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   Chapter 24 23. A lot worse

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Thirteen's POV

The door lands with a loud thud on the floor, and the body of one of the three men is on top of it. Cracks spreading out like a spider web across his helmet.

"What the hell?" Devin questions and I look up to see what's caught his attention.

The other two guys are fighting each other.

I watch as they throw kicks and punches at each other, flame throwers discarded on the ground. Each one dodges the other as best as he can. One of the guys is suddenly slammed back into the wall and I can hear the cracking of the helmet as it makes contact with the wall.

"Come on." I hiss quietly and motion for everyone to start leaving the room while these guys are distracted with each other.

We make it to the exit without either of them noticing. Lily and Devin file out first to make sure the coast is clear before motioning for everyone else to follow. I watch the two guys as the one who was slammed into the wall is then punched repeatedly in the side and seems to be losing at the moment.

I don't know which one, if either was intentionally helping us or is on our side, should be helped so I don't dwell on it and put my focus on making sure we all get out of here.

Chase is the last one out the door other than me so as soon as he's out I follow. But I don't make it very far.

I'm grabbed from behind and thrown backwards. I hit the floor hard, my back and the majority of my right side screaming in protest as I move to try and sit up. I roll onto my left side and look up in time to see the door that everyone else had gone through get slammed shut, and locked.

There's banging on the other side of the door as they try to get back in. I stare at the guy standing between me and the door before turning my head to look at the guy he was fighting before. He lays in a crumpled heap on the floor behind me. I can't tell whether or not he's alive but at this point he's not going to be of any hep to me anyway.

I jump to my feet as he stalks towards me, pulling a knife out of my boot as I do.

He takes a swing at me and I duck, swinging out the knife. He dodges it at the last minute. He pulls a knife off his belt as well and begins to attack more quickly, more calculated. I duck and dodge, barely getting in any swings or hits of my own since I'm too busy trying to make sure I don't get stabbed.

I back up far enough from him and pull my arm back before swinging it forward, throwing the knife in my hand perfectly for it to come into contact with his neck. Only, that doesn't happen.

He brings his arm up to block the knife and I watch in shock as the knife simply bounces off his arm with a metal clang. Understanding dawns immediately. He's wearing some kind of metal body armor under his clothes. Great. Just great.

Who is this guy?

He throws his knife and I just barely manage to dodge it. Unfortunately, I took my eyes off him for a second too long and the next thing I know, he's slamming into me.

I hit the wall behind me hard and duck just as his fist comes into contact with the spot my head had been seconds before. I bring my leg up and kick him in the chest, pushing him back and away from me. He barely stumbles back a foot.

What the hell?

He swings his leg out and knocks mine out from under me before I can dodge it. I groan when my head slams down on the floor.

There's a painful tugging as he grabs hold of my hair and pulls me to my feet, his other hand snaking around my neck in a vice like grip, cutting off my air.

I grab at his hand and swing out my leg, kicking into his shin but it does absolutely nothing. It's as if it doesn't even faze him. His grip doesn't let up in the slightest.

I can faintly hear the shouting and banging as everyone else tries unsuccessfully to get the door open. Black spots begin to fill my vision as I continue to try and suck in a breath of air.

Suddenly the grip on my neck is gone and I'm crashing to the floor, sucking in breaths of air and coughing. My hand flies to my throat and I rub at it, pushing myself back so I'm sitting against the wall.

I look over to see that the second guy has come to, and is now back to fighting with the first one. I pull myself up to my feet, leaning back against the wall and watching as they pound into each o

s agents and the rest of the world he's labeled a terrorist."

"Zero wouldn't really do that..." Zack trailed off. "Would he?"

"He made it clear that if Sam failed, or just tried to walk away, he'd be forever labeled as the bad guy. Zero would shred his file and pretend he'd never heard of Sam." The all stare at me with their mouths open, all except Lydia of course. She's seen firsthand how nasty Zero can be.

"Geez, I knew Zero could be pretty damn evil, I just didn't know he'd go this far." Lily mutters.

"Sam has to complete his mission, and even he hasn't told me exactly what it is. He completes the mission and he comes back like nothing ever happened. He doesn't, and never gets his life back. Zero put him in an impossible position."

"What a piece of shit!"

I jerk my head up in surprise and stare wide-eyed at Devin. His hands are clenched to his sides, his entire body tense and his face is turning red. Everybody takes a step back, Lily included.

"Give me your phone." He orders and I unlock it and pass it to him without thinking. He's pissed, and I really don't want to piss him off even more. He dials a number and holds it up to his ear, walking a short distance away from us to talk. I can't here what he's saying, since so far he's staying a lot calmer than he looks.

I look down at my watch before looking up to Lily. "It's been five minutes." I tell her.

She nods. "I know." She says. "I'm giving him another minute."

I smile slightly. "Thank you."

"Do you think I give a shit!" We all hear Devin yell.

"I think he's going to break your phone with that death grip he's got on it." Cody tells me and I nod in agreement.

"No, no no no no no. You do not get to play dumb with me." Devin growls. "I want it taken care of by tomorrow or I'm coming down to the agency. Actually scratch that, I won't come down to the agency, I'll just give Grace a call." Devin smiles evilly for a minute and stays silent while he listens to Zero on the other end. "Just. Get. It. Done." He hangs up and walks back over to us. He tosses me my phone.

"Who's Grace?" Chase asks him. Devin looks at him like he can't comprehend what he said.

"Who?" He asks. Chase gives him a look before muttering something under his breath and walking away.

I walk up to Devin and whisper lowly. "Who is Grace?"

Devin smiles smugly. "One of my little sisters.She's eight and she can't keep anything to herself to save her life. I tell her something she tells my mom...and my mom brings all hell down on Zero."

I shake my head and smile, a small laugh escapes my lips. "Thank you."

He swings his arm over my shoulders. "What are friends for?"

An explosion sounds off in the distance. We all turn towards Lily who's watching the smoke rise with a very scary look of contentment on her face.

"Ok, I'm good. Let's go."

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