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   Chapter 41 39. Don't do it

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Shout out to @Badboyxgoodgirl1 for the cool cover.

Thirteen's POV

I let out an over dramatic sigh. "Tony, I'm getting pretty tired of having to hold this moron here. So either I take you and him into custody, or...he drops dead on the floor and you'll still be brought in...with a few unnecessary bullet holes."

I watch his jaw clench, he makes a move, almost as if to turn and run, but the boys hold their guns up, blocking his path.

I press the knife harder into Zack's neck, drawing blood...he can yell at me for it later.

"I'm losing patience here Tony, so last chance, drop your gun and have your little guard dogs over there do the same."

His hand twitches and for I moment I see him contemplating just shooting me and running...good luck with that.

"Drop. Your. Gun." I hiss, making sure to pronounce each word harshly and clearly.

He glares hard at me, and I half expect him to tell me to go to hell. To be completely honest, I wasn't expecting him to take this long in deciding.

I was practically a hundred percent sure he was just going to let me kill Zack...I never voiced my thoughts to Zack though.

It seems like an eternity passes before Tony glares at me one last time, and lets his gun slide through his fingers and onto the floor.

I hear Zack let out a sigh of relief. I turn my eyes towards the twenty or so other men standing in the room. Tony nods at them and they all drop their guns as well.

I smirk and let go of Zack, shoving him away from me a few steps. He rubs at his neck, wiping the blood off.

"Was that really necessary?" He questions me. I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Do you really have to ask me that question?" I ask, I notice Tony fuming a few feet from me as he puts two and two together.

"You traitor." He spits out at Zack. Zack just simply shrugs as if it's no big deal. I pull a pair of cuffs from my purse and begin to walk towards Tony.

I make the mistake of taking my eyes off him for a mere moment. A second gun is in his hands in a split second and he begins shooting at both me and Zack without hesitation.

I grab hold of nearby table, and flip it on its side ducking behind it and dragging Zack with me. I hear several more gunshots echo out, but I can't tell who's shooting.

"Well that didn't go so well." Zack mutters, holding his arm. I see blood seep through his fingers. He notices what I'm looking at.

"You know, " He starts. "Originally I thought my dad was the one that shot me...but now that I think about it, " He pauses. "I'm fairly certain it was Cody."

I roll my eyes and pull a thin scarf out of my purse. "I'm honestly not surprised." I wrap his arm with the scarf. "Isn't that the same place that Devin shot you?"

He gives me a dry look. "Yeah it is." It was definitely Cody. I pull a gun from my purse and pass it to him.

"Don't miss."

"I never miss."

"And don't shoot Cody either."

"Dammit." He curses.

Zack peers over the table and fires a few shots. I notice Tony making a break for it out one of the side doors.

"I got Tony." I state, knowing full well everyone heard me because of the earpieces. I push myself to my feet and take off after him, pulling a few knives from my purse as I go.

I push open the door, leaving them to deal with the other men. I'm really not all that concerned that they can't handle themselves. I grip my knives

f his hand.

"Bye to you too." He waves his free hand at me as I start to walk away again. I stop and turn around. He smiles smugly. "I just knew you couldn't resist me." He says, holding his arms out waiting for a hug.

I raise my eyebrow at him and walk up. "Actually." I reach up to his injured arm. "I just wanted my scarf back." I say with a straight face as I untie my scarf from around his arm and turn around walking away, trying hard not to laugh at the look of utter shock on his face and counting down from five.

As soon as I hit one I feel a pair of arms grab me from behind. "I still want a hug." He grumbles.

I laugh lightly and turn to face him wrapping my arms around him. "Don't die." I tell him and pull away.

"I won't if you won't."

"Hey can I use one of the guest bedrooms to change?" I ask him. "I need to get out of this dress before the teams Zero sent get here."

"Oh sure." He replies. He points down the hall. "Up the stairs first door on your right, that's where I threw your bag."

"Great thanks." I respond. I make my way up the stairs quickly.

I push open the door locking it behind me as I slip out of dress and lie it across the bed. I pull out a tank top and pants, along with a pair of socks and my combat boots. I get dressed quickly and shuffle through my bag, making sure everything is in place and nothing's missing.

I glance at the clock on the nightstand, 11:34, meeting starts at midnight. I unlock the door and swing my bag over my shoulder.

I stand frozen in the hallway for a few moments, my mind working in over drive. I glance behind me into the room, my eyes focusing on the window.

"Don't do it." I mutter to myself.

"Thirteen!" I hear Cody call out from downstairs, his voice sounding like he's coming closer."Thirteen!"

I stare at the top of the stairs, half wishing he was already at the top to stop me, to tell me to stay.

"Screw it." I mutter, rushing back into the room and throwing open the window...


For those of you who do want to stalk me, I did make an Instagram account, the account name is 13quidam. I'll also post it in my bio. There's only like one photo posted on the account since I just made it, but hey.




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