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   Chapter 22 21. I take it back

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Cody's POV

"Where are you going?" I ask her as she starts up the stairs.

"To get Hayden to get her to leave." She responds simply.

"I already told you we tried to asking him."

"You tried asking." She pulls her dagger out, I run a hand over my face. "I'm going to try forcing." She continues up the stairs, I don't try to stop her.

Devin turns to me eyes wide, "Should we stop her?" he asks.

I shake my head. "No."

"You're right. I mean, what's the worst she could do?" The sound of splitting wood followed closely by a loud series of bangs echoes from upstairs. "I spoke too soon."

"Yeah you did." Chase mutters as he leans against the wall across from us, Jason next to him. Narissa runs off to who knows where.

"Yeah..." Jason trails off. "Maybe someone should go up there and make sure they don't kill each other."

I roll my eyes at him. "They're not going to try to kill each other." I chide him.

"Yeah ok, the worst that'll happen is a repeat of yesterday. Unless his grudge against her is gone." Devin pipes in.

"What grudge?" I ask him. He's not making any sense, as usual.

He gives me a disbelieving look, "You didn't notice?" I look over at Chase and Jason, who just shrug. They have no idea what Devin's on about either.

"Didn't notice what?" Chase asks.

"The way they went at each other." he pauses. "They aren't strangers, they know each other. I've never seen your brother so angry before, and her, well she's no stranger to him."

"Hayden doesn't know her." I retort. "He would've said something."

"Have you ever seen him going at a stranger like that?" He asks me. "Going after a girl like that?"

"No." I respond after a moment of silence. "Never."

"It wouldn't be that surprising if he does know her." Jason says. "She seems to know everyone."

Suddenly there's a surprised shout and the thudding of something falling down the stairs. Hayden lands on his back on the tile floors.

Devin flinches. "Damn that must've hurt." He mutters.

Hayden looks back up the stairs, getting to feet, his eyes murderous. Thirteen descends softly. "Why you little-"

Thirteen throws a punch to his jaw as soon as her feet hit the tile. He staggers backwards.

"She leaves now, or I tie you to a tree and use you for target practice." She growls out, eyes narrow. She twirls her dagger in her hands. He eyes it.

"Fine." he growls back at her. "Narissa!" He calls out.

"Yes." She appears right by his side, almost magically and bats her eyes at him. He glares at Thirteen.

"We're leaving." He turns and stalks out the front door, Thirteen glaring icily at his retreating form.

As soon as the door closes behind him, she snatches her keys from the counter, grabbing her leather jacket from the coat rack by the door.

"Whoa, where are you going?" I question as I step in front of her.

"I need to blow off some steam and unless you want to be my unwilling volunteer, move out of my way." She hisses at me. I hold my hands up in surrender and back away from her. She slams the door behind he

ed. He stopped the train by disconnecting the front car, it crashed. He didn't make it." I stay silent as I watch her, the room is dark and I can't make out her face but her head is down.

"Who was he?" I question quietly.

"Ryan's older brother."

"Your cousin." I state and see her nod in confirmation. "I'm sorry."

"Yeah well, it was three years ago." She dismisses. "And it's the only reason Ryan follows me around sometimes. He wants to know what happened." She pauses. "I don't have the heart to tell him."

"So you avoid him." I say, I stand from the bed and make my way over to her. "And push him away, all because you feel like it was your fault."

"He should've let me do it." She says, lifting her head up to meet my eyes as I take a seat next to her. "I had and have nothing left in this world. Nothing to fear."

"Everyone has fears."

"I guess so, only mine died out the day my team did." She says, that cold edge returning to her voice, her eyes going back to guarded and hard. I sigh.

"You can't keep pushing people away." I tell her, as she stands and heads towards the bathroom. She pauses in the door way.

"Let me explain something to you." Her voice deadly calm "It's not for my benefit it's for everyone else's. Trust me when I say you do not want to be considered even an ally to me. It never ends well. So yes, Cody, I can and I will keep pushing people away." Her eyes stay connected to mine as she says this.

Challenge accepted.

"Only one problem." I tell her, my eyes filling with determination.

"And that would be what exactly?" She asks as she begins to close the door to the bathroom.

"I'm not going to let you push me away." I say, a smirk forming its way onto my face.

She gives me a deadpan look and slams the door shut the rest of the way. I laugh loudly, not caring who wakes up, cause let's face it that slam should've woken them up first.

I'm thinking Devin was right...

I might just be falling for Thirteen.



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