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   Chapter 11 11. And not even I'm stupid enough to get in the middle of this

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Sorry for the wait. This chapters a little longer than most to make up for it. Plus it's in Sam's POV!

Sam's POV





Despite the flames licking at my body, I'm cold. Freezing.

More screams.

More gunshots.

More blood.

An explosion.




I feel something grab hold of my shoulder so I strike back. I feel something soft in my hand and a tightening pain in my wrist. Something like claws scrape out at my fingers and try to pull them away but I only tighten my grip on the soft object in my hands.

It's still dark. Pitch black. Still cold. Still quiet. A dead silence.

Suddenly colors begin to blur through the darkness. My vision begins to come back into focus and to my horror I realize this is no longer a dream. My reflexes kicked in, in my sleep.

I release the death grip on her neck and push myself back across the floor away from her, my back pressing against the edge of the bed I'd clearly tumbled out of.

She leans over on her hands and knees, one hand clutching at her throat as she struggles to draw in a breath. My lips move but I don't hear anything. I grab my hearing aids off the nightstand and put them back into my ears and switch them on. Her coughing fills my ears.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." I mutter, repeating the words over and over again barely audible. "I'm so sorry Daggers." I say again, staring down at my lap.

"I'm fine Sam." She says finally. Her voice comes out slightly hoarse and I wince. I hear her sigh.

"Sam." I feel her hand on my shoulder and I look up finally to meet her eyes. "I'm alright, promise."

I shake my head and look back down into my lap. "I could've killed you." I mutter.

I hear her scoff. "Do I look dead to you? And besides that what makes you think you could actually kill me?"

I smile slightly and look back at her as she takes a seat on the floor next to me. Her back against the edge of the bed, and her arm pressed against mine.

"You want to talk about it?" She asks softly.

I shake my head. "No." She nods and it's only now when I look at her that I realize she's still in her clothes from earlier instead of a pair of pajamas.

I tug on the end of her tank top. "What were you doing?" I ask.

"Paperwork mostly." She replies and I glance at the clock hanging above the door.

"At one in the morning?"

She shrugs. "I was actually coming up to bed when I heard you crying out in your sleep."

I look away from her and stare at the navy blue colored walls in front of me. I try to block out the memories and just let them drift back into the depths of my mind but it doesn't help. I feel Thirteen shift her weight away before getting to her feet next to me. I feel her tug lightly at my arm.

"Come on." She says and I allow her to pull me to my feet. I sit back on the bed the moment her hands leave my arm. I wince when I notice the red marks forming on her neck.

She lets out an aggravated sigh. "I'm fine Sam." She says firmly. "The marks will fade." She hasn't even seen the marks, but she knows by my facial expressions that they're there.

I throw myself back on the bed and cover my face with my hands. I feel the bed dip down next to me as she takes a seat. Neither one of us say anything and we just stay that way in a comfortable silence. Finally I feel the bed shift as her weight is lifted off.

I hardly even comprehend what I'm doing as I shoot up into a sitting position quickly and grab hold of her wrist. she stops and turns to look at me, her expression unreadable.

"Stay." I finally manage to say and notice her gaze turn calculating but I continue. "Please. I know you have a boyfriend now and I know it's not fair to ask this of you but please, stay."

She stares at me for a few seconds longer before casting her gaze to the floor and shaking her head. I feel my heart sink in my chest as she pulls her wrist out of my grip and walks towards the door.

I lie back down on the bed and place my hands behind my head, staring up at the ceiling. There's no way I'm going to be getting to sleep. I let out a long sigh as I hear the door to my room close. I move my hands out from behind my head and to my hearing aids preparing to switch them off and remove them, but the click of a lock gets my attention.

I push myself up onto my elbows as Thirteen drops her hand from the door knob and looks back at me, a small smile on her face.

"Don't want Cody to walk by in the morning and try to kill you...and then me." She says simply and I give her a smile back. She jerks her thumb towards the dresser. "I'm stealing some of your clothes and taking a quick shower." She states and I just nod, lying back down.

I hear the drawers open and close and then the

for you yet you're the one yelling at me for having your best interest in mind!"

"Well maybe it's because he knows everything, just like you but he doesn't look at me the way you do."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Lily counters, crossing her arms over her chest. "How do I look at you?"

"With fear." Thirteen states.

Lily scoffs and rolls her eyes at Thirteen. "That's ridiculous-"

"You woke up once." Thirteen states and Lily gets quiet. "Before now. You woke up maybe...two and a half weeks after being brought in." Thirteen takes a step towards her. "And I was waiting. I was sitting by your bed side. And do you know what you did when you opened your eyes and saw me? You screamed." Lily looks at her as if she's in pain. "And you just kept screaming till the point the nurses had to sedate you."

Lily shakes her head. "I didn't...I don't remember..."

"Of course not." Thirteen shakes her head and looks down at the floor. "And you still look at me the same way you did when you woke up the first time. Though now you do a better job at hiding the fear in your eyes. The fear of me."

Something about what Thirteen says seems to piss Lily off and reignite her fire. Lily gives Thirteen a hard look.

"Well can you really blame me?"

Thirteen glares back at her and I catch a glimpse of the hurt in her eyes when she sneaks a glance at me. "I'd think you'd know and believe that I'd never do anything to hurt you." She growls back. "At least not purposely."

"I use to believe that." Lily shakes her head. "But not anymore. She looks over at me. "And if he really knows everything...then he should know to stay the hell away from you!"

"And just what the hell do you mean by that?!"

I can't make out what either of them are saying as they both begin yelling loudly back and forth at each other. It's impossible to make out hardly anything but somehow they seem to be understanding each other perfectly...that's not a good thing.

I can finally make out some part of the conversation when Lily yells louder "-like a-" She stops abruptly.

"Go ahead say it." Thirteen growls. "Finish your sentence. I'm dying to hear what you have to say." Thirteen bites out sarcastically.

"Like a monster!"

I can tell the second the word leaves her mouth Lily regrets it. Her face turns into a mixture of horror and shock as if she can't believe she actually said it. I can see Thirteen's face because of the position she's in, and she looks as if Lily just shot her.

She staggers back a step as if she can't get her balance. As if she can't believe it. Lily reaches a hand towards her and Thirteen flinches like she's been struck.

"I didn't mean it. I'm so sorry Thirteen." Lily says softly, her apology'sgenuine but it doesn't look like Thirteen's listening. Thirteen turns on her heels abruptly and runs out of the room.

Lily calls out after her but Thirteen doesn't stop or turn back. She doesn't even react...not even when Lily begins calling her her name.

Wow, you all came so close to finding out her that the chapter just kind of ended there. *insert evil laugh*




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