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Thirteen's POV

"It's not funny Devin, we need to find them." I hear Chase growl out as I step into the house. Judging by the sounds of their voices they're in the kitchen.

"They're dead." Devin replies sarcastically.

"And what if they really are?"

"Then there's more room at the beach."

I turn the corner and Devin's back is to me as he shrugs, as if his explanation is the most logical in the world. I swat him in the back of his head, right as Jason and Chase notice me.

"There will be more room at the beach in a few minutes." Devin jumps away from me dramatically, acting as if I'm a damn ghost.

"Threats! Threats! I feel threatened!" He shouts as he points an accusing finger at me. I glare at him, and he laughs nervously.

"You know I was just joking right? I mean I'd never ever ever ever ever ever ever-"

"Get to the point." I cut him off.

"You look like shit."

"I can make you look the same if you like." I offer innocently.

"More threats! More threats! I'm feeling very threatened!"

"Sleep with one eye open tonight." I retort.

"Since you moved in I always have." I take a swing at him and he dodges it, throwing his hands up in the air in victory.

"Yes! Did you see that?! I dodged her swing, I dodged-" He's cut off as he backs into the leg of a chair and goes tumbling to the ground. I roll my eyes.

"What happened to you guys? Where's Cody and Hayden?" Jason asks.

"The hospital." I shrug.


"Because they need a doctor."

"You know what I mean." Jason growls, getting fed up with me.

"Cody took Hayden to the hospital to get his injuries checked over." I reply back. "Cody's fine though, so he'll likely be back within the next few hours. Then again he'll probably stay with Hayden."

"What about you?" Chase questions.

"I'm fine." I answer.

"Yeah cause everyone who looks like shit is fine." Devin pipes up sarcastically. I glare daggers into the side of his head.

"What happened to you guys?" Jason repeats.

"Got ambushed, kidnapped, and tortured. You know the usual." I shrug slightly as I grab a water bottle from the fridge.

"I'm thinking Garrett was monitoring us the entire time." I add as I remove the cap to the water.


"Zack's younger brother." I answer as I take a gulp from my water bottle. "Though it could've just as easily been Zack, but I won't know if my cover's blown till I meet up with him again so, we'll see."

"You have a death wish." Devin states.

"I thought we already established that." Chase retorts.

"Great." I pipe in sarcastically. "I'm sure Cody will want some company so why don't you people go and visit him. I'm going to shower."

I don't wait for their answer as I turn and head up the stairs and straight into Cody's room. I grab a change of clothes from my backpack and head into the bathroom and close the door.

I stare at myself in the mirror. I sigh as I look at my reflection, well Devin wasn't wrong. I double check the door, to make sure it's locked and closed, so I know no one's going to barge in uninvited. I gently move my hair that's been keeping the side of face and head concealed. I cringe slightly at the sight.

Besides the massive gash towards the top of my forehead from the gun Garrett brought down on my head, there's also the blood that's caked into my hair and on my face. Thank goodness no

own next to me and burying his face in his hands. He stays like that for a while and get to my feet and pull my dagger from the ground.

"Why couldn't you sleep?" He finally asks, clearly trying to get on a different topic.

I shrug slightly. "Mostly been thinking about everything that's been going on." I reply, not a complete lie, though definitely not the truth either.

"You get nightmares." He says, it's not a question, it's an statement.

"More like night terrors, but yeah."

"What's the difference?"

"Night terrors are worse...they feel real." I answer. "Why are you up?" I question, changing the subject.

"Just brought Hayden back."

"Bullshit." I retort. "The front door opened three hours ago, you've been back." He shrugs.

"Couldn't sleep, been thinking." He replies, giving me the same vague answer that I gave him. "Though I've mostly been debating something."

"Debating what?" I question curiously.

"Whether or not you'd get mad at me."

"For what?"

"For this."

I don't even have a chance to react before he leans his head down and places his lips against mine.

I freeze up in shock, unmoving. My mind yelling at me to pull away, that this will only end badly, but at the same time I don't want to pull away. Instead I surprise myself as I begin to move my lips in sync against his.

He pulls away first and looks at me, a strange look in his eyes. "So what do you say? You mad?"

"No." I answer back honestly. "But don't push your luck." He laughs lightly, and my eyes spot something behind him, it takes me a minute to identify what it is, but when I do, I jump away from Cody as if he has the plague.

I see him look at me in questioning, he opens his mouth to ask me why, but he doesn't get the chance as a bucket full of water and ice is poured over his head.

"I figured you needed a cold shower, so I brought it to you." Devin chirps has Cody gets to his feet and glares menacingly back at Devin as he tries and fails to smother his laughter.

"Run." Cody says before charging at Devin, who nearly trips over his own feet laughing so hard.

Well one thing's for sure...there's no way I'm getting to sleep now.

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