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   Chapter 20 20. I didn't realize they were lost

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Thirteen's POV

"I thought I told you to stay down." I hiss at Devin as I grab hold of the back of his shirt and pull him back down behind the fallen tree next to me. He loses his balance and lands awkwardly, shooting me a glare.

"I was trying to get a better view."

"You were going to get shot."

"You don't know that for sure."

"Yes. I do."

"Both of you shut up." Chase grumbles. He shoots us a glare before peering over the tree to look out at the base in front of us. He shakes his head. "No way we get in there without catching the attention of every guard on duty."

I look over at the gray building about a hundred feet away from where we're hiding. "Hmm, " I mutter thoughtfully.

"What do you have in mind?" Cody whispers, looking over at me as I tap my finger against my knee.

"I'm thinking we should just let Lily handle it."

"Then we're definitely not getting in there without getting shot." Zack mutters.

"I don't think I brought enough of my grenades this time." Lily replies quietly.

"There is no way you didn't bring enough grenades." Devin chimes in. "I watched you grab at least three dozen."

"Yeah, that's not enough."

"I'm honestly terrified to see your definition what you consider enough." Chase interjects.

Lily sticks her tongue out at him before grabbing the duffle bag on the floor next her and sneaking around the fallen tree. "Be back in a little bit."

"You realize she's just going to blow up everyone and everything in that base." Chase deadpans.

I roll my eyes at him. "She's not that bad."

"I beg to differ."

"You decided to just let Lily handle it, which basically means she's going to reduce the building to ashes." Cody adds.

Cody barely finishes his sentence before there's a deafening explosion. Shouts echo out as the guards run towards the sound, abandoning their post at the door.

"Let's move. Now." I say and leap over the fallen tree with ease before sprinting the remainder of the way to the building.

"Back up." Chase orders before pulling his gun and firing at the lock on the door. He swings open the door and holds his gun up in front of him as he enters. Cody, Devin, and Zack pull their guns while I pull my dagger from its sheath.

"Split up. Chase with Zack. Devin with Cody." I order.

"What about you?" Cody asks.

"I've got Lily."

"Lily's not here." Devin replies.


Devin lets out a yelp and jumps away from Lily, throwing himself into the nearest wall before stumbling over his feet. Lily begins to bust up laughing, tears streaming down the sides of her face as she actually tries to stay quiet-or at least, quieter.

"Oh my gosh-your face." Lily falls backwards onto the ground, clutching at her stomach as she rolls around in another wave of laughter.

"You're not funny." Devin hisses at her, his hand over his chest as if to try and steady his racing heart. "Where did you even come from?"

"You're right, I'm hilarious." Lily agrees with him before completely ignoring his question. She pulls her crossbow off her back and loads it. Devin pushes himself further back into th

an? It's a yes or no answer, not a shrug."

"Well I mean, " Lily starts as she leans over Cody. "I could try slapping him, that worked last time." She shoots a glance in Devin's direction.

"Hey, as long as it's not me you're slapping, I'm all for it." Devin speaks up.

"Slapping people, is not the universal solution to solving problems." I tell her firmly.

She rolls her eyes at me. "I know that." She agrees. "That's why explosives were invented."

"You really should've left her in that hospital longer." Devin whispers to me while Lily twirls an arrow around in her hands.

"It wouldn't have helped." I dismiss him. "Help me." I tell him as I struggle to try and get Cody into a sitting position against the wall.

"How did you two get down here?" I ask Devin as we finally get Cody into the seated position.

"We fell."

I give him a look of confusion which I'm sure he can't see in this dark hallway. "What?"

"Fun fact, " Devin says offhandedly. "There's a trap door around the corner there. It falls down into this empty room, and I'm pretty sure it use to be a cell of some kind. We stepped on the trap door and it collapsed beneath us."

"So the only other way to get down here would be the staircase we used." I mutter thoughtfully. "Lily." I call out, catching her attention.


"Guard the stairs, and make sure to warn us when someone's coming down."

"Shoot first, ask questions later?"

"No. We don't need you killing someone else on our side."

"I haven't killed anyone, " She pauses as she turns to me with a deadly look on her face. "Yet."

"She is honestly the only thing I'm genuinely terrified of." Devin mutters more to himself than to me.

I smile to myself knowing he can't see me. "I couldn't agree more." I whisper quietly.

"What did you say?" Devin asks me and I just shake my head.

"Nothing." I reply. "I didn't say anything."

"Earbuds people. Earbuds. I can hear both of you plain as day." Lily grumbles.

"Good." Both me and Devin reply in unison.




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