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   Chapter 23 22. Look what I found

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Updated: 2018-05-08 17:01

Wow, even with finals I'm still on top of these updates. Let's just call it what it is...

I'm amazing.

Though it might have something to do with the fact that I have the easiest final schedule ever. I might end up finishing this whole book sooner than I thought.

Thirteen's POV

You could hear a pin drop it's that quiet.

They all look at me and Devin shifts nervously on his feet. I can tell he's regretting asking me. I let out a tired sigh.

"The hike took longer than it should've." I start, taking my backpack from Devin and beginning to go through it. "Sun's going to set in a hour tops. I'd start getting your sleeping bags and such out now. We'll have to search through the building in the morning."

I pull out a flashlight from my bag along with a few extra knives. You can never be too careful.

"Where are you going?" Chase asks softly. I look up from the backpack to him.

"Don't worry about it." I say simply and turn and walk off down the hallway leading away from that room and into what use to be a storage room.

"We're going to die aren't we?"

I walk around one of the giant concrete pillars used to hold this building up, stopping next to another one...stained with blood.

"No. We're going to be fine, just stay awake alright?"

"You're a terrible liar."

"You'd be happy to know I've gotten better at that." I mutter quietly under my breath. I shake my head, trying to remove the memories, her voice from my head as I stare at the pillar.

"Or maybe you should just leave without me."

"Not happening."

I walk around the pillar to the stair case and walk up, slowly. Half out of caution, half cause of my leg.

"You'd stand a better chance without me and-"

"It. Is. Not. Happening."

I walk across the empty floor till I'm standing underneath a hole in the ceiling, and I can see the sky above me. Everything's dark inside the building...but not as dark as I know it can get.

"I swear if you don't go now, I'll shoot you myself. Now go."

I walk around to the other end of the large room, my feet kicking at pieces of the ceiling and other random objects that have spent way too long here. I notice a long metal pipe in the corner. Perfect.

"You come any closer...and I'll shoot her."

I lift it up in my hands and turn it over a few times, banging it against the wall once to see how sturdy it is. This will work just fine.

"Last chance. Drop it."

I grip the end of the pipe tightly in both hands. I'll probably end up tearing through the stitches in my arm because of this. But this won't take too much effort since the whole building is basically already crumbling to begin with.

The blood runs down his face in a small trickle as he collapses, his eyes burning into mine as the life fades from him.

Eighty-three's gone.

"Please don't do this."

I raise the pipe high in my hands before slamming it back down into the floor below me, pieces of the floor cracking and flying upwards.

The bullets ring in the air. She drops to the floor, there's no rise or fall to her chest, no life in her body.

Sixty-one's gone.

"Stop! Please!"

I slam the pipe into the floor again and it begins to crack a lot more. Hopefully the boys aren't standing directly below me...that would be unfortunate.


Blood begins to stain through his shirt, turning the once white shirt a dark blood red. He falls from the stack of crates and a loud crack sounds off as his head makes contact with the floor.

Thirteen's gone.

I take a minute and place my hands on my knees, bent over and breathing heavily...but it's not from slamming the pipe into the floor.

Two more gunshots echo out.


Fifty-seven's gone.

I slam the pipe d

nyone from our team. Then all of a sudden, guns were going off, there were screams, blood was everywhere...all hell just broke loose."

Cody just silently watches me. I hear movement in the building. "Come on." I motion for him to get up as I get to my feet. "Sounds like somebody else is up, and I'm praying it's not Devin."

He smiles at me, but there's a sadness to it and I look away as he gets to his feet. His hands grip hold of my arms and he spins me around to face him, his facial expression soft.

"It wasn't your fault." He whispers, as if reading my thoughts.

"If you had been there, you'd know that's not true."

"I know you. And I know you would've done everything you could've possibly done to save everyone...and even though you didn't, that doesn't mean you didn't try." He puts his hands on my shoulders when I try to turn away, forcing me to look at him.

"It wasn't your fault." He repeats firmly.

"I wish that were true." I mutter and unfortunately he hears me. He gives me a flat look.

He rolls his eyes and stares up at the sky in exasperation for a moment, as if he's totally done dealing with me, he shakes his head before locking eyes with me once again.

"You're impossible." He grumbles. "You can hit me later."

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "Hit you? For wha-"

He smashes his lips onto mine before I have the chance to finish my sentence. It takes me a minute to recover from my surprise before I begin to move my lips in sync with his.

His hands grab hold of my waist and pull me closer to him. My arms snake up and around the back of his neck.

"Hey! Look what I found!"

Cody pulls away and lets out a string of curse words all directed to Devin. His hands stay on my hips keeping me in place. I shake my head and move my hands down till they're resting on his chest.

"Why is it he always interrupts everything? He has the worst timing ever." Cody grumbles and I laugh lightly and remove myself from his arms.

"He's Devin." I respond. There's really no other explanation needed. "And I'll be hitting you later."

I walk up the steps leading back into the building and I hear Cody follow.

"I swear I'll get him back. He'll pay for what he's done. I promise."

I never break my promises...but the one thing Lily never knew about that one...

I was never talking about Garrett.




And Thanks for all the support and hilarious comments. You guys make my day when I go read them!

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