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   Chapter 24 23. I know how to be subtle

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Thirteen's POV

I don't know what's so appealing about parties. Ninety percent of the time everybody doesn't even remember it anyway due to the number of drinks they had.

Zack tells me not to be late yet he's still not here. I sit by the fire taking a sip of my water bottle. Zack really wasn't kidding when he said there would be a ton of people here.

I've only been here fifteen minutes and I've already got into fights with six different girls because their boyfriends came over and started talking to me, I've given twelve guys black eyes, I gave two more a broken wrist, and one had to be taken out of here in an ambulance. All I had to do for the last one was flash my badge to the police and they just dropped it. Cody however, didn't.

"You can't just go around putting knives in people." He scolds me as he sits down next to me, the ambulance leaves along with the police, I shrug.

"It's better than a bullet." I retort. "Besides he was getting too touchy."

"He put his hand on your knee." He gives me a deadpan look.

"Now he can't put his hand on anyone's knee." I hide my smirk from Cody. He groans.

"I for one am all for it." Devin states. "In fact there were a couple of guys getting on my nerves over there, can I call them over so I can introduce you guys? This way if one touches you, you can just stab him." I roll my eyes at him.

Cody scowls. "Don't encourage her."

I feel someone sit down next to me, pressing themselves right up against me and throwing their arm over my shoulder. My knife is my hand in a split second. I stop and hide it when I hear his familiar voice.

"Wow, you looked about ready to kill me." He teases.

"Don't be late." I mock him. He holds his hands up in surrender.

"In my defense I got held up by a blockade of police and an ambulance. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" He smirks at me, and I roll my eyes.

"Someone cut his hand." I say schooling my face into a look that clearly says I'm faking innocent. He laughs.

"Who's this?" He asks, gesturing to a rigid Cody.

"Don't know." I reply, pretending I don't know him. "He never gave me his name." I shrug.

"Well then I'm sure he won't mind finding a different seat." His voice turns deadly calm at the end of his sentence. Clearly giving Cody a message to leave. Cody glare back at him.

"Nah. I think I'm good." He challenges Zack. Devin stands awkwardly behind us. I look at him, shooting him a look that clearly says, do something. He nods at me.

He claps a hand on Cody's shoulder. "Hey man why don't we go get another drink?" I see his grip on Cody's shoulder tighten in a silent warning, I glare at Cody.

"Yeah fine." He mutters and stands, following behind Devin.

"Look what happens when I leave you alone." He tsks. "You attract the company of weirdos."

"Oh yes." I say sarcastically. "Without you I'd be so unbelievably lost."

He grins at me. "I know." I roll my eyes at him. "You need a drink?"

"No." I state.

"Oh come on loosen up."

"I'm not drinking."

He shrugs, "That's the whole

've told you that."

"Anyone could've told you that." Chase mutters. There's shouting behind us, I see everyone gathering around where Thirteen was sitting.

"Crap." Chase mutters.

"She started another fight?" Devin asks. We all start heading towards the mass of people.

"No, if it was her it'd be over already."

I shove my way through everyone shouting, and look at the two people fighting on the floor. Of course Thirteen also happens to be standing in the middle of all of it. Her arms crossed across her chest in irritation as she stares at Zack and some other random guy go at each other. I make my way towards her.

"Are you going to stop this?" I ask. She glances at me.

"Am I supposed to?" She asks. I sigh and take a step towards them, prepared to break them apart. She places her hand on my shoulder pulling me back.

"I'll take care of it." She mutters, almost sounding disappointed. She shrugs off the jean jacket she was wearing and tosses it to me. She moves towards them.

Zack's on the floor and the other guy gets up quickly and kicks him. Thirteen walks up behind him and taps him on his shoulder before taking a couple steps back. He turns around towards her and she swings her leg out. Only instead of kicking his legs, she gets him right in the head. Everyone goes dead silent.

"That's how you freaking kick."She announces. She turns towards Zack.

"And I'm not a damn toy you can fight over and 'claim' whenever the hell you please." She says before grabbing her jacket from my hand and walking off to who knows where.

"I don't think your talk with her went very well." I say to Jason as he makes his way over to me.

"Well when I said she was stubborn, I also meant rude, and volatile." he replies. "He nods in her direction. "Where's she-"

"I don't know." I cut him off as I head off in her direction.

"Just don't rile her up even more." He calls after me.

"Trust me, I don't plan on it." I mutter. But somehow I know I'll end up doing it.



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