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   Chapter 26 25. You might want to get that fixed

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Thirteen's POV

I really didn't know what to think. Sam had walked away, said he was sorry, that it wouldn't happen again, and disappeared somewhere in my house. At least, I thought here was still in my house. For all I knew he'd run off somewhere else. And I'd retreated to my room.

There's a knock on my bedroom door. I open it and Cody and Chase are both standing there. Chase holds a manila file in his hands.

"What's going on?" I question. Chase says nothing and just hands me the file.

I look at it and read it over. And then I read it again. My eyes not quite grasping what I'm reading. I take a seat on the end of my bed.

"Is this for real?" I finally ask. My eyes locked on Cody, his head's down and he's avoiding my gaze, but he nods anyway.

Chase stands there awkwardly. "I think I'll leave you two alone." He finally says. He leaves the room and closes the door.

I shake my head as I read over the file again. "Are you going?" I ask him.

He shrugs. "I don't know." He says, he finally looks up from the floor and looks at me.

"Do you want to?"

He lets out a sigh and runs a hand through his hair. "Hell yeah, I want to."

"Then go." I tell him, handing him the file back. I notice he ducks his head again. "You're already packed to go." I state and he sighs again.

"I don't know that I should."

"What's stopping you?"

"You." He says.

It's my turn to sigh. "Cody, " I start. "I'm not going to sway you one way or the other. The choice is yours, not mine. And don't let me influence your choice either. What do you want?"

"I want to go." He says. "Zero needs agents, and it's a great opportunity. I'll be helping to train potential new agents, as well as military troops."

I nod. "Then go." I reply. "From the looks of the file, Zero only asked a few agents and you're right. It would be a great opportunity."

"It's a three-year program."

"Yes, I noticed that too."

"During which I'm not supposed to be in contact with anyone other than Zero."

"Yes, I know. I read the file." I tell him.

"None of this seems to be bothering you."

I groan. "Cody, " I tell him. "just because outwardly I'm not showing any emotions, doesn't mean I'm not feeling anything. I don't want you to go. I want you to stay, but it's not fair of me to ask that of you since it's not what you want."

He nods thoughtfully and stares a spot on the wall for a while. "So then where does that leave us?" He asks me.

"I don't know." I shrug. He nods and walks over to me. He reaches out and grabs my hands, pulling me to my feet in front of him. "You know, if you're taking the assignment, you need to leave like now." I tell him.

He sighs. "I know." He looks down at me. "I guess this is goodbye then."

"I guess so."

He lets out a humorless laugh and hugs me. I hug him back. "Take care of yourself." He says quietly.

I nod. "I will."

"Don't go getting killed."

I laugh lightly. "I'll do my best."

"Good." He whispers. Then he seems to think about it. "You'll do your best to try and get killed or to try not to get killed?" It's my turn to laugh. "I'm being ser

the house that should definitely be left outside."

I give him another look. "What?" He questions further. "I don't want to wake up to an alligator in my room, I'm just saying. Since that's clearly not your first priority, I figured as the only sane person here, it needed to be said."

I roll my eyes and walk away from him. I walk into the kitchen where Lily and Ryder are with Devin.

"How's he?" I ask Lily.


Devin lets out a surprised shout and claps his hands over his ears. "No, I'm NOT!"

Lily shrugs innocently. "Well you could've told me that sooner. I wouldn't have had to yell. My voice is going to get hoarse now."

Devin gives her a wide-eyed look of disbelief.

I smile and roll my eyes. "How are you, Devin?"

"Fine." He replies. "Going to be a little sore and I've got a few scratches, but that's it."

I nod. Chase walks in. "Zack's basically taken over." He tells me. "They're all trying to remove most of the debris and make a barrier out of it to keep Angel out.

Lily scowls. "That's so rude." She says. "Let her in, she misses me."

Chase gives her a look reserved for insane people. "" He tells her flatly. He turns back to me. "What are we going to do about Garrett?" He asks me.

I run a hand through my hair and shrug. "We'll have to track him down. I know a couple places we can begin."

"And I know exactly where you should begin." Ryder speaks up. He holds up his phone, there's a blinking red light on a map on it.

"You put a tracker on him." I state and he smiles widely.

"Hate the guy. And I figured he'd end up getting away. No offense to any of you guys." He says. "Plus it was a great excuse to stick a needle in his arm."

I give him a confused frown. "Nano trackers. They enter the bloodstream and stay in there up to two weeks. Nicky's invention." He explains.

"Speaking of Nicky, " Lily starts and Ryder scowls. "You need to go back and help her."

"I'll help her." He mutters. "Right off a cliff, I'll help her."


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