sure they're alright. You don't have to worry about me." He gives a pointed look in Devin's direction.

Devin scowls at him and sticks his tongue out. Jason rolls his eyes before reach over and flipping Devin's visor back down.

"Quick question, " Devin says as he opens up the visor again. "If I mistake someone for Garrett and shoot them, am I going to get in trouble?"

Zack glares at him. "We all know who you're talking about."

"Oh good, I didn't want to have to explain."

Zack takes a swing at Devin and he nearly topples off the motorcycle trying to dodge it.

"Hayden, Lydia, and a few others are waiting nearby. When I tell them to, they'll come in a help, hopefully, they won't make a move before. But I can't count on Lydia." I tell them. "We're going to be under fire as soon as we're within range. If it becomes necessary, ditch the motorcycle and take cover. We don't know for sure how many guards are there are going to be."

I flip my visor back down. "Let's go, " I say.

I start up the motorcycle again and take off down the path, the boys right behind me.

We come around the side of a hill and immediately bullets begin to spray up the dirt around us, and splinter into the trees. I swerve back and forth, making myself a harder target to hit and speed up, pulling away from the boys.

As I said, five small fast moving targets are harder to hit, but only if we're spread out.

I end up having to ditch the motorcycle early on. Too many guards surrounding the outside, and they need to be taken out. Chase and Zack also ditch theirs, and Jason and Devin continue to drive around, providing a distraction and diverting some of the guards' attention.

I throw a knife into the chest of a guard and another one tackles me from the side. I roll out of the way when he takes a swing at me and I kick my leg back into his chest. I jump to my feet and swing out my dagger, catching him in the arm and the leg. He swings a knife of his own at me and I dodge, grabbing hold of his wrist and pulling him towards me. I stab the dagger into the side of his neck and he crump

ne quick motion and stand tense and at the ready as the guard rushes toward me. He lifts his gun and I knock his arm aside. He tries to kick my legs out but I jump out of the way and throw a knife, satisfied when it hits his neck and he goes crashing to the floor.

Lily's gotten up off the floor and is standing at the front of the cell, her hands wrapped around the bars.

"Everly you need to leave now, " She says, her face pale and her eyes wide.

I shale my head. "I'm getting you out of here first, " I reply. "Do you know where Sam is?"

She shakes her head in response and rushes on. "Everly. Leave, " She hisses.

I hear footsteps approaching behind me and whirl around as two more guards come running into the room, before they can get any closer to me though, two shots echo out and they drop, Zack standing behind them.

"Everly!" Lily shouts to bring my attention back to her. "You need to leave now. It's a trap-"

"That's kind of what we were already counting on, " I interrupt as I work to unlock the door to her cell.

She shakes her head, panic on her face. "No. You don't understand. He's working with Garrett."

I stop and look up from the lock to her. "What? Who?"

She opens her mouth to reply and I hear the gun as it's loaded. She sucks in a sharp breath and her eyes widen.

"She was trying to warn you about me, " A new voice says.

"You son of a bitch, " Zack growls.

"Turn around Thirteen. Slowly, " He orders. "Hands where I can see them."

I spin around slowly to face him, my hands up in surrender. He stands in the doorway Zack had previously been standing in. A gun in his hands, his entire posture relaxed and at ease. A mocking grin is spread across his face.

"Bet you didn't see this coming, " He says smugly.

My hands clench into fists and I shoot him a nasty glare, his grin widens.

"Nor could you see this coming, " He says and he fires the gun.

Three shots in quick succession.

I tense.

Lily screams.

Zack crumples to the floor.

And blood spreads across the concrete.

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