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   Chapter 23 22. Are you using me as a human shield

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Thirteen's POV

"Wait." Zack says as he grabs hold of my arm again. He looks back at the body and grimaces, his face turning even paler than before.

I look over again but I don't see what he sees. "What?" I question.

He takes several reluctant steps towards it and points. "Didn't Lydia have a bullet wound in her shoulder because of Sam?"

I look at where he's pointing as I mover closer. I kneel back down and probe at the shoulder with my fingers. Zack gags.

"I didn't point it out so you could do that!" He shouts in complete panic.

I roll my eyes at him but continue picking through the slash wounds on the shoulder. They're all just that, slash wounds. No bullet holes.

"You're right." I tell him as I push myself back up so I'm standing. I look back at the necklace in my hand. Zack eyes it too.

"So..." He trails off. "What does this mean?"

I stare at the necklace a while longer. It was a gift from my mom to Lydia, that much I remember her telling me. And she never took it off, even if you couldn't see it, she was always wearing it.

Finally I reply to Zack. "It means someone seriously pissed off Lydia."

Zack pales further. "She did this!?"

"They want her dead, " I reply "so she gave them a body." I toss the necklace back onto the body.

"Who did she kill?"

"Probably a guard that came in. Without them running a DNA test they'll assume its her. That buys her some time. Of course the body would have to be unrecognizable."

"I hate your family." Zack mutters quietly.

"Come on." I grab his sleeve and pull him back into the hallway.

"Where are we going now?"

"Did we find Lydia?"

"Well I guess not."

"Then where do you think we're going?"

"After seeing that, I don't want to find Lydia."

I roll my eyes and glare at him, but it's wasted since it's so dark, he can't see me anyway. We move quickly further down the hallway when I hear it. Footsteps coming towards us. I start to call out a warning to Zack but before I get the chance we collide with whoever was moving down the hallway towards us.

I'm thrown backwards into Zack and he can't keep his balance. We go falling over with me landing on top of him.

He lets out a high pitched screech as he lands in the sludge on the floor.

"And here I was worried you were a couple of guards. After that screech I'm assuming not."

"Lydia?" I question.

"Yeah." I hear her grumble as she gets back to her feet. "Which one of the boys did you bring down here that screamed like that? Cause no matter how girly that sounded I know it wasn't you or Lily."

"Zack." I reply as I help him back to his feet.

"Is there an exit back the way you came?" Lydia asks. "There isn't one that way."

"Yeah. This way." I turn, grabbing hold of Zack who I'm pretty sure has gone into shock, and quickly going back the way we came.

We make it out of the hallway and into a slightly more lighted area and I can clearly see Lydia now. My eyes widen slightly as I take in her blood covered hands and arms, her blood soaked clothes, and the long gash starting at her hairline and running down the side of her face to her jaw, just barely missing her eye by less than an inch.

"Holy Shit!" Zack shouts and stumbles back a step. Lydia just crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow at him, daring him to say more.

Zack clears his throat before speaking again. "You look quite lovely."

I laugh and Lydia just looks amused.

Gun fire echoes outs as soon as we exit and make it back to everyone el

liked Lydia. I did not come here for a rescue mission. I came here to blow shit up." She states before turning on her heel and marching the rest of the way up the stairs.

All heads turn to look at me. I just shrug. "Not quite sure what you all want me to do about it." I say as I start up the stairs behind her.

We all move through the twists and turns of the base as quickly and quietly as we can. Unfortunately we're not quiet enough, and it isn't long before bullets are flying by us. We all duck into one of the rooms and slam the heavy metal door behind us. Chase and Zack shove several tables and large bookcase in front of it after locking it.

"That's not going to hold them for too long. We probably just bought ourselves an extra ten minutes, fifteen tops." Chase says.

"Well good thing for us that the exit is just through this next room them." Lily says as she point to another door on the other side of the room and runs ahead with the rest of us following closely behind.

We all come to screeching halt. Three guys stand in front of us, blocking the exit. None of them make a move to come towards us and instead each of them just raise a strange looking gun, aiming them at us.

They're completely decked out in all blank, bulletproof vests, several different types of weapons, and some strange black helmets with visors that completely cover their faces. Not an inch of skin is visible anywhere on them. I realize immediately that these guys are some of Garrett's higher ranking men, and they'll be more difficult to get past.

Difficult. Not impossible.

I realize just a split second before they fire what their guns actually are. They're flamer throwers. "Get back!" I shout as I push everyone back into the room we had just come out of. I slam the metal door shut behind us just a nanosecond before the flames reach us.

"We can't go back the way we came." Devin says.

"Yeah well, now we can't go that way." Chase replies. "We aren't exactly fireproof."

"We could wait for the flame throwers to go out." Zack suggests.

"No, " Cody interjects. "by that time they'll have an entire army outside that door."

"Well then what do we do? Eventually they're going to get through that door."

Chase barely finished his statement before the door flies off its hinges as something is thrown into it.

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