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   Chapter 38 37. Let's Party

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Pic of Thirteen's dress.

Cody's POV

"Testing, testing, one two three-"

"Devin shut up." We all chorus at once. Our voices echoing through the earpieces.

"What? I was just checking to make sure they were working." He grumbles.

"Oh is that what you were doing?" Jason starts. "Cause last time I checked you already checked them at the house, on the car ride over, before we walked through the door, and now you claim to be checking again."

"He's waiting for Thirteen to reply." Chase says, I can see him roll his eyes from where I stand on the other end of the ballroom.

"Devin, she said she wasn't going to be on comms." I mutter quietly as people pass by me. I shrug off my suit jacket and pass it to one of the waiters, rolling my sleeves up to my elbows. "Where even is she?" I question.

"Just because her and Zack left early to get here doesn't mean we're going to be seeing them right away." Chase states. "Where's Jason?"

"I'm walking in right now."

I turn towards the door to see him walking in with some random girl on his arm, as soon as he walks in he releases her arm and turns towards me, walking over.

"This is going to be fun." He mutters, leaning against the wall next to me.

"That's one word for it." Thirteen's voice sounds off.

"I thought you were staying off comms." I state.

"I'll be off comms later, like when Tony actually makes an appearance." She says. "You see him yet?"

I glance around discreetly, noticing Chase, Jason, and Devin doing the same.

"Nope, he's not here yet." Chase says.

"Let me know if you see him." She replies.

"Where exactly are you?" I question, looking around for her.

"I'm entering the room now."

I glance around quickly, looking for her and I feel my breath catch in my throat when I see her. I hear Jason choke on his water next to me.

She's walking through the crowd, arm linked with Zack's, wearing a light blue dress embellished with rhinestones and a large slit going down the middle. I feel my jaw drop open unconsciously.

Her hair is left down, cascading down her back and shoulders, a large rhinestone clip holding it out of her face. She's wearing just enough make-up to make her unrecognizable to anyone who doesn't know her, and the fake black rimmed glasses sit on her nose.

"Close your mouths, you're going catch flies." She mutters sarcastically through the earpiece. I snap my mouth shut.

"When did you get fashion sense other than, black, black, and more black?" Devin questions.

"When did you get a black eye?" She snaps quietly.

"I don't have a-oh I get it, you're threatening me." He says thoughtfully.

"Tony just walked in." Chase announces and we all turn towards the door.

I hear Devin let out a cackle. "Let's party."

"I couldn't agree more." I can practically hear the smile in her voices as she speaks.

I watch as her and Zack walk right up to Tony. She extends her hand after Zack introduces her and shakes Tony's hand, avoiding eye contact wit


"Thanks Jason." Chase retorts sarcastically.

"Just glad I could be helpful."

"I'll kill him for you Chase."

"No Devin." Both me and Chase chorus together.

"You're all no fun." He sulks.

"Thirteen still hasn't put her comm back in?" Chase asks me, changing the subject.

"No, not yet." I respond. "And I don't think she's going to."

"Zack keeps looking over at you." Devin says.

I look over at Zack and Thirteen, both are talking to each other, but as Devin's pointed out, he keeps glancing over to me.

I watch Thirteen snap her fingers in front of Zack's face and he looks back at her. They continue talking.

I watch as Zack holds his hands up in surrender, a devious smile on his face as he looks at her before quickly sparing a glance my way. I stare right back at him and I see his smile widen.

"What's up with him?" Jason questions.

"I don't know." I reply. "But I don't think I like it."

"You think he's up to something?"

"Hard to tell."

"He's an idiot." Chase mutters. "As if he'd actually be able to come up with something."

I narrow my eyes at him and notice Thirteen turning around to look at what he's looking at. She glances at me and I see confusion flitter across her face before she turns back to him.

He leans down and whispers something in her ear. Never taking his eyes off me.

I see her shake her head and rub her temple as if he's giving her an imaginary head ache...or it could very well be real.

He grins like the Cheshire cat as he looks at her and I watch her cross her arms over her chest most likely glaring at him.

He says something else to her and looks up at me again, winking at me, I glare back at him.

What the hell is he up to?

I get my answer as he does the last thing I'd ever expect.

He places his hands on her hips and pulls her towards him, slamming his lips down on hers.

I don't care what she says about him being on our side...I'm going to kill him.




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