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   Chapter 19 19. Bye, bye itsy-bitsy spider

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I apologize for the long wait, I've been pretty busy getting prepared for finals.

Thirteen's POV

Three hours.

Three freaking hours of listening to the same song over and over and over again.

If she was actually playing it off the phone instead of humming, singing and whistling it, I would've broken her phone by now.

Even Devin wants her to shut up at this point.

At first it was like a contest between them as we drove up here before having to trek through the surrounding forest to get to this hidden base.

I thought Jason had been bad with the subtly. I had forgotten that Lily is ten times worse.

We're sneaking through the forest with our weapons drawn, trying our best not to draw any attention to ourselves and simultaneously keep an eye out for any enemies and what is she doing?

Humming the Mission Impossible theme song as loud as she possibly can.

It was worse when her and Devin were having a contest to see who could be louder. She was using the Mission Impossible theme song, and he was using the Pink Panther one.

I feel like I'm babysitting children rather than working with agents.

And never mind trying to shut her up. You'd have better luck proving that the Earth is flat. I'm not even joking. Shutting her up is literally never going to happen.

"Lily!" I hiss loudly and for a split second she's quiet as she turns towards me.


"Be quiet. We don't need to draw attention to ourselves."

She scoffs at me. "We're out here in the middle of nowhere with no one else but each other. The only attention we stand a chance at catching, is that from a tree."

I roll my eyes and turn away from her as she starts humming that stupid song again.

"And besides, " she adds, taking a moment to pause her song. "last I checked, trees don't carry guns and shoot back at you for catching their attention. You need to relax, no one's going to die."

There's a gunshot followed closely by a shout of pain from Zack. I dive behind the trunk of large tree with Lily, Chase and Cody duck behind a fallen tree log, and Devin reluctantly helps Zack behind some rocks.

"I stand corrected." Lily mutters. "Hey, is Zack dead yet?"

"He'll live." Is Devin's dry response through the ear buds.

"Don't sound so happy about it." Zack mutters.

"I'm sorry, was that not enough enthusiasm for you? You're right, I'm completely jubilant. Totally ecstatic." Devin retorts sarcastically.

"Shut up!" I growl as I try to make out exactly where the shots are coming from as more gun fire sprays up our surrounding hiding places.

"The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout..."

I turn towards Lily just as she lifts the rocket launcher up onto her shoulder and takes a step out from behind the tree.

"Down came the rain and washed the spider out..."

She fires the rocket launcher and there's deafening explosion as debris flies everywhere.

"Bye, bye itsy-bitsy spider, " She finishes in the same tune of the song.

"That is a children's nursery rhyme, " Devin says. "and there is a definitely a happy ending to that."

Lily grins back at him mischievously. "Not in this version."

"You scare me sometimes." Devin replies and Lily cackles like a witch.

"You alright?" I question Zack when he comes into view.

He nods and winces slightly when Devin "accidently" bumps into his arm. "I'll be fine." He says as he presses against the graze in his upper arm.

"Then let's keep moving." Lil

evin questions.

"That's right suckers." Lily says with a wide smile. "You're stuck with me for the unforeseeable future. Zero had me officially assigned to your team as of yesterday."

"And you?" Devin questions me.

I turn away from his expectant gaze. "Let's keep moving."

"Really?" Devin presses. "After everything we've been through together you're not going to join the team?"

"I'm not a team player." I respond curtly.

"And what about Cody?"

I whirl around so fast he nearly rams into me. I shove my finger into his chest. "You don't get to try and guilt trip me into staying. It's not happening. Clear?"

Devin glares at me. "Crystal." He shoves past me and continues on with Lily and Chase. Zack stands by for a second before following.

Cody stays standing right in front of me but I don't look up at him. He takes a step closer to me but I still don't look up. He takes my chin in his hands and gently brings my gaze up to meet his.

I expect to see hurt, to see anger or confusion. What I don't expect is the understanding shining in his eyes and the small reassuring smile playing on his lips.

"Come on." He says simply. "We're going to fall behind." He holds his hand out to me and I take after a moment's hesitation.

"You're not mad?' I question quietly as we start to follow. For a second I almost think he didn't hear me.

"No." He says with a light laugh. "If I'm being honest, " He pauses and shakes his head slightly. "I always knew you wouldn't. Not after what happened last time." He looks me in the eyes as he says this. "There's just some part of you that doesn't, and never will, fully trust a team again. And I don't blame you for that Thirteen."

I cock my head to the side and stop in my tracks, studying him. "Thirteen?" I finally question when I can't think of anything else to say.

He smiles at me. "It suits you."

"But you know my name know."

"Yeah I do." He says as goes to continue on walking. He notices I stay put and turns back towards me. "But you don't want me to call you that."

"Thank you Cody." I give him a smile back of my own and walk up beside him. Contrary to what Lily may say and think. I'm beginning to think Cody understands me a lot better than he lets on.



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