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   Chapter 6 6. I'm so glad she's on our side

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Updated: 2018-05-08 20:46

I didn't make you guys wait too long.

And I totally already had this chapter written up when I posted the last one.

Figured I'd make you all wait a little bit. Teach you guys some patience.


Thirteen's POV

It takes seconds.

Two to be exact.

Two seconds, no more, no less.

In two seconds flat each one of them have a gun pointed at Agent 1.

In less than a second after that, Agent 1 is using me as a human shield. I roll my eyes as he ducks behind me like a child, keeping me firmly in place with his hands on my shoulders.

"Don't shoot!" He shouts, peeking over my shoulder at the boys.

Lily leans casually back against wall with a huge smile. She's got a bag of chips in her hand and she does nothing to stop the boys. She just munches on her chips and mutters, "Oh this'll be good."

I shoot her a look before glancing back at the boys then back to her and once more back to them. She lets out an over exaggerated sigh.

One thing about Lily, she may not be able to put a ton of power into her hits, but she's got wickedly fast reflexes and her hits are extremely fast as well. She's got a speed to her that isn't common in a lot of agents. So where she might not get in some real power hitting punches, she will get in a ton of smaller punches that will add up to some really serious injuries.

And being as fast as she is, it takes no effort and no time for her to remove the guns from all of them and drop them into her chip bag.

She reaches her hand back in and starts eating her chips once again while the boys all turn and look at her in confusion, still trying to grasp how she managed to move that fast and get their guns.

"What. The. Hell." It's not a question, it's a statement. It comes from Devin as he clenches his fists and tries to burn a hole through me to get to Agent 1 who's still cowering behind me.

Yes, he's a trained killer all right.

"Why the fu-"

"Don't finish that sentence." Henri says from his seat at the counter, flipping through a book.

Cody's mouth clamps shut. Chase doesn't say anything. He just gives me a look that spells out how pissed off he is with me, and then glares through me same as Devin.

"You boys made a promise." I tell them sternly. "I told you no shooting, punching, kicking, or knife throwing."

"And you also told us we didn't know the guy." Cody says at the same time Devin mutters. "You never said no glaring or harsh words."

I shake my head. "I never said you didn't know him." I correct Cody, ignoring Devin. "And to be fair, you don't know him."

"Just so we're clear, " Lily speaks up. "I had absolutely nothing to do with this...other than the corruption part."

Devin scoffs and his eyes blaze with fury. "Yeah, like he needed to be corrupted."

"Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?" Agent 1 bites back, finally standing to his full height and letting go of my shoulders. He still stays behind me though.

"I didn't trust you before, I'm not going to trust you now." Devin hisses and I'm shocked at how mean he actually looks and sounds.

Both Chase and Cody don't say a word, but I can tell they're both beyond livid. Whether it's at him or me, I'm not entirely sure. Clenched fists, tense muscles, and flexing jaws as they

t her.

She makes a show of leaning back against the wall, putting the gun back into the bag and eating a chip, purposely making the chip crunch loudly in her mouth before she whistles.

The sound of claws scraping against concrete comes from around the corner of the house behind Lily and moments later, Angel stops right next to Lily.

Agent 1 stumbles back a few steps and his face goes stark white. He mutters some unintelligible words under his breath as he stares at Angel, never taking his wide, fear filled eyes off of her.

Lily makes a clicking noise in the back of her throat and Angel opens her mouth wide, showing off her sharp and freshly cleaned teeth.

Lily then lets out a low humming sort of sound and Angel matches it with a low hiss, tail swishing back and forth. Lily crunches on her chips and occasionally tosses a handful into Angel's mouth.

Agent 1 winces at the crunching noise every time Angel clamps down on the chips. I just watch cautiously with Cody, neither one of us daring to make a move.

Cody leans down so his lips brush against my ear. "I'm so glad she's on our side." I nod my agreement.

"Want to come with me to show Agent 1 to his room?" I ask him and Cody gives me a look that clearly shows how much he'd love to do that.

"Why would I want to do that?"

"So that you can point it out to Devin later and leave him to do...whatever." I reply and Cody smiles, his eyes lighting up at that thought.

"Fine." He says.

He walks up behind Agent 1 and grabs him by the scruff of his shirt, dragging him into the house behind him. I laugh lightly and follow them in.

I pick out a room for him and Cody immediately goes to find Devin right after. Good luck Agent 1.

"Let me know if you need anything else." I tell him as he tosses his bag onto the bed and begins to unpack. "I'll leave you to get settled." I turn to leave the room.

"Hey Thirteen, " Agent 1 calls and I stop in the doorway, turning to look at him over my shoulder.

"It's good to see you again." He says simply with a smile and I give him a small smile in return.

"It's good to see you too Zack."




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