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Far warning:

You guys wanted the update. I was going to wait till had both chapter 15 and 16 typed but you all couldn't wait. (Insert evil laugh)

Now you'll have no choice but to wait for the next update for a little longer.

And you are not going to like how I ended this one. (Insert another evil laugh)


Cody's POV

"You ruined my moment with your, 'language Mr. Stevenson'." Ryder whines, mocking Henri. He purposely makes his voice one too many octaves too high.

"Forgive me." Henri says flatly before swatting at the back of Ryder's head again. Ryder scowls at him.

Ryder mutters something under his breath that I don't catch...but Henri clearly does.

"Ow!" Ryder yells out as Henri slaps the back of his head yet again.

"Watch your tongue."

"Hello!" Devin shouts out, catching their attention before pointing to the screen. "Anybody want to focus on the problem at hand!?"

I look back up at the screen just in time to see Lydia pull a gun and point it at Thirteen...who scoffs and leans back against the couch, placing her hands behind her head as if she's in the most comfortable position ever.

"You do anything I don't like..." Lydia trails off as she stares directly into the camera. "And I kill her."

Devin sucks in a breath, Henri goes rigid, and I feel my heart stop for a second, and...Ryder...presses the button on the microphone and laughs loudly.

We all turn towards him and stare at him as if he's grown another head. He just continues laughing into the microphone, and it's not a fake laugh. He finally calms down enough to talk, while everybody in the room is looking at each other confused. Lydia's confident expression falters.

"That's hilarious." He says, still laughing. "Tell me another joke, go ahead."

He pauses as if he's actually waiting for her to say something else, and when she makes no move to, he continues on.

"You're not going to kill her. Not if you want to get the information you so desperately seek out of her." He says, the smugness in his voice only serves to piss her off as her hand clenches tighter around the gun.

"That's literally the only reason she's not dead yet. Both you and Garrett want the same thing, and she's got it. That must suck." He snickers at the end of statement, trying to piss her off even more.

"You know, " She says off-handedly. "You're right. But I don't have to kill her..." She smiles darkly at Thirteen who narrows her eyes in response. "I just have to kill the people she cares about. Enough of them die...and she'll start talking."

Thirteen scoffs. "Not likely."

"There's a flaw in your otherwise brilliant and psychotic plan, we're on the second floor you dumbas-"

"Mr. Stevenson." Henri's tone holds warning as he cuts Ryder off yet again, Ryder glares at him.

Lydia's smile grows even darker. "Not all of you are."

There's the sound of an explosion, followed by loud curses and screams...all coming from the landline sitting next to us, still on speaker.


Lydia smiles smugly as Chase and Megan are dragged into the view of the cameras, Chase struggling as much as he can, but there's easily five men holding him in place, and another five never taking their guns off him.

"The doors may be bullet proof." Lydia starts. "But they can't withstand an explosion."

Thirteen who was otherwise calm up till this point, jumps to her feet immediately and tries to go help Chase and Megan.

She doesn't make it very far as a gunshot echoes out and she falls to the floor with a cry of pain. Lydia lowers her gun to her side as Thirteen clutches at her leg, blood seeping through her fingers.

Lydia takes a few steps forwards and bends down so she's eye level with Thirteen.

"I said I wouldn't kill you. I never said I wouldn't shoot you."

"Get away from her!" Chase growls out. He struggles even more against the guys restraining him. Megan looks horrified but doesn't say anything.

Lydia makes a simple mistake. She takes her eyes off Thirteen to look up at Chase, and Thirteen seizes her opportunity.

Her good leg swings out and slams into Lydia's stomach, knocking her backwards before launching herself at Lydia. The gun's knocked from her hand and immediately all the other people standing on the edges of the room rush towards the two, trying to pull Thirteen off, but not before she gets in some good punches.

She's pulled off Lydia, who gets to her feet tauntingly slow, wiping some

ping the gun away.

I stare at Megan as she trembles slightly, blood staining her clothes but none of it seems to be hers.

"I...they...We need help." She finally says before rushing back down the stairs. We all quickly follow, guns still drawn. Though I doubt Megan would've made it all the way up here if these people were still in the house.

My suspicions are confirmed when we finally make it to the first floor only to see a lack of Vendetta agents anywhere. We follow her quickly to the conference room, there's a huge hole where the door was, but clearly isn't anymore.

Chase is standing outside the room, his back pressed against the wall, his hands hold his side as blood seeps through a gunshot wound.

Devin rushes up to him immediately but Chase waves him away.

"I'm fine." He dismisses quickly. "it just barely grazed me, but-" He stops himself short.

"But what?" I ask, afraid to know the answer.

"But Thirteen, she's-"

I don't wait around to listen to him finish. I look over at Megan who points with a shaking hand into the conference room. I waste no more time and rush inside, Devin and Jason close behind.

I see Thirteen on the floor by her office and immediately dread sets in as I slowly walk closer. I let out a breath of relief when I see that she is in fact breathing, and her body shakes. Her back is to me. I stop in my tracks when I realize why she's shaking.

She's trying not to cry...but not from the pain.

She's lying half on top of him, her head resting on his chest, her hands fisted on his shirt. The pool of blood that lies around them both isn't just hers, it's also his.

She doesn't move away when she hears us come in, doesn't even look over at us, she just keeps her face buried in his chest.

She moves slightly, enough for me to see only some of the bullet holes covering his torso. Six shots rang out. Chase only got shot once...Ryder got the other five.

His body doesn't move, there's no rise or fall of his chest, no twitch of his hands, no irritating smug smirk. Nothing.




So...on a positive note, Agent 13 has a million reads now! Thanks so much!

But you're all probably too pissed off at me to care. That's cool. I'm probably having the best time in the world with the biggest smile on my face reading your comments.

Now since I didn't get to post chapter 16 cause I'm not done with it, I figure you'll all have to wait.

I know I said the dreaded 'w' word, and I'll say it again.

You have to wait.

Of course since most of you are likely cussing me out and wondering why you're even bothering to read this book now that I've killed off one of your favorite characters, I'll give you a little spoiler...

It's Ryder!

I said a little spoiler, I'm not going to actually tell you what happens.

Though I would like to hear your thoughts on what it is you think is going to happen...or you think actually happened...dun, dun, dun.


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