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   Chapter 33 32. I did your job for you

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Cody POV

She pops a piece of gum into her mouth after cutting off Elaine's head. She was very dedicated to doing exactly what she wasn't pretty.

And it's making both me and Chase question her mental state.

She chews her gum as she kicks at Elaine's headless body, blowing a bubble and pulling it back into her mouth when it pops. She stands there if front of us and I take a moment to actually look at her.

Short curly hair sits in perfect ringlets on her head, none of it touching her shoulders. It's golden color seems to shine even in this dark club. Her bright blue eyes study us both, and are filed with a hidden spark of humor. Her tanned skin contrasts with the white skin tight dress she's wearing as well as her white heeled ankle boots.

Her facial features are soft and angelic almost. She has the overall appearance of an angel...if not for the blood coating her shoes and splattered across her dress and skin.

"Who are you?" I finally ask.

She blows a bubble with her gum again and pops it. "Anna Marshal. Agent 19."

I just nod in response. She continues blowing bubbles and popping them. Her head's tilted to the side as she studies us intently.

She points at us. "Agent 80 and Agent 9, right?" I nod. She looks at us expectantly. "Well am I going to get your names?"



She nods thoughtfully and turns towards the doors to the club when the sounds of sirens begin to get louder.

"That'll be Zero." She announces as she begins to walk towards the exit. Stepping over the bodies as she goes.

"How did you know to come here?" Chase asks, and she stops, turning to face us.

"Tip called in by an FBI Agent." She says simply. Ryder. "Told Zero that he should probably get over here."

She shrugs as she blows another bubble. "Personally, Zero was taking way too long to assemble a team. So I figured I'd do the job for him." She shrugs again. "He doesn't know I overheard him."

She turns her back on us and waves her hand at us to follow. She walks confidently out the door...which is quite a sight given her blood splattered appearance.

Zero's standing right outside as she steps out. His face goes from confusion, to anger, to annoyance in less than a millisecond.

Anna waves over enthusiastically at him. "Hey Chief! What's up?" She calls out. She points at the bar behind her. "I did your job for you!"

Unlike so many of the other agents standing around, Zero doesn't even bat an eyelash at her appearance. Seems like he's use to it by now.

"Miss Marshal." He replies, his tone clipped and annoyed. "Why is it I'm always finding you in places you shouldn't be?"

"Magic." She says dramatically. She holds out the blood coated dagger to Zero. "Here's your evidence back."

She looks at him expectantly, waiting for him to take it. He simply gives her a flat look, his eyes voicing how much he's done dealing with this girl. He rubs his hand over his face in exasperation and takes the dagger from her.

"Why can't you ever listen to simple order?"

"I listened to the, 'Don't do anything stupid'." He gives her an unimpressed look. "Oh come on, " She waves her hand at the club behind her. "This hardly qualifies."

"For you, unfortunately that's very true."

She grins at him like that's the biggest compliment in the world. Her phone begins ringing and she pulls it out of a small pocket in the dress I didn't even realize was there.

"Yeah?" It's silent while she listens to whoever's talking on the other end. "Cool." She says simply before hanging up and tucking the phone back into her pocket.

"There's a shoot out going on down town." She announces as she picks off the dried blood from her

lowly been bringing them back."

"Who were they fighting? Garrett's men?" I question and Anna just shakes her head.

"They were fighting Garrett and his men. Agent 1 went to get Agent 13." She replies.

"How'd he know where to go?" Chase asks.

"I put a tracker on Garrett's car." Anna says with a shrug. "But the fight didn't go well, most of the agents were badly hurt. No causalities on our end so that's good I guess."

"Did Agent 1 get Thirteen?" I question and she nods.

"I don't know what kind of condition she's in, but she wasn't conscious when they brought her in."

Both me and Chase share a look before turning back towards Anna.

"Did you see what room they took her to?"

She nods. "Down the hall, take the first right, it's the third door on the left." She says.

We all exit the room but Anna runs off I don't know where as me and Chase head off to Thirteen's room.

I don't know what to expect when we near the room, but the sound of her voice is a great relief.

"I swear if you poke me with one more damn needle, I'm going to-"

"Agent 13." I hear Zero's voice. "Please don't make this any more difficult than it has to be."

"Easy for you to say. You're enjoying this, I know it." She grumbles back at him.

Both me and Chase stand in the doorway as several nurses check over Thirteen and bandage up her wounds.

She scowls at all of them. "I told you I'm fine. Go worry about someone else who was brought in."

"What is it with you and hospitals?" Chase speaks up and Thirteen's eyes snap up to look at us. She smiles.

"I knew you two would be alright." She says simply and we move further into the room.

"All thanks to Anna." Chase replies and Thirteen's face wrinkles in confusion.

"Anna?" She questions.

"Agent 19." I respond to her and she nods.

"Never met the girl." She finally says. "Heard of her, but never met her." She looks at us with sad eyes. "How are they?"

"They're fine thanks to you."

She smiles and I notice her stitches have reopened and blood soaks through her shirt. I shake my head at her.

"Can't you go anywhere without getting hurt?" I tease slightly, relieved that there's nothing more serious wrong with her.

"Now, where's the fun in that?" She asks lightly with a smile on her face.

I open my mouth to ask her a question but she cuts me off.

"I'm fine." She says, already knowing what it was I was going to ask.




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