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Thirteen's POV

I wince as Zack is slammed face down into the mat...again.

"Agent 1 you are hardly even trying." Agent 53 calls out as Zack gets back to his feet. "Go again."

Cody does not need to be told twice...I'm really beginning to feel bad for Zack. I turn away towards Lily and Chase. Chase falls backwards as Lily delivers a swift kick to his chest.

"Yes!" She throws her arms up in victory. "I am victorious-oaf!"

She falls to the floor as Chase swings his leg out, knocking hers out from under her. She winces and rubs at the back of her head.

"Very good Agent 80." Fifty-three tells Chase. "Agent 57, try actually focusing." She scowls at him.

I walk over to the shooting range and lean back against one of the support pillars nearby. I watch Devin as he shoots. He'd be fighting but Zero gave strict orders to Agent 53 that Devin was not allowed to participate until he was completely and fully healed.

Devin puts the gun down and leans against the pillar next to me. We both watch as Agent 53 has them switch partners. Zack against Chase, and Lily against Cody.

"Lily's pretty good." He says simply.

"You say that like you're surprised." I reply.

He shakes his head. "I kind of am, considering she just woke up from a four year long coma what, a little over two months ago?"

I nod in response and say nothing else. I focus on Chase as he throws a punch at Zack.

"What was her rank on your team?" Devin asks.

"JD, me, Garrett..." I trail off as I try to remember. "Adrianna, Lily, Brandon, Moria."

Devin just nods thoughtfully.

"Again." Agent 53 calls out to Chase and Zack.

"We're going to be here for a while aren't we?" Devin asks as he stares at Chase and Zack.

I sigh. "Yep. Agent 53 is not going to let them stop till he feels they've accomplished something for the day."

"Is that how he was with training you?"

I grimace at the memory. "Worse."

"Again." Agent 53 says simply to Cody and Lily.

"I hope Chase kills Zack." Devin grumbles as he stares at them fighting.

I turn to look at him. "Honestly he helped us out before, what is your guys' problem with him?" I question. "I mean I know what Cody's got against him but you and Chase?"

Devin grumbles something unintelligible under his breath before letting out a sigh. "I know he helped us and I'm half grateful for that but..." He glares at Zack. "Something about that guy does not sit well with me."

"Funny." I reply dryly. "I said the exact same thing about Elaine...the only difference between these two things is the undeniable fact I get to say, I told you so."

Devin turns his flat glare over to me. "I still don't trust him. Granted he betrayed his own family to help us but..."

"But, what?"

"Don't you think..."


He shakes his head. "Nothing. Forget it. But I will bask in the glory of an, I told you so, if it comes down to it."

I nod in understanding. "I'm sure you will."

Devin winces as Chase takes a pretty good hit, but he doesn't go down. "I don't really even want to think about what Agent 53's going to be having them doing next."

"Normally they'd be fighting against him." I tell Devin.

He raises his eyebrows in surprise. "Really? Then why aren't they?"

"Agent 53 took a pretty good hit years ago. He can still fight but not as well as he use to. He's technically handicapped, but he doesn't like other people-especially agents-to know."

"What kind of injury?"

"Bomb." I reply simply before elaborating further. "Shrapnel in his back. Having surgery to remove it could end up crippling him instead."

Devin nods before asking, "Why do you know so much about this?"

"Because I was there when it happened." I reply honestly. "It was the day the origi

em and then back to me questioningly.

"Agent 13 may I have a word with you in private?" Fifty-three questions. He doesn't wait for my response before grabbing hold of my upper arm and dragging me off to the elevator and going up. He then drags me into my sound proof office and closes the door behind us.

I turn to look at him, crossing my arms over my chest and leaning back against the desk. "Is there a problem?"

"You said Henri was not going to be here. That's the only reason I agreed to come."

I just shrug. "So I lied. It's not like you haven't done that time and time again to me."

He fumes up. "That has nothing to do with the situation at hand. I came here to train them, to help them." He continues to raise his voice as he talks, getting louder as he continues on. He wants to start yelling? Fine. I can yell just as loud.

"And we're getting nowhere with this, and we're not going to get anywhere with it anytime soon!" I practically scream at him in frustration. That seems to be the only way to ever get through to him, trust me, I know.

"It was fine before when you could actually train with us. Not just sit on the sidelines giving out lectures!" I hiss.

"You could train them and you could train with them!" HIs tone is firm and holds irritation. "I don't understand why I'm here if all you're going to do is point out how it should be. Do something about it yourself."

I let out a groan and shoot him a glare. "I can't train them, they'd go easy on my no matter what I say. Their brains are hardwired not to hurt me. They wouldn't give it their best effort and therefore they wouldn't improve much if at all."

"Well then it sounds like you should just leave me be, or find someone else to help train them." His arms fold over his chest and he fixes me with a stern look. "Seeing as how you have no other option, I'm going to head back down to continue training them."

An idea pops into my head before I can stop it. I should discard it and come up with another one...but unfortunately, I can't.

"No." I say quietly. "You're wrong." I pull my phone out of my pocket. "I do have another choice." I mutter, more to myself than to him.

"Oh? And what would that be?" I can hear the mocking tone he tries to hide and I grit my teeth in annoyance.

"A really horrible idea." I mutter as I punch in the number into my screen.

The last family reunion didn't go so well...let's try my luck with a second one.




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