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   Chapter 12 12. Don't you know me Hayden

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Thirteen's POV

I spread out the blue prints out across the table in my conference room, Megan standing across from me taking notes on her clipboard.

I called her early and invited her over so I could get this done and over with faster...especially since Ryder's off entertaining himself with who knows what right now.

"I'm thinking we could knock out this wall here, " I point to the blue prints. "It would open up the lobby a lot more and allow the entrance way to be enlarged. There needs to be more offices on these floors, " I point to the next set of blue prints. "And I'm thinking the wiring for the electricity will have to be redone on the top floor."

Megan writes down everything I say on her clipboard, her pen flying over the piece of paper.

"And your office? Do you want it the same in building eight as the one here?"

"As close as possible." I reply my eyes scanning over the blue prints, my hands resting on the table. "I'd prefer it to be along the east wall, floor to ceiling windows along that wall only."

She nods. I pick up the stack of folders on the table.

"I've gone through the resumes, " I hand her one pile and shove another across the table. "These are the ones to hire, and these are the ones to trash."

"And I take it you called Fred about the renovations."

"I did that last night." I reply, making some markings on the blue prints. I notice a shape move in the door way and look up to see Ryder walk past.

"Hey give me a second, ok?"

Megan just nods and flips through the files in response. I run up and stand in the door way.

"Ryder!" I call. He stops in his tracks and turns to look at me before walking back over.

"In my defense I only gave him the idea. I didn't actually participate in the final result." He holds his hands up in surrender and I narrow my eyes at him.


"It's Devin's fault ok? I had no part in it...actually that's not true, it's mostly my fault." He gives me a smirk that tells me, whatever he did, he's not sorry. "But Devin did help. I really like that guy."

"What are you talking about?" I cross my arms over my chest and glare at him. I feel like a parent scolding a child. "What did you do?"

"So you haven't seen the pool?"

"What did you do to the pool?"

"Well since you haven't seen it...nothing, nothing at all."

I run a hand over my face in frustration while Ryder grins at me, giving me a look that clearly says how innocent he really is.

"So..." He trails off, sticking his hands in his pockets and rocking back and forth on his heels. "What'd you need?"

I gesture with my hand for him to follow me as I walk through the conference room and into the adjoining office. I pick up the medium box on my desk and hold it out to him.

"What is all that crap?"

I give him a flat look.

"Sorry, you're right that was insensitive."

"Ya think?" I retort.

"What is all that shit?"

I glare at him and he just grins wickedly back at me, his eyes alight with mischief. I shove the box into his hands and he looks in it again, opening his mouth to make another remark but his mouth snaps shut as he stares at the contents.

He lets out a shaky sigh and balances the box on one arm, pulling a necklace out of the box with his free hand.

"Oh." He says simply as the necklace dances across his view. He's silently staring at it with sad eyes before placing it back in the box and turning back towards me.

He clears his throat and runs his hand through his hair. "What'd you want me to do with this?" He asks, his tone of voice soft and defeated. His eyes glazed over with unshed tears that he's trying desperately to hide.

We really are too much alike.

"I've combed through it a million times over." I shove my hands deep into my jean pockets. "But...I think I'm still looking at it as an agent, and not as her friend. I wanted you to look through it and find what I'm blind to. I knew her very well, but not nearly as well as you did."

He gives me a small pain filled smile. "I guess that's true." He lets out


I walk over towards the front door, the controls to open the gate right next to it. "You're here?" I ask as I begin punching in the code, not bothering to check the security cameras cause it's just Hayden.

"Yeah." He replies simply.

"Coming to talk some sense into your idiot brother?" I question teasingly as I press enter, allowing the gate to be opened.

"Something like that." He laughs but it sounds strained, forced almost. "See you in like a minute or less."

"Don't go racing up my drive way." I scold him. "Bye." I hang up and wait by the door, leaning back against the wall.

I hear the knock and open the door. Immediately my muscles tense on their own accord, my hand instinctively going to where my dagger would be, only for me to remember that I left it in my room.

"You're not here to see Cody."I state, my eyes narrowing suspiciously at the familiar uniform he's wearing, I notice another couple cars parked behind his. I really should've checked the cameras.

"No." He responds simply. I watch as Lydia gets out of the car behind his, wearing the same uniform as his. I'm screwed.

"This can go one of two ways." He starts, taking a step closer to me.

I let out a resigned sigh. "Don't you know me Hayden?" My grip on the door handle tightens. "There's only one way with me." I slam the door into his face with as much force as I can, satisfied when I hear his curses of pain.

Unfortunately, he was smart enough to wedge his foot in the doorway, effectively keeping the door from closing.

My fingers begin rapidly typing in a code on the key pad next to me, but before I press the enter button, my hair is grabbed from behind me. I curse and swing my leg back, kicking him in the shins, until his hands finally loosen an I lunge forwards, my hand slamming down on the button.

The alarm blares and suddenly all the doors begin to swing shut on their own accord, each and every one of them locking shut. The lights all go out soon after and the alarm shuts off.

Lydia walks in through the still open front door, the only door that didn't close cause Hayden held it open. She glares at me and I give her a cold and blank look.

Her jaw clenches in irritation because she knows exactly what I did. I initiated the lock down and she's pissed...I'm so screwed.

I separated her from everyone else in this house. She can't touch them, and she knows it. She has no leverage to try and use against me.

Only one problem...I'm stuck outside all the rooms...with her, the only person in the world that can beat me in a fight, the only person in the world that could kill me if she really wanted to. Formerly known as Agent 6.

Lydia Kingston, my older sister.

Go ahead tell me how evil I am.



Enjoy, And Thanks!

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