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   Chapter 29 28. Garrett trained me personally

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Updated: 2018-05-08 17:05

I could've posted this chapter yesterday but I figured you'd all prefer if there was another chapter after this'll all complain about how it ends.

Though you still have to wait till I'm done with my finals for the day.

Thirteen's POV

"Please tell me we aren't going to be going to another house of freaking horrors." Devin pleads as he takes a seat next me in the hotel dining room.

He eyes the bagel on my plate and I roll my eyes, pushing it over to him in the process. He snatches it up greedily.

"You do realize that the hotel serves a free buffet breakfast right? You don't have to steal from my plate."

"Stolen food tastes better." He says through a mouth full of bagel.

"And we're not going to another house of horrors, I promise you that." I pick up a piece of watermelon from my plate and pop it in my mouth. Devin takes one as well.

He glances around in confusion. "Where's Cody? And for that matter, where's Chase and Elaine?"



"Was complaining about how she has no more clothes to wear since because of me, she's ruined all of them." I roll my eyes in irritation. "So Chase took her to pick up so clothes to keep me from killing her while we're here."

"And what about Cody? I didn't really expect him not to be by your side." He grins widely at me and I give him a flat look.

"He went with them."

"And you're ok with that?"

"Why wouldn't I be? I had to practically force him to go." I shrug. "I'm not comfortable with anyone going somewhere without back up. We have no idea who's in this area and I'd rather whenever one us need to go somewhere someone else went with them."

"Besides, " I continue. "You and Jason were still asleep, he was the only other one to go with Chase."

"Speaking of Jason, where is he?"

"Went back up to the room to take a shower shortly before you sat down."

Devin continues stuffing his face with my food, I just roll my eyes at him and prop my feet up on the chair next to me.

"When are we leaving anyway?" He asks, his mouth full of food.

"One, that's disgusting. Two, keep your mouth closed. Three, I kind of figured we'd leave tomorrow. We've been moving around nonstop for these past couple weeks and I figured it'd be nice to give you all a break."

Devin reads between the per freaking usual.

"You're in pain aren't you?"

I just glance at him from out of the corner of my eye. Yes I am in pain. No I'm not going to admit it. I ran out of the pain killers Henri had given me and my chest feels like it's going to explode. My leg and arm aren't exactly pain free either, but I'd managed to keep my stitches intact this time.

"I'm fine."

"Bull. Shit."

I glare at him and he glares back. Our staring match is interrupted by my phone. I pull it out and answer it...this'll be a fun conversation that's way overdue.

"I assume you either going to apologize, cuss me out, or expect me to help you with something, if it's the're going to have try very hard for me to even listen to you without hanging up in the next five seconds."

"There's a meeting-"

I laugh loudly cutting him off. "Lydia wants me to come into a meeting? After our last little family reunion? You've got to kidding me. Are you guys that stupid?"

Hayden grumbles a string of curses under his breath. "Well Mac would've called you if he hadn't been arrested."

I smile widely even though he can't see me. "Highlight of my week. Honestly, it was great. You had to be there."

"Are you coming or not?"

"Are you seriously asking me that? Are you freaking stupid? No. I'm not coming."

"She's already pissed off that you gave her a fake dagger, don't give her another reason to hate you."

"She's already got plenty of those. Tell her the dagger's a gift, it matches her eyes." I retort sarcastically.

"You can't seriously still be pissed off at me for doing my job."

"I'm not."

"Then why the hell are you making this more difficult than it has to be?"

"What did she threaten you with?" I ask and it goes silent on his end.

"She didn't-


"He also trained me." I shoot my leg out and nail her in her side. She pulls a knife out of her pocket and begins to swing it at me.

I duck as she swings it over my head and lean back when it gets a little too close to my face. I grab hold of her wrist and twist it, satisfied when I hear a sickening crack and she lets out a cry of pain.

I make the mistake of turning away from her when I hear one of the boys cry out in pain. She takes that opportunity to yank her wrist free and drive the knife into my already bad leg. I grit my teeth and her knee comes in contact with my face when I lean over to grasp at the wound.

I fall backwards on the floor in front of her. I glance over to see Devin on the floor on the other side of the room, grasping at his shoulder. It looks like it's been dislocated.

I look over at Jason who's fighting off Garrett. And the craziest thing?

He's winning.

My shock must've shown up on my face because Elaine turns to look...and notices Garrett's loosing. She has a gun in her hands in a split second later and aims it at Jason. But before she has the chance to pull the trigger, Garrett swings one of the metal dining chairs into Jason's head.

"NO!" I scream out when Jason crumbles to the floor and blood begins to run from a wound in his head. Elaine lowers her gun and aims it at me instead.

"Guess you and your boys aren't as good as you thought." She says smugly.

"Keep in mind I wasn't even using any weapons." I hiss and her smile falters. I pull my dagger from my boot. "Bring it on."

My foot makes contact with her knee and she falls forwards. I swing my dagger out at her and she rolls to the side, just barely missing it. She gets to her feet and begins to run when she realizes she's not going to beat me.

I throw my dagger at her back as she runs. She grabs hold of one of the metal cooking pans in the buffet line and turns back around.

She uses the pan like a baseball bat and hits the dagger away...right into Devin.

My hand clasps over my mouth in horror as Devin stumbles before falling to his knees. He looks up at me as he grasps the dagger in his chest, before falling over onto his back.

I run over to him without a second thought, ignoring the pain in my leg.

"No, no, no, no." I repeat over and over I lean over him and take his head in my hands. "Keep your eyes open." I order quietly.

He coughs a couple times. "Be...behind you." He rasps out, but before I can turn around I feel something hard slam into the back of my head.

I fall over, sprawled out on the floor next to him as my world goes black.



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