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   Chapter 13 13. Who's next

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Thirteen's POV

I park the motorcycle and remove my helmet, holding it in place on the front of the bike. I just sit there a for a moment as I stare at the front doors. I let out a sigh before swinging my leg over the bike and begin to walk up to the door, leaving the helmet on the motorcycle. The ringing of my phone stops me in my tracks and I fish it out of my pocket.

I look at the number flashing on the screen but don't answer it. It's unfamiliar to me. I hold the phone in my hand a few more seconds before finally answering it. Curiosity wins. As per freaking usual. I don't even get the chance to say anything before a familiar voice starts up.

"I blame you." He says simply. Nothing more, nothing less.

I wait a minute for him to say something else and when he doesn't I speak up. "And just what did I do this time?"

There's bitter laugh on his end. "You know damn well what you did you little bloody freaking demon." He adds in a few more words...colorful words in a foreign language.

I raise my eyebrows and smile, highly amused. "You're learning to curse in French now, good for you. I'm so proud." I tease and he lets out another string of curses. In English this time.

"So before I continue on with my rant of how you're the world's most horrible human being to ever walk the freaking planet...what's been going on with you?"

I can't help but laugh. "You get side tracked so easily." I say, he grumbles lowly.

"I'm pretending to care before I send falsified evidence of the many, many, many crimes you didn't actually commit to the FBI. Prepare to be a wanted criminal. You're going to rot in a jail cell and I'll come by everyday to laugh at you like you're a monkey at the zoo."

I shake my head and smile, letting out another laugh. "You're father's the director Ryder." I remind him.


"So we both know he likes me more than you."

More curses. "But seriously, how's it been going?" I let out a sigh and he chuckles on his end. "That bad huh?" He asks.

"I've just been having troubles with Li-Lydia." I correct myself quickly. Lily still hasn't talked to Ryder and no way he's going to hear it from me first.

"Why are you even with Lydia you stupid idiot?"

I roll my eyes. "Thanks. I needed someone to help train the boys to get better."

"Why not ask anyone else? Like say-oh huh I don't know-the grim reaper."

"A grim reaper wouldn't help Ryder."

"No but it's the same as having Lydia train them. The only reason she's there is to harvest their souls."

"You've been spending too much time with Nicky." I tell him. The grim reaper thing is something I'd expect her to say, not him.

He lets out another string of curses. "That's your fault and I'm still pissed off at you by the way."

"And I'm still pissed that I haven't gotten that one thousand dollars you owe me."

It's quiet for a second. "You know what? I can't-ear yo-you'r-brea-ing-up-" The line goes dead and I glare at the phone as I pull it away from my ear. He's so damn childish.

The front door to the house is thrown open before I can get to it. Devin stands there looking at me with wide eyes and an expression of fear on his face. I feel my heart sink. What happened now?

"We have a serious problem." Devin says in a scarily calm and yet serious tone of voice.

"What?" I ask, not able to hide the concern on my face.

"We're out of bacon."

My concern turns to irritation and I give him a flat look followed by a glare. He gives me his wide childish smile as a response. He sticks his hands in his pockets and rocks on his heels as I walk up and push him out the doorway so I can enter.

"So..." He trails off, waiting for me to say something. Eventually he takes the hint that I'm not planning on saying anything any time soon. "Lily's pretty have to know she didn't mean it."

"Doesn't make it hurt any less." I mutter lowly. Devin nods his agreement.

"I think you two should talk." He says simply and I just nod. "You should probably talk to Sam too...and maybe Cody, but I feel like this is mostly just between you and Lily. Sam's kind of included in there by default."

"How is Sam?" I ask Devin and Devin just shrugs.

"He's got the best poker face I've ever seen. Guy barely even flinched when Henri cleaned out the wound with some alcohol." Devin winces as if the memory brings him pain instead of Sam.

I shake my head but manage a small smile. Suddenly a horrifying thought comes to mind and I smack my hand against my forehead. "Crap." I mutter.


h Cody."

I stop typing immediately and turn slowly to look at her. I swear I heard her wrong. Very wrong. She feels my gaze on her and turns to look at my disbelief and bewildered looking face. "What?" She asks with a confused look on her face.

"Are sure it's actually Cody he's playing video games with?"

"Well Chase and Zack were in there too but they were playing a card game."

I shake my head in disbelief and turn back to the screens in front of me, trying to put that unbelievable thought out of my mind. There's no freaking way those two are acting civil towards each other. Correction-there's no freaking way Cody's acting civil towards Sam.

"I got some bad news for you." Lily says from her seat at her computer screen.

"What is it?"

"Your ex-boyfriend's leading the charge." She says as she turns her screen towards me to show the camera zoomed in on Garrett.

"Fantastic." I mutter dryly. The one time I'm actually wishing Lydia was here and she's still running around the city elsewhere. "Jam their communications." I tell Lily and hear her typing across the keyboard.

"I think he's standing right on top of one of the land mines." Lily says. "Do you want me to blow it? That would be a pretty rude awakening and an awesome opening statement."

I roll my eyes and smile. "Not yet. He's regrouping with all his men." I tell her.

"So what?"

"So wait until there's as many of them standing there as possible." I smile widely when a thought comes to mind.

"Ok, that smile is scarier than all of my evil genius master plan smiles combined." Lily says as she eyes me with a cautious look.

"Garrett doesn't know you're alive."


"So I think it's about time you let him know...with as much dramatic flair and as much...explosive force as possible."

Lily's Cheshire grin mirrors my own. She lets that devilish spark in her eyes grow. Her fingers run across the keys and then hover over a button I know very well. She presses it.

"3...2...1...Sayonara mother-" Henri doesn't need to cut off Lily's cursing. The sound of her explosions does the job perfectly. She leans back in her seat and puts her hands behind her head with a wide smile.

"Damn I've missed this. Who's next?"

So I'm actually really, really, really sorry this chapter ended on a sort of cliffhanger.

The only reason I even posted this chapter was because I had it all set up and ready to go. As you could probably tell from the note at the beginning, I was in a really good mood when I wrote this chapter.

I could've posted this chapter earlier but I figured I'd write up this message to the end of it so that you all will be aware of why I'm not going to be updating for a while.

I don't know when I'm going to be updating next but in know it's not going to be any time soon.

My grandfather just died early this morning. I'm the one who answered the call from my hysterical grandma at midnight. With that being said don't expect me to be updating any time soon and don't bother me about updating please.

Thanks for reading, K

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