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   Chapter 34 33. Your negativity

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Thirteen's POV

"You're actually using the crutches?"

I scowl at Chase as him and Cody walk into my hospital room. I grab the crutches propped up against the bed, tucking one under each arm.

"I can be reasonable." I retort.

"Doctor finally letting you walk around?" Cody asks me.

"Not exactly." I admit and Cody gives me a pointed look. "I'm not spending another day in this crappy bed. I won't leave the hospital, but there's no way I'm staying in this room doing absolutely nothing for a third day."

My crutches make a clicking noise as I make my way out of the room and into the hallway. Both the boys follow me.

"I'm still shocked you're actually using the crutches." Chase repeats.

"Oh shut it Chase." I grumble. "Henri's lurking around here somewhere, that's the only reason I'm using them. I don't need to get yelled at by him."

"Henri's here?" Cody questions. "When did he get here?"

"This morning." I reply as I keep walking down the hall. I have no idea where I'm even headed but I don't care.

"Why is he here?"

I grumble a string of curses under my breath. "That was my loving father's doing." I mutter sarcastically.

"Your father called him?"



"He's been trying to get on my good side ever since my brother died." I reply honestly. "My brother was always his favorite, and after he died and Lydia disappeared I was his only child left. So he's been trying to 'reconnect' with me."

"So he thought bringing Henri here would get him some points in the father department." Chase states and I nod.

"Too bad for him I consider Henri more of a father than my actual father will ever be."

I let out a string of curses and place my hand over my chest when I turn the corner only to come face to face with Henri.

"Ow!" I cry out when his hand comes in contact with the back of my head.

"Watch your tongue Miss Kingston." He says in a warning tone before fixing me with one of his death glares. "Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"That depends on your point of view."

Apparently that was the wrong thing to say.

"Ow! Henri!" I shout.

He throws me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and grabs my crutches with his free hand. Chase and Cody laugh at me and I glare back at them.

"Put me down." I hiss, but as usual Henri ignores me. "At least I was using the crutches."

"Yes. That is the only right thing you have done all day." Henri agrees as he deposits me back into my bed.

"Oh come on." I complain. "I wasn't going to leave. I was just going to go for a walk around the hospital."

He's not convinced. "Sure you were." He retorts as he leans the crutches against the wall in the furthest corner in the room. "Miss Kingston, you must allow yourself time to rest for you to properly heal."

"I can rest when I'm dead-Ow! What was that for?"

"Your negativity."

Chase and Cody smother their laughter behind their hands. I shoot them a deadly glare, warning them against opening their mouths.

"Please Henri." I beg, I notice his face soften. He knows I don't do this very often. He lets out a resigned sigh and I know I've won this time.

"Very well." He mutters before fixing the boys with his death glare instead of me. "I expect you two to keep an eye on her and make sure she does not do

up and neither does mine.

I can hear Cody shift nervously on his feet and Chase coughs lightly, as if to try and break us apart. That ain't going to happen.

She launches herself at me and I hear the boys' sharp intakes of breath.

Her arms wrap tightly around my neck and shoulders, squeezing the point I can't breathe any more. But I don't push her off me and instead wrap my arms firmly around her.

"Don't you freaking scare me like that again." She grumbles into my shoulder and I can hear the pain in her voice.

"Only if you don't do the same to me." I reply with a smile and she laughs, pulling herself away from me and wiping at her eyes.

"Look what you did." She complains. "You ruined my make up." She wipes at her eyes some more before fully facing me. She tackles me into another hug before I can say anything else.

"I just got you back and I'm not loosing you again." She mumbles so only I can hear. She pulls back again and smiles at me before facing Chase and Cody.

"They look like a they've got something stuck in their throats." She says simply, waving her hand with the lollipop in it at Cody and Chase. "Go ahead spit it out boys."

"You two know each other." Chase sates, pointing between the two of us. I smile and nod.

"Though I think it'd make more sense if she gave you her full name." I reply, smiling at her. "And ditched the 'angelic' look."

She grins before handing me her lollipop. "Hold this." She says simply.

She brings her hands up into her eyes and rips away the blue colored contacts. She then rakes her hand through her hair, pulling away the curly golden wing and letting her natural long hair cascade down her back.

She faces the boys and I hear their gasps as their eyes settle on the shimmering emerald green eyes and the hot pink dyed straight hair. She smiles crookedly at them and tilts her head to the side, she reaches her hand out for them to shake.

"Name's Lillianna, you can call me Anna...or you can call me Lily."

She gives them a wicked and devilish smile before pointing to her hair. "I'm told this isn't my brother's color, but I think I rock it pretty well."




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