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   Chapter 28 27. We go way back

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Thirteen's POV

I hate clubs.

But of course, it just happens to be the one place Jackson Storm feels the most comfortable meeting.

In my opinion, he only chooses clubs because of how little most of the girls in here are wearing. Plus, drunk people make really easy marks.

I drum my fingers along the counter of the bar I'm currently sitting at and mentally curse Lily for choosing and outfit for me, and then locking me out of my room so I could not change out of said outfit.

Granted, I'll give her credit for choosing the heeled boots that keep my scars hidden, but the black dress she's chosen for me is so tight that there is absolutely no room for me to hide any weapons of any kind, let alone actually fight in if need be.

The only thing that could make this dress any worse, would be if it was shorter in length. Luckily it comes down to about mid-thigh, unlike Lily's dress which is extremely short, extremely tight, and extremely eye-catching.

I'm thankful she didn't pick out one like hers for me to wear. Bright royal blue, hugs all her curves, completely open back, and very deep v-neckline.

And then, her sliver studded-and of course-spiked heels. She's also dyed her hair from the Christmas colors it was, to a much more subtle red than what I'm used to seeing as her hair color.

She said it was because she didn't want to draw too much attention to us while we're here. And then she proceeded to walk into the club in that dress that is everything except subtle.

On the bright side, she's shut Devin up again.

I haven't heard Devin utter a word since she walked in the club. We all agreed that we'd show up separately and set ourselves up apart from each other once inside the club. This way we could better monitor all entrances and exits.

Once Lily walked through the door and Devin spotted her, the only audible sound was of him spitting out and choking on his beer. Zack had to walk over and make sure he was ok when it went on for too long.

Chase had even gone quiet when Lily walked in. Though from what I understand, he's seen her in club clothes before. Zack had muttered "Hot damn, " under his breath.

I think they're too used to seeing her as this crazy overgrown child, so when she showed up looking like she did, they really didn't know how to react.

But of course, once she opened her mouth to tell them all to quit gawking and shut their damn mouths because they looked like dead fish, they all seemed to snap out of it and were reminded that she was still Lily.

Well, that was somewhat of her description, though there were a few more colorful words and something about putting Angel in their rooms.

So now, I'm stuck in this bar I don't want to be in, wearing a dress I don't want to be wearing, and meeting up with a guy who I consider to be Satan's spawn if not Satan himself.

"He's here, " Lily mutters and we all tense as we hear it through the earpieces.

"You sure it's him?" I ask.

Jackson's been known to change his appearance more often than he changes clothes. He's always dying his hair, putting in color contacts, changing his looks with make-up, and changing his body type with various types of clothing and padding. Seriously, the amount of time he puts into this is alarming.

With all this time he's wasted changing his appearance, he could easily have gotten and succeeded at a real job.

"Yeah, " Lily replies after a moment. "It's him. He told me what he'd be wearing."

"Joy oh joy, " I mutter and Zack snickers.

"Why don't you like this guy?"

lly and moves in closer to me, his arm going over my shoulder and pulling me into him and shooting a smug glance at Sam as he does so. "I do believe you owe me for that." He trails his fingers lightly down my arm. His eyes locked on mine. "And there are many, many different forms of payment. . ." He trails off seductively.

"If anything, " I start, letting my breath fan over his ear as I lean in close and I feel him shiver. I smile smugly to myself. "You owe me for that whole fiasco, and the one you roped me into afterward. I place a hand on his chest and start tracing circles with my finger. "And as you've pointed out, there are many forms of payment, " I brush my lips against his ear.

"Such as?" He questions, his voice breathless.

"Such as. . . standing out in a field for target practice." I push back away from him and he stumbles. It takes him a second to snap out the dazed state he seems to be in and he scowls at me.

"I guess you don't want information from me then." He says smugly and turns around to leave.

He lets out a screech of surprise when he turns around and nearly runs right into Sam who's standing less than a foot away from him.

Jackson's head whirls around back to the space Sam was previously standing and then back to Sam, and back again.

Lily laughs. "No so bold now, are you?" She says, amusement coloring her words. Jackson shoots her a glare while backing away from Sam and right back into me.

As if spurred on by her words though, Jackson swings his arm back over my shoulder and pulls me into him. He shoots a smug look at Sam, waiting for a reaction. But Sam does nothing more than take a seat at the bar and order a drink. Jackson looks confused by his behavior.

Sam looks pointedly at Jackson before shifting his gaze briefly to Lily and then to me. "The minute to try to hurt either one of them, that's when you and I have a problem. Though I guarantee you it'll be solved pretty quickly."

"Oh?" Jackson says, and I feel his body tense. "And I won't like the outcome?" He says in a taunting way.

Sam just shrugs lazily, his entire posture relaxed, his face deadly calm. "You'll be dead."

Jackson narrows his eyes threateningly at Sam but Sam keeps his eyes on Jackson in a silent threat.

"Well, " Lily's the one to break the silence. "On that cheery note, shall we get down to business?"

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