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   Chapter 34 33. Make me

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Thirteen's POV

He catches my fist in his hand and twists my arm behind my back, pinning it in place. I swing my other arm back my elbow going into his stomach and he loosens his grip on me long enough for me to turn around and kick him backwards in the chest.

He wastes no time in getting back on his feet and coming at me again. He swings his leg up and I block it, pushing it back down as he swings his fist at me and nails me in the side of the head.

I fall back against the wall and he pulls his fist back. I dodge and his fist makes contact with the wall, I trip him onto the floor and he grabs hold of my ankle, pulling me down with him.

I roll to the side as his arm swings out, grabbing it in the process and pinning it behind his back, my knee moves into the back of his neck, holding him in place.

His free arm grabs hold of my arm and pulls me off him, pinning me beneath him, I bring my knee up into his stomach and shove him off me before slamming his head into the floor and successfully pin him down.

I get to my feet and hold my hand out to him, he eyes it warily before finally taking it and allowing me to help him to his feet, glaring at me the entire time.

He stomps out of the room.

Cody eyes me. "What exactly did you say to him?" He questions.

"Nothing." I reply and quickly depart from the room, looking for Devin. I find him sitting by the pool.

"Why?" I ask as soon as I'm close enough.

"Why what?" He snaps.

"Why are you holding back?" I cross my arms over my chest as I take another step towards him. "Why are you pretending to be the worst agent on the team?"

"It's none of your business." He turns away from me and stares at the water. "Why'd you say that?" He asks after a moment of silence.

"A couple reasons." I shrug. "One of them was because I wanted you to stop holding back."

He scoffs. "And the other?"

"I wanted to see how you'd react."

"You mean if I'd admit it."

"Basically yes." I take a seat next to him.

"How'd you know about my father?" He questions quietly.

"I pieced it together." I respond. "That really shouldn't come as a surprise to you."

He lets out a sigh. "It doesn't, I just thought it'd take you longer, thought I'd have more time."

"Nobody ever has time. So why?"

"I didn't want my status to get me any special treatment. I wanted to get there on my own, and I hate the attention."

"You're easily better Chase, so why not take the leader position?"

"I'm not a leader, I don't want to be a leader."

"Then why settle for the worst on the team when you're clearly the best?"

He shrugs, "I just..." He pauses as if lost in thought. "I don't want to be the best."

"Why not?" I press.

"Because I don't want to turn into my dad."

I scoff. "Believe me you could never turn into your dad, he's...a real piece of work."

"Is that you being nice?"

"Considering I didn't call him something else in front of you, yes." I tease, and he laughs. "Don't worry too much about it, if you ever turned out in any way like your dad, I'd be there to knock some sense into you."

He laughs again. "You are the last person I would want to talk some sense into me."

"I said knock, not talk

rk but I'm silenced as his lips connect with mine.

I freeze for a split second before moving my lips in sync with his. He pulls away and looks at me, his arms wrapped firmly around my waist making me feel small and powerless compared to him...till I remember exactly who I am and realize I flip on his arse if I really wanted to.

"Why?" He whispers still holding on to me as if I'd disappear if he were to let go...probably. "Why don't you want a relationship?"

"I never said I didn't want one." I admit quietly.

"If you're worried about yourself, I'd never do anything to hurt y-"

"It's not that." I cut him off and look up at him meeting his eyes. "I'm not worried about myself, I'm worried about you. It'll only end badly, and not for me." I shake my head. "I can't lose anyone else." I whisper before bringing my hands up and pushing on his chest.

He gets the message and releases me, I turn and run down the hallway and duck into a random room. I run my hands through my hair.

Could I really be in a relationship? Would it ever actually work between us?

The ring tone of my phone splits through the silent room. I remove it from my pocket and glance at the number, I don't recognize it.

I answer it and hold it up to my ear, planning on telling whoever's on the other end that they've got the wrong number and I'll hunt them down in their sleep if they call me again. I'm greeted by a familiar voice.

"You know what I find most interesting about you?" I feel my breath catch in my throat but waste no time in replying.

"No, do tell." I say, my tone cold and harsh.

"You never learn." He says calmly. "I honestly thought that you'd have gotten the message by now, I mean how many more people do I have to kill to get you to understand? I guess I could start with this new team of yours."

"I'm only using them." I lie. "They mean nothing to me."

"Oh really, cause the security cameras that were in the cell with you and your new boy toy say otherwise." I feel my blood run cold.

"Leave him alone Garrett." I say, shocked when my voice comes out even.

He laughs tauntingly. "Make me."

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