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   Chapter 31 30. So I can't shoot him again

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Updated: 2018-05-08 23:50

Sorry for the long wait, unfortunately I was out of town for the past couple weekends and didn't have time to update. I will do my best to do two more updates this weekend to make up for it.

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Thirteen's POV

I push open the door to the house, stripping off my jacket and throwing it on the coat rack. I head up the stairs quickly before I run into any of the boys, especially Cody. I make it to the top and turn and look behind me when I hear voices approaching.

I keep walking forward only to run into a brick wall.

"Where were you?" Just kidding, it's Cody.

"Out." I reply vaguely, making a move to go around him, he blocks my path.

"You said you'd be back within the hour. It's been four."

"You don't say." I retort and start heading back down the stairs. I'm grabbed by the arm and spun back around.

"Where were you?" He repeats.

"I just, " I think about my answer, I should tell him about my conversation with Agent 91, and I could tell him about my conversation with Zack...who I left handcuffed to the hospital bed. I decide to do neither.

"I just needed to clear my head." He narrows his eyes in suspicion to my reply. "What?" I question.

"You're lying."

"I don't lie." I snap back at him. That often, I add silently to myself.

"Well you just did." He fires back. I turn to walk away but his grip on my arm only tightens.

"I'm going to cut your arm off." I hiss. He only glares at me in return. I glare back and try to pull my arm free but his grip remains firm. So I kick him behind the knee, trying to get him to let go. Unfortunately I forgot the stairs were behind me.

He begins to fall down the stairs and I'm pulled after him. He twists his body around so I land on top of his chest, with him bearing the brunt of the fall on his back as we hit the floor at the bottom.

He groans And I push off his chest in an effort to get off him, only to realize his arms are wrapped around my waist, pinning me down.

"Cody." I start, "Let go of me."


"You can't go deaf from falling down the stairs, so either you were already deaf, or you're ignoring me." I see a smile tug at his lips.

"Tell me the truth and I'll let go."

I scoff "That was the truth."


A camera flash goes off.

My head snaps up to see both Devin and Jason standing and watching. Devin holding out his phone and taking pictures. I narrow my eyes at him.

Chase walks in the room and looks between all of us. He shakes his head slightly and waves his hand at us in dismissal as he turns and walks out of the room again. "I don't even want to know." He mutters as he leaves.

Devin grins widely. "I'm going to send this everyone at the agency. What should the caption be?" He turns to Jason.

Jason opens his mouth to reply but I cut him off.

"Jason, I swear if you answer him I'm going to string you both up from the tallest tree I find and light a fire underneath it." He closes his mouth.

"Well someone's a bit bitter." Devin says, a smug smile on his face.


Jason who catches it on instinct.

He laughs nervously. "Not me, I mean I don't even have a gun." He holds his hands up in surrender. Zack takes a threatening step towards him. I place a hand on his chest.

"If we're all going to be living under the same roof we need to get along."

"You're not living in my house!" Zack shouts and I ignore him.

"So I can't shoot him again?"

"And I can't shoot him at all?" I glare at Devin and Cody.

"Can I kill him instead?" Devin questions innocently.

"No." I say firmly at the same time Zack mutters "I'm right here."

"Devin clean him up." I point to Zack.

"What why me?" He sputters.

"You're the one that shot him." I reply.

He mutters a string of curses under his breath before grabbing Zack's arm, a lot harder than necessary, and heads towards what I'm going to assume and hope is the bathroom.

I hear Zack cry out, followed closely by a splash and Devin comes waking back. I cross my arms and raise my eyebrow at him.

"What?" He questions. "You said to clean him up, what faster way is there than the pool?"

Cody and Jason snicker quietly and Chase tries hard to hold back his smile. I roll my eyes at all of them and walk towards the pool.

Zack looks up at me from the water. "I hate your friends."

"Yeah well, you'll get use to them." I stretch my arm out to help him out of the water.

"They're not staying." He mutters as he takes hold of my hand and allows me to pull him out. I smirk at him and he gives me a strange and questioning look. "What?"

I push him back in. I laugh as he surfaces again, glaring at me. I lean over the water. "Can we stay?"

"You're just going to keep pushing me in until I say yes aren't you?"

"Admit it, you'd be bored without me." He tries to fight off a smile, his good arm shoots out and grabs hold of my leg, yanking me into the pool.

I splash him when I surface. "Maybe a little bit." He says.

"Wrong answer."I shove his head back under the water.




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