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   Chapter 8 8. I can't hear you

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Thirteen's POV

"Miss Kingston, of all the stupid, idiotic, irresponsible-"

"Horrible, brainless, foolish, careless." I interject, giving Henri a couple more ideas since I totally agree with him...but I still did it anyway.

"Decisions and ideas you could have possibly come up with now or in the past...this takes the top of the list."

"I couldn't agree more." I reply and he gives me a flat look.

"Although, " I start up again as we continue our walk from the front gate back up to the house. "If we're going to get into idiotic decisions-"

Henri doesn't let me finish. "Mr. Darwood had that-and more-coming to him." He says quietly to ensure our guest doesn't hear us, referring to what he'd done this morning to Fifty-three.

I shake my head. Henri had-correction-has been nothing but nasty to Fifty-three. Not that I'm complaining. His usual manners just seemed to fly out the window whenever Fifty-three was concerned. He'd already locked Fifty-three in his bedroom-twice-and just keeps ignoring him, pretending that he just doesn't exist.

It doesn't seem that bad but when Henri's the one doing it...he takes it to the extreme and it's not pretty.

"And do not defer the conversation off of your new found stupidity. That thing has no business being here." He says, going back to his normal tone of voice.

"You do know I can hear you right?"

I don't respond and instead just roll my eyes. I'd chosen to walk down to the gate and open it manually rather than just letting any car in.

Probably my wisest decision at the moment.

Unfortunately now that means we have to walk back up the driveway as well. Henri had insisted on accompanying me down. If the boys and Lily knew what I'd done, they'd have insisted the same thing.

Except Lily would have brought along a rocket launcher.

"Forgive my language Henri." I say before turning around. "But no one gives a shit."

"Any language directed at her is forgiven before it is even said." Henri mutters.

Lydia glares harshly at me and I give her the same look back before turning around once again and walking side by side with Henri, Lydia walking behind us. We make it up to the front steps and I push open the door. Henri eyes Lydia.

"Cleaned it up from the last time I decided to visit?"

I clench my fists to keep from striking her. It'd go pretty far down hill pretty fast and Henri would not be able to separate us.

I walk into the house and Lydia makes a face at all the Christmas decorations still up all over the place.

"I didn't hit your head that hard." Lydia mutters.

The familiar buzzing noise echoes throughout the house and Henri turns to me, a look of confusion on his face.

"You invited someone else?" He questions and I nod.

"I'm not stupid enough to invite only Lydia over." I reply. "So I called in some back up."

I walk over to the keypad and punch in the code to open the gate and let the car through this time.

Henri raises an eyebrow at me. "Oh? And who would that be?"

I give him a smile. "Everybody's got a partner in crime." I reply simply.

Henri nods when he realizes who I'm talking about. No one else would know him other than Henri, and possibly Ryder but I don't think I ever mentioned him to Ryder.

"Oh crap." I mutter as soon as I realize something.

"Language Miss Kingston." Henri says. "But what?"

"Hayden and Cody are still on bad terms. They haven't had the chance to talk."

Henri furrows his eyebrows in confusion. "And your point is?"

"Well..." I trail off just as there's a pounding on the door. I walk over with a sigh and open it.

"You couldn't just leave the door unlocked? Do you have someth

ure of this, but her tone betrays her. I cross my arms in front of me and give her a stern look.

"You willing to bet on that? Cause if you are you're going to lose. All you've got to do is ask yourself which one of you do I hate more. You or dad?"

Her hands clench in fists at her side and she gives me a look that really should've killed me.

"You're as good as dead." She hisses between her teeth.

"Not yet I'm not." I reply just as harshly.

She turns her back on me once again and storms off. I look at over at Hayden and he nods once, letting me know he understands, and he knows what to do. He follows her off into the kitchen, gun at the ready just in case. The girls and Josh do the same, leaving me alone with Sam.

I look over at him but he doesn't look at me. "I see you've healed." He finally says.

I nod. "I see you've been getting some sleep."

He lets out a breathy laugh, but there's nothing funny about our situation. He runs a hand through his jet black hair, causing it to become an unruly mess. I just shake my head.

"Come on, I'll show you to your room before I get anybody else up here. My house is already chaotic and I don't need two of the terror triplets, Devin and Lily to mix together quite this soon."

He nods and follows me up the stairs. "Your house is turning into a hotel." He teases lightly and I smile.

"That's one way of putting it." I respond. "How long do you have before Garrett realizes you're gone?"

He sighs and shakes his head. "A week at best. I'm not even sure any more."

I nod as we make it up to the top floor. I point out all the rooms still available. "Take your pick." I tell him.

He just shrugs from beside me and turns his amber eyes onto me. "I'm not really going to be sleeping." He says simply. "You of all people should know that."

I nod in understanding. "You should at least try."

"I do try." He sighs dejectedly and I can see the pain in his eyes that he tries so hard to hide. "It doesn't work. It never works. Too many-"

"Nightmares." I finish for him.

He nods and moves off in the direction of one of the open rooms. "You still owe me that dinner." He calls over his shoulder.

I roll my eyes at him. "My excuse as to why I didn't go not good enough for you?" I tease and I finally see a small but genuine smile on his face.

"Nah. A beating's not a good enough excuse Daggers. You gotta come up with another one."




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