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   Chapter 31 30. It's all my fault

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Cody's POV

Clubs are one of the places that we all usually actively try to avoid.

Too many people. Too many civilians who could potentially get hurt if something went wrong.

Beyond that, a drunk Devin is even less fun to deal with than the sober one.

I feel out of place as we walk into the club filled with sweaty and drunk people. Most of them are either crowded around on the dance floor grinding on each other, or they're around the bar getting drinks.

Couples are making out in practically every area that seems to fitting to them, and it's nearly impossible to see through the mass of bodies.

"Lovely." Chase comments dryly as people push past us and around us.

Chase is in no mood to deal with them so when one guy drunkenly stumbles into him, he shoves him back full force into the crowd. Nearly toppling down half of them like dominoes.

Chase's shoulder nudges mine and he gestures with his eyes over to the corner, where a couple guys clearly don't know how to blend in. As I look around I begin to notice more and more of them, all watching us and all glaring.

But it's the girl sitting in a back booth that catches my attention. Only because her death glare is not only terrifying, but a very welcome sight.

"I'm thinking half of these goons are here for us." I mutter to Chase and he nods.

"And the other half?"

"My guess? They're here to make sure she doesn't cause any problems." I reply pointing at Thirteen, who's still shooting lasers out of her eyes.

Chase visibly flinches under her gaze.

"They're blocking all the exits." Chase says as we begin to push our way through the sweaty mass of bodies towards Thirteen. "There's no way we're getting out of here without a fire fight."

"I honestly didn't expect anything less."

Chase looks around discreetly as we walk, taking note of how many there are in here and where they're at.

I focus my attention on Thirteen. She's got some new bruises forming along her jaw line and on her arms. Her stitches still seem to be intact which is a surprise in itself.

Her glare doesn't let up even as we come into view of Garrett...who has Elaine hanging off his arm, and even though they're clearly working together...

He looks less than amused that she's all over him.

Almost makes you feel bad.


"You do realize how a hostage situation works right? You're not supposed to give into the demands of the nut job terrorist who's favorite thing in the world is screwing people over and then killing them because it's fun and gives him a sick kind of pleasure." Thirteen spits out at us once we're in hearing range.

"Well hello to you too." Chase replies sarcastically. "I thank-you would be appreciated."

"I'm hurt you think so lowly of me." Garrett says dramatically to Thirteen, completely ignoring us.

"You'd be surprised just how lowly I think of you."

He laughs and it's not a nice sound. It's taunting and dark. His eyes hold a hidden anger and evil intentions.

"Search them for weapons." Garrett says over his shoulder and the two guys standing on either side of him and Elaine.

Both me and Chase share a look. I notice Thirteen roll her eyes and give us a look that clearly says, 'what? Did you think he wouldn't have you searched? Are you both that stupid?' I give her a glare and she glares back at me.

Garrett lets out a whistle when the two guys take our weapons from us.

Just freaking great.

"You boys surely don't disappoint." He says simply as he takes one of our guns from the guys. He keeps it hidden

our phones, and it's only a matter of time before Garrett realizes we didn't give him the numbers he wanted. What happens to Thirteen then?"

Chase's expression turns grim. "I'm trying not to think of that." He admits honestly. "Thirteen will hold out until we can get out of here and find her."

"But how long will that take? We don't have all the time in world."

"I don't..." Chase trails off Elaine slides into the seat across from us in the booth.

She opens her mouth to say something, but ends up getting cut off as kissing couple drunkenly falls into our table.

"Oops sorry." The girl giggles. She pushes the guy off her and gets shakily back to her feet. She sways and giggles into her hand like it's the funniest thing in the world.

Elaine looks down right pissed at this girl who is obviously too drunk to notice...or care.

The girl's eyes suddenly widen and she points at Elaine. "I totally have like, that exact same jacket!" She squeals and jumps up and down clapping her hands.

Her eyes drift over to us and flirty look passes over her features. "And what are your names?" She purrs, completely ignoring the guy she was previously making out with, who still happens to have his hand around her waist.

"Back off now." Elaine growls dangerously. But this girl is much too drunk to care.

Chase leans over to whisper in my ear. "This may just be the distraction we need."

"Oh honey, there's no way you could handle both of these Greek gods, " The girl waves her hand dismissively at Elaine. "I'm not even sure you could handle one." She turns to us. "Wanna dance?"

Elaine places her gun in full view on the table. The girl pales, holds her hands up in surrender and backs off. The boy on the other hand, does the stupidest thing you could possibly do in a situation like this.

"GUN!" He shouts in terror. Screams echo out followed closely by gunshots. The music's cut off and suddenly everyone's being crowded into the middle of the dance floor...everyone that didn't already get out that is.

The guys all around the exits hold guns up, daring anyone to make a move out of place, and occasionally firing shots in the air to keep everyone from trying to bolt.

"This the distraction you wanted?" I question Chase sarcastically and he gives me a flat look.



Be even more patient


And Thanks!

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