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   Chapter 33 32. Fulfill your death wish some other time

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32. Fulfill your death wish some other time

Sam's POV

"Stop here, " I tell Lily. She pulls the car to a stop and cuts the lights, leaning back in her seat. "You're far enough away from the base that you shouldn't be noticed. They tend not to send scouts out this far. So, stay here and stay quiet and if at any point I tell you to get the hell out of here you do it."

"How far is the base from here?" Lily questions.

"Not too far but I still have to hike a pretty good distance, " I gesture out the window to the trees. "It's late and likely most of the base is asleep other than the people on guard duty. I should be in and out without a problem." I push open the door and step out into the cool night air.

I turn back to Lily. "If you're spotted and in trouble, don't wait for me. Get out. I'll be able to find my own way back."

Lily shakes her head. "Ev would kill me if I did that." She flashes me a sly grin. "And besides, if I'm spotted, anyone who comes up against me will be in more trouble than I will."

I shake my head. "Be careful, " I say.

Lily frowns. "I think I should be the one telling you that."

"There's more danger to you sitting out here than me walking in to there."

Lily frowns again, deep in thought. "I beg to differ." She starts to root through the bag she brought with her. "Here." She hands me the small black earpiece. She taps her own ear. "This way I can tell how much trouble you get into, and whether or not it can be solved by me alone or if I'm going to have to call in the cavalry."

I take the earpiece from her. "What frequency are these on?"

She shrugs and digs back into the bag, pulling out a tablet. "I'll pull it up. Why?"

I tap my hearing aids. "I can't wear the earpiece."

She scowls and curses. "I forgot about that." She pauses. "Ev made mention to you using earpieces before though."

"I can't use the earpiece, but I had one specially built in to the hearing aids. I just need to know what frequency the earpieces are set to."

Lily nods and then passes me the tablet. "Ok. Here, " She says. I adjust my hearing aids.

"Testing one, two, three, twenty-seven-"

"I can hear you, Lily, " I interrupt. "Even without the earpieces, I can still hear you."

She grins. "Just checking."

I shake my head and start off into the forest. The only light comes from the moon and it's not enough to get through the trees. It doesn't matter though, I have the path memorized and I make it to the base in no time.

A gun is pressed into my back. "Move, and I'll shoot you, " A voice growls. One of the guards.

I turn around anyway lightening quick and twist the gun from his grasp. I toss it to the floor away from him and me.

"Want to repeat that?" I question, my voice a deadly calm. My face I know, probably looks just as deadly.

"Sor-r-ry S-s-sir, " The guard stutters. "I didn't know it was you."

"It happens again and you're be the one with the bullet in your head, " I growl, keeping my face deadly and blank. I almost lose focus when I hear Lily's cackling in my ears.

I push past the guard, punch in the code on the keypad, and enter the base.

"Oh man, " Lily says. "You've got to tell me, how close was he to shitting his pants?"

My lips twitch but I'm able to keep from smiling while I walk through the halls of the base, heading towards the room I use to occupy. "Lily, do you want to try and focus? You're making it very


I look back at the guards getting closer. "Not fast enough, " I tell her. "Here." I hold out the dagger to her. She stops shooting long enough to take it. "Now get out of here."

She looks down at me and hesitates. "Now!" I shout. "Garrett doesn't need to get that dagger. You know that." She still doesn't move. "Lily go!" I growl out. Finally, she nods and turns and begins running.

She doesn't make it very far. Garrett's suddenly blocking her path. She starts to bring the rifle up but he twists it out of her hands and tosses it away. She goes to stab the dagger into his neck but he catches her wrist in his hand.

"Nice to see you again, Flower, " He says sharply. He tightens his grip on her wrist and twists. She let's out a sharp cry as I hear something in her wrist crack. The dagger slips from her hands.

She brings her leg back to kick him but he's faster. He dodges and twists her arm behind her back, pulling her back up against him. Her arm is twisted painfully behind her back, and his other hand goes into her hair, pulling her head back. She struggles to get free.

I feel several sets of hands pulling up to me knees, pain shooting through my leg as I'm held in place and restrained.

"Let her go, " I growl out.

Garrett shoots me a triumphant look. "I think not. After all, me and her have so much catching up to do."

"Yeah, " Lily says. "Let's start by reliving all those times I knocked you on your ass." She gasps as he yanks her head back further by her hair.

"I have some much better ideas of what we should relive, " He says sharply. His eyes dart over to me. "And maybe I'll let him watch."

I glare at him and struggle to free myself. "If you touch her I'll-"

"You'll what?" Garrett asks mockingly. "You can't do anything."

"I'll gut you like a fish, " Lily growls.

Garrett looks thoughtfully at her. "I have a better idea." His gaze shoots to me. "But it's all up to Sam. I'm very angry with him. So what's it going to be Sammy? Am I going to be taking my anger out on you, or her?"

"Me, " I reply without hesitation. "Leave her out of this."

"I don't think I'm going to leave her entirely out of it." He gazes at me, his expression deadly. "I think she'll enjoy watching while I break every bone in your body."

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