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   Chapter 30 29. You knew

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Thirteen's POV

"Where's Thirteen?" I hear Cody ask from inside the house, I continue to scroll through my phone, debating whether or not to call Zack so we can meet up...and to find out whether or not my cover's blown.

"Why?" I hear Devin ask, his tone of voice slightly smug. "Want to continue where you left off?" I hear something break.

"Outside." I hear Chase reply, clearly trying to stop the fight before it starts. "And what is Devin talking about?"

I hear Cody groan before the back door opens. I look up from my phone to him, not meeting his eyes.

"What's up?" I ask, not exactly knowing what else to say, though he doesn't seem to care.

"Ninety-one's at the door for you." I furrow my eyebrows.

"Why?" I question. He gives me a confused look.

"You tell me, I thought you called him."

"No." I shake my head and slip my phone into my pocket as I get to my feet and make my way back into the house.

"Hey Thirteen." Cody starts. "About last night-"

"We'll talk about this later Cody." I interrupt him and open the front door. My eyes immediately connecting with Ninety-one's.

"What's going on?" I ask, Cody standing right behind me.

"Can we talk?"

"I'm listening."

He eyes Cody. "Alone." He adds. I glance back at Cody slightly before stepping out from the doorway and closing the door behind me.

"What's wrong." He runs his hand through his hair, before gesturing to his car.

"Take a ride with me?" He asks.

"Yeah. Give me a second." I open the door again and step into the house grabbing my jacket off the coat rack.

"Where are you going?" Cody questions.

"Relax, I'll be back within the hour." I reply before leaving the house once again. I hop into the passenger side as Ninety-one starts the car. It's silent for a little bit.

"I'm going to get fired for telling you this, but I figure you have a right to now."

"What is it?"

"There was a break in at the agency last night." He says.

"What? What'd they take?" I question, panic setting in. If someone was able to get into the agency and get any of our things...that wasn't good.

"Files, nothing else."

"Files, which files?"

"Mostly mission files." He pauses as he glances at me for a split second. "Your mission files."

"What?" I say in shock. "How in the hell would they even know which ones to take? All mine were signed by a different team."

"We don't know." He answers back solemnly. "But your mission files weren't the only ones taken. Several of Delta 2's were stolen as well." I run a hand through my hair. "And." I turn to look at him. "Their personal files were taken as well."

I slam my fist into the car door

isn't it?" She asks, eyes still focused solely on her phone. "I just flash my badge, make up some bogus story, and they allow me to restrain you." She sighs dramatically "Ah, the perks of being me."

I thrash in my bed, before finally resting back against the pillows, the music, even though it's low, giving me a headache.

"Could you turn that off?" I ask through gritted teeth. She finally looks up from her phone to me.


"The music."

"Sure." She replies, much to my surprise. I hear the music shut off and I close my eyes...only to hear it start up again, this time much louder.

"Shut it off!" I practically yell as I cover my ears with my hands, feeling like someone is banging on my head with a hammer.

"You have a minor concussion." She says. "Amongst other things." I glare at her. The door opens.

"Liar." I retort. Though I have no idea whether or not it's true.

I see a nurse walk in and look from me to her, a horrified look plastered on her face. "Young lady!" She looks up at her.

"Yes?" She asks in a voice that clearly says, 'I'm not innocent but let's pretend I am'.

"This young man has a concussion." She shoots me a smug look. "I'm going to have to ask you to turn that music off." The nurses says.

It's my turn to shoot her a smug look, she just smirks back at me. A feeling of dread sweeps over me. Crap what is she going to do?

I see her remove her wallet from her back pocket and open it, flashing what I'm going to assume is her badge to the nurse. I'm screwed.

"You need to leave." She states. "Unless of course you want me to charge you with interfering in a government investigation." The authority in her voice startles me slightly.

I watch the nurse pale slightly before turning and exiting the room, closing the door behind her, muttering her apologies.

"I'm going to kill you." I hiss, and she just gives me a blank stare in return.

"You might try." She pulls a dagger from her boot, letting it catch the light. She points it at me.

"You and I, need to have a long talk." She states, as she starts towards me.

Somehow I don't think there's going to be much talking involved.

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