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   Chapter 15 15. Oh I need to go get some popcorn

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Thirteen's POV

"That's not possible." Garrett mutters, his voice barely more than a whisper.

"You're right. It's not possible for you to come back from three explosive arrows to the chest. You catch on quick. The devil only allows one life extension deal per century. Sorry, you lucked out."

She fires the cross bow and Garrett's eyes widen even further before he dives out of the way. The three arrows make contact with the wall behind him and explode. Debris rain down on him but he's already getting to his feet...and running.

"Where do you think you're going? I haven't finished with you yet. Who gave you permission to leave?" Lily chases off after him. "You're going to be nothing more than blood on the walls, guts on the floor, and ashes in the air when I'm done with you buddy!"

There's a loud explosion and Lily's triumphant laugh echoes down the hall.

There's another explosion soon after, but this one comes from the opposite direction in which Lily ran. I turn and head that way. I barely make around the corner into the room when bullets spray up the wall around me. I duck quickly back into the hallway. I pull a couple more knives from boots and hold them tightly in my grasp.

I wait patiently for the shooters to come around the corner before lunging at them. The knife in my hand flies through the air hitting the first guy right in between the eyes. I switch the second knife in my hand to my good hand before swinging it out a drawing blood from a deep cut in his face. He reaches his gun out and I shove it back before plunging the knife deep into his gut. He drops to the floor.

I turn around just as another two guys come around the corner. They aim their guns at me and I hear the two gunshots, but I feel no pain. Instead both of them drop to the floor, a bullet between each of their eyes.

I furrow my eyebrows together in confusion before turning back around to look behind me. Fifty-three lowers his gun as he looks at me. He then simply turns and heads back into the room without saying a word. I follow quickly after him.

"How many?" I question and he shrugs as he keeps his gun at the ready and moves silently.

"A lot less than before. We're winning, and these guys are nowhere near professionals."

I stop in my tracks and Fifty-three stops too, turning to look at me. "What?" He questions.

"They're a diversion. If Garrett really wanted to beat us he would've brought professionals with him."

Understanding dawns on Fifty-three. "If they're a diversion, then what does he really want?"

I shake my head. "There's nothing here other than the weapons room, and he's not going to be getting in there. He knows that."

"So a better question would be, where does he want to keep us away from?"

I shake my head again. "Unless he's planning on storming the agency, I can't possibly think of any place he'd want to get into."

"What about the company?"

"There's nothing at the company. Unless he plans on paying my bills for me."

"Are you sure there's nowhere else around here that he would want to get into?"

"Not that I'm aware of...." I trail off as a thought comes to mind.

"What?" Fifty-three asks when he sees the look of concentration on my face.

I ignore him and instead pull my phone out my pocket and dial a familiar number, trying to confirm what I've already figured out. The call goes to voicemail after a few seconds and I try again. This time someone picks up, but it's not the person I was calling.

"Sorry, the person you're trying to call is otherwise...occupied." I don't recognize the voice on the other end as they laugh sadistically. Even though I know exactly who I'm talking to, the voice is nearly unrecognizable to me now with the pure malicious in the tone.

There's mocking laughter on the other end and I feel my hand tighten around the phone. "What's the matter Ev? Cat got your tongue?"

"You should've just stayed out of this." I growl.

"How can I?" I can hear the venom dripping from their tone, the absolute undeniable hatred. Hatred for me. "What more can I say-other than you get what you deserve."

"Then I suppose you'll be getting what's coming to you p

ucky with that one."

"And what-may I ask-were the darts supposed to do?"

Ryder grins boyishly. "A really high powered taser. That's the general idea anyway."

"You and Nicky seem to be getting along fairly well then. Should I tell Mom to start planning the wedding?"

Ryder freezes in his tracks and turns his head slowly to look at Lily. She smiles widely, showing him all her teeth, and her green eyes sparkling with amusement seem to get even brighter. She cocks her head to the side and hold out her arms.

"I demand a hug." She says and he just stays frozen where he is. His eyes wide with shock, and glistening with tears he's refusing to let fall.

"Fine then you disgusting oaf." Lily mutters. She goes back to examining her crossbow as if looking for an smudges or imperfections.

Ryder takes a couple hesitant steps towards her, almost like he's afraid she'll disappear. Lily rolls her eyes, grumbles a few choice words under her breath and drops her crossbow on the floor. She walks up to him, closing the remaining distance and wrapping her arms around him. It takes him a second to respond before he wraps his arms around her small frame, squeezing tightly.

"I thought you were dead." He mutters, his voice soft and strained.

She pets his head like he's a dog but he doesn't let her go. "Not yet." There are tears shining in her eyes as well as his.

"Aww." Kate and Olivia say in unison before making a gagging motion.

Suddenly Ryder abruptly pulls away from Lily. He turns his gaze on me and I've never, and I mean never seen him look so angry in his life. Lily laughs evilly and I shoot her a glare. Ryder begins taking a few tauntingly slow steps towards me. I start to back up with my hands up in surrender.

"Let's not make any rash decisions here Ryder." I say gently. "I have an explanation."

"It's not a very good one if you ask me."

I shoot Lily a glare and she just shrugs as if she wasn't just trying to instigate this further.

Ryder's eyes shine with a hell blazing fury mixed with his usual mischief as he continues taking steps towards me. I make a split second (stupid) decision, and I bolt. I hear his footsteps echo after me but I don't dare turn around. I can hear Lily, Devin, Olivia, and Kate laughing hysterically.

Ryder's yelling every curse word and bad name under the sun he can think of at me as I zigzag around the yard, trying to avoid him.

"You're so freaking dead when I get my hands on you! Start digging your damn grave now!'

I can't help but laugh lightly but he doesn't seem to appreciate that too much as he begins spouting more curse words.

"I'm going to fu-"

"Mr. Stevenson!"

"-cking kill you Everly Kingston!"

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