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   Chapter 12 12. I'm not taking Sam's gun away

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See, did you guys seriously have to wait that long?

Thirteen's POV

I keep the hood low over my head and lean back against the tree trunk. I tuck my hands into my sweater pockets and swing my legs back forth in a steady rhythm from the thick branch I'm sitting on up in the tree.

I listen to the kids laughing as they run around the park. I listen to the birds chirping, the dogs barking, and the parents talking. A couple of teens stand near the edge of the park talking to a couple others on bikes. A skateboarder rolls by underneath the tree I'm in but either doesn't see me or just doesn't care.

I keep running that word through my head. Monster. I can't believe that's really what Lily thinks of me. That thought alone hurts worse than any wound that's ever been afflicted on me.

There's the sounds of footsteps walking towards me but I pay them no least, not until they stop under the tree.

"Are you going to come down or are am I going to have to come up?"

I glare at her. "Get lost Lydia." I growl.

She just shrugs and grabs hold of the lowest branch, beginning to pull herself up. She winces as she continues to climb till she's sitting on a branch on my left, but slightly higher up than the one I'm on. Obviously that brought a lot of pain to her gunshot wound but I don't care. She did ditch the sling though.

"If you're planning on killing me, " I make a sweeping gesture to all the people. "You picked the wrong place to do it. Too many witnesses."

"Oh please. If I was planning on killing you you'd be dead already." Lydia says in a smug voice. I roll my eyes.

I ignore her but she doesn't leave. Though she doesn't initiate a conversation either. Curiosity finally gets the best of me. "How'd you find me?"

"Easy. This is where Mom use to take us when we were upset."

"I hate that you remember that." I grumble.

"She was my mother too."

"I'm not entirely convinced you weren't adopted...actually you and Dad are both asses, so I guess I must be the one who 's adopted."

"You're not adopted." Lydia says in irritation.

"No." I agree. "That'd be too much to ask."

I can feel Lydia's glare burning a hole in my head but I continue to ignore her. "Why are you here?" I question.

I see her shrug out of the corner of me eye. "Thought maybe you'd want to talk to someone." She says casually and I begin to think I heard her wrong.

It takes me a minute to process the fact that she's not being a heartless bitch for once. "Well then you should've sent Sam, Devin, or Chase. You're the last person I want to talk to."

Lydia shrugs again. "Not Cody or Zack?"

I give her a glare out of the corner of my eyes. "Zack is freaking clueless right now and Cody's probably too pissed off with me and Sam to actually listen without blowing up in my face about it." I cross my arms over my chest and close my eyes.

"They know your name now." Lydia says simply.

"They know my nickname." I correct her. "It's not the same thing."

"It doesn't bother you?"

I shrug, my eyes still closed. "They'd have learned it eventually."

It's quiet and I just go back to listening to everything, trying to clear my mind, but the only thing I seem to be able to hear is that damn word. Monster.

Unsurprisingly Lydia breaks the silence. "Why don't you like it?"

I open my eyes to look at

team. They shouldn't even be here. I can complete this mission without them."

Lydia scoffs. "How? Last I checked you've got a broken wrist."

I send her a murderous glare. "Well whose fault is that?"

"Mine." Lydia says, and for a moment I don't think she's just referring to my wrist.

I glare at her. "Don't try to be a big sister now." I place the helmet on my head and flip open the visor so she can see my eyes. "You and I both know it's just an act. The bitch thing though, now that's really you."

She grabs the handle bars of the motorcycle before I can leave. I glare at her. "Why did you do it?" She asks.

"You're going to have to be a little more specific. I've done a lot of...questionable things before so you'll have to narrow it down for me...though if it pertains to Ryder I can honestly tell you I have no idea and you have no proof it was actually me."

"When I was accused of killing that agent..." She trails off and looks away for a second. "Why did you stand by me? All evidence pointed towards me, and yet you believed me when I said I didn't do it. Why?"

I take my hands off the handles and sit back in my seat. "Because..." I struggle to find the right words. "Because back then you were my sister. You were good. But if you'd ask me now, I'd stand as far from you as possible." I shake my head sadly. "You said it yourself Lydia. You turned into a monster, evil and cruel."

Lydia glares at me, her face blank and her eyes cold and unforgiving. "Go straight back to the house. Don't go after Garrett." She orders as I start up the motorcycle.

I don't answer her and instead shove pry her hands off the handlebars. "Did you hear me?" Lydia questions, her voice a growl. "Go straight back to the house. Forget about Garrett for now."

I just stare blankly at her for a moment. "I guess when you show back up at the house you'll find out for yourself whether or not I decided to listen, and whether or not I decided to take on Garrett by myself." I flip the visor on my helmet down and speed away.

So obviously her name wasn't said in this chapter. No worries people. Be patient. Her name, or rather, nickname will be revealed next chapter.




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